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My People
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Friday, May 29, 2009

stupid people tricks

I watch Nancy Grace. She grates on my ever lovin' nerves but I still like to watch her. I think it's sort of like the Kate Gosselin thing. Apparently I am entertained by assertive women. People. I don't know. At any rate… I do enjoy how passionate and dramatic Nancy Grace gets about parents who display less than exemplary parenting skills.

Like… the guy who killed his wife and two boys recently… I think their last name was Coleman. He had a girlfriend in Florida. WHAT IS IT WITH men KILLING THEIR WIVES rather than just deal with a divorce? You know how I feel about divorce, cheating husbands and all that but why ya gotta kill 'em?

Drew Peterson and his "win a conjugal visit with Drew" joke on the Mancow radio show. Really? In jail for one murder, suspected of another and this is how you spend your time? Has he no concept of the gravity of the situation.

Casey Anthony and poor little Caylee. So you want to party? Give the girl to her grandparents. Admit you're not parenting material. Why kill the kid?

And the mother from Pennsylvania who called in a 9-1-1 report that she and her daughter were stuffed in the back of a car… while they were really on their way to Disney World. Like no one would notice? And why involve the kid? "Hey sugar… we're going to Disney World… er… jail…"

The little girl Neveah (stupidest name ever, with apologies to any of my readers who have a loved one with that name. heaven backwards? Really?) who disappeared on Sunday. Her mom kept company with convicted sex offenders. Stellar parenting!

I went to Sarabeth's kindergarten graduation this morning. I'll post pictures in my facebook later - SOOOO CUTE! But it really surprised me the parents who got to the graduation late. It's not like they've had time to get all burned out on school functions yet. It's not like it's an event that will EVER happen again in their child's life. I've been doing the whole school deal since 1992 and I get that it's not always pure joy to sit through one of those assemblies… Honors Day, PTA meetings, etc, etc … but your kindergartener? You should have seen Sarabeth's face. Well, you will see her face once I upload the pictures… that baby was thrilled to look up in the stands and see mommy and daddy and Aunt Heather and sister. Nothing makes a child feel more secure and loved than having parents who are invested in their lives. It wasn't even MY kid but I knew that I needed to get there in time to get a parking spot, to get a seat, to find Jim and Angie and so forth.

BTW… she won the award for best music student in kindergarten… I laughed and said, "Of course she is!"…

It's bad when a client comes in with such bad children that Theresa and I simultaneously give office speak for "not it". We say, "Can you help her?" We gave her to Kevin. He thinks he wants kids. Again… stupid people tricks. I always say that people do their best parenting before they have kids… and I sorta feel like after 22 years of raising kids, I have earned the right to be judgemental of a parent who can't keep their kid under control in the three minutes it takes to make a payment on your insurance.

It's not that my nieces don't get silly from time to time… but on the very rare occasions that they get a little carried away it only takes a gentle reminder for them to remember their manners.

Eating chocolate covered raisins. I had a lean cuisine for breakfast, a salad for lunch. I'm getting there. Still considering the new blog. Maybe a video blog, that would be fun, wouldn't it?

This has been a short week time wise but it's been a long week physically.

Tomorrow I'm heading south with Angie. Her parents' 40th anniversary party is tomorrow afternoon and she needs a little help. Jim left for Africa today. I hugged him this morning and said, "don't be a hero".... because he used this cheesy "Billy Don't Be a Hero" video the last time he preached.

We're also dropping Austin at my parents' house. I think. I hope. It will be a long day but it's a long day with my girls and I'm glad to help. It makes me feel useful and needed and all that happy stuff. Sunday I have two life apps that I'm supposed to submit. Why Sunday? Because the people couldn't finish the paperwork and get by here today and we need to submit them before June. So I'll be at the office on Sunday - at least for a minute.

Had this sweet spanish guy come in and tell me his name in rapid-fire spanish. Or at least with a strong accent. He laughed when I didn't understand him and said, "you want I should tell you in english?" And gave me his drivers license. I really do enjoy our clients. I have so many spanish clients who want to teach me spanish. I'm willing... and I've picked up a lot.

You know how I whine about needing life insurance sales? Today - by the luck of the draw - Theresa has had two people walk in off the street for no other reason than to buy life insurance. That neveeeer happens. Both are older so I don't know that they'll actually buy… but sometimes just having someone take a nibble is encouraging.

My desk is a mess.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Love and hugs, y'all!


Big Mark 243 said...

You are a mess! As to the Drew Peterson thingy ... if they did that for Casey Anthony, I'd buy a ticket!! I think she is hot!!

Anyway you seem to be in a far better place than you were when I first started reading you. Hope you have a good weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Had a closing today where the parents brought their 3 boys ~ ages 8, 5 and 2 1/2. Cute kids and I know a closing is a boring, long, drawn out process, but really, when one kid reaches over and slaps the other in the face, you just know that it's not the first time that happened. And not a word from the parents.

I like to watch Nancy Grace, too, but I can only take so much.

Have fun with Angie and the girls tomorrow.

GReality said...

hey Heather
Doubt you remember me but I followed your prior blogs and I'm glad I found you again. You went through so much but seem to have come back stronger than ever. Stronger but not bitter, hard to do considering all you went through w/M.