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My People
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rambling wednesday!

I woke up at 3am today and never really got back to sleep. I am so tired! It really hit me at church this evening. I just went for dinner... our bible study class is on hiatus for the summer... and I would have gone to the youth worship service but Austin went to church with his girlfriend... after dinner I thought... Hmmm... I can go home now if i want to... and so I did... and when I got in the car, it seemed like it was a million miles home, not my short little scenic drive. And now... I'm looking at the clock and thinking, "how will I ever make it through the end of American Idol? And do I even care enough to stay awake?".

I had to have dinner at church... had to see my girls... it was silly day at Jamie's school so she wore her shirt backwards... they signed up for the summer reading club at the library and got a hackysack ... Jamie's last day of school is tomorrow.... Sarabeth got me an extra piece of garlic bread to go with my spaghetti... and then we loved on Jorjanne's new American Girl doll. How could I miss that sort of fun? *smile*

Just about every time I see Sarabeth she leans in and whispers, "have you been to the store yet?". I spoil them with little surprises but I don't want them to always expect something, if they get something EVERY time they see me then it's not a surprise, right? So if I don't have anything, I tell her that I haven't been to the store. It tickles me that she asks, though, and she never acts disappointed when the answer is, "no... I haven't been to the store".

Today I went to Bath and Body Works on lunch. They had pink and blue rubber duckies and pink and blue hair bows... on the clearance rack... so I picked up three of each. And tonight... Sarabeth didn't ask! I whispered to her, "I went to the store today..." and she was sooo excited! Jamie walked out to the car with me after dinner to get our little goody bag. I want to teach the girls to share their bounty with others. On the way to the car I asked Jamie who the extra surprise should go to and she said, "Jorjanne!" Which was sweet... and a good choice, as she was having dinner with us at "our table". Jamie's shared some of her hairbows with her little friend Emily. So I think they're getting the idea of sharing.

Stubby seems to be doing better today. I greeted him with a "Merow, Merow"... which is my way of speaking cat. He answered, "merow". So I think that means he's ok. He's been napping on my feet since I got home from church.

Is this the most boring post I've ever done? Oh well. You work with what you have.

Josiah is in the hospital but has gained a little weight. Here's the update from the church about his family:

Subject: report from Misti St. Pierre - 5/20HOPE PRAYER WARRIORS:Just talked to Misti....a good report for Josiah...he has gained 30 grams of weight! The doctor was hoping to see improvement and is pleased. However, he still is having reflux problems, spitting up a lot, so may have to change his formula again. Josiah did follow the doctor around the room with his that is encouraging.They found a small cyst in the brain, but they say it is within "normal" range....and all other tests results have come back within normal range. They do not have the results back from the "sweat test"....checking for cystic fibrosis, among other things...but should hear from that on Thursday. Jerry got the transmission pulled from his car and hopes to get it back in today. Also, he hopes to go and visit Misti and Josiah in the hospital today...and take her much needed fresh clothes. Joshua is fine...playing with friends. Misti's Mom is on Lasix pills and I.V. for the excess fluid in her body....kidneys are not working well.Please keep the St. Pierre's in your prayers...

It seems surreal that it was only two Wednesdays ago that I was wearing Josiah's "baby's breath" (spit up) and it seems surreal that they are so far away!

My friend Alisa - who leads our Wednesday night bible study - and her daughter Haili are leaving for Kenya on Sunday for a mission trip. My friend Natalie (Jorjanne's mom) and my brother will leave on the 29th. Another group is going to Thailand ... I have friends scattering all over the world, literally! My goal is to support them in prayer as much as I can and to support Angie as much as I can (although she has lots of help and she'll be FINE... she really supports me WAY more than I could ever support her, but anyways...). It would take a month for us to do all the things I've suggested that we do while Jim is out of town but number one on my list is Babyland General with the girls (OR... the American Girl place in Alpharetta but it's easier to get to Babyland General which is just a mile from me...)...

Ok, the lack of sleep is catching up with me and I'm rambling. Hope you have a great evening. Love and hugs, y'all!


MusicalMarie said...

awww. i have an American Girl doll. Her name's Sarah. I hope to give her to my daughter one day ^_^

sounds like Austin and this little girl are getting pretty serious!!!

Anonymous said...

Love American Girl! But it is pricey . . . the Bistro is a fun lunch, though! I'm a little sad Natalie has outgrown them . . .

Myra said...

You need to get Skype now that you'll have people all over the world! Saw it on Oprah, and its free (I think). If you have Skype and the other person has Skype, you can talk for free all the time!

Lisa said...

This post reminded me of the year when my husband and I bought my stepdaughters both American Girl dolls for Christmas. Now Courtney is at the age where she wants one too. That is so sweet teaching the girls to share... a good lesson! Hope you get some rest... I enjoyed your post.
Lisa in Kentucky