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My People
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this was supposed to be a random post...

Our computer system at work is creeping along today. The problem with this is that I work at a fast pace… and I have a short attention span… so when it takes too long for something to update, I lose interest and forget what I was doing. I have sticky notes all over the place to remind myself to go back and finish things that I've started today.

I haven't done much REAL blogging lately because I've had to rush my entries in on breaks… so I've left out tons of the random stuff that I would normally include. I don't know what y'all enjoy more, the big stuff or the random observations. I re-read my last few journal entries and I'm not feeling the same continuity I usually do.

I don't think I've mentioned that my brother Jim is going on a mission trip to Kenya - leaving on May 29th. That's the same day that Sarabeth graduates from kindergarten… I think they're doing the whole cap and gown thing… this is EXACTLY why I wanted to live here - close enough for these minor monumental events. Jamie is in three year old kindergarten - even though she's four and as big as most kindergarteners - and smarter than most second graders (I exaggerate, I'm allowed). Angie is running the graduation for the four year olds at Jamie's school - so Jamie has attended all the graduation rehearsals but won't actually get to graduate. It sounded a little funny to hear Angie say last Wednesday night at church, "Jamie is the only one in her class not graduating"… meaning, of course, that Jamie is the only one considered to be a 3 year old. I snickered. Pre-k drop-out…

Anyways… Jim will be in Kenya for two weeks(?) I forget the length of time. It's significant. Last year Jim and Angie both went. The year before just Angie went. The year before that only Jim went. Angie would love to go this year but logistically it's just too difficult. They have two small kids… and even though Aunt Heather is the BEST aunt ever… that's a very long time for very small girls to be away from both mommy and daddy… and it invokes a bit of separation anxiety. Seriously, no matter how precious my girls are to me, I don't have the stamina for full time work and full time parenting of two little bundles of energy. I mean… if Austin couldn't cook he would probably have starved to death by now. He cooks dinner more often than I do!

There are a lot of folks in our church who take these long distance mission trips and I admire them for the sacrifice and the humanitarian effort on top of the evangelistic pursuit. Angie from "Bring the Rain" and Melissa from "The LPM Blog" have just returned from a trip to India. Their blog entries are heartbreaking… Of course, I'm a Christian and we believe in evangelism. We want to share the gospel with all the world… it's fundamental to our beliefs. But honestly, I think the most important thing is that these mission teams share love, hope and compassion to the impoverished, hungry, forgotten, war-torn… to those who are suffering… and it surely gives perspective to my journey.

Elizabeth Edwards is supposed to be on Oprah- maybe today, I'm not sure - regarding her husband's infidelity and her battle with incurable cancer. All the money in the world can't keep a man faithful. All the money in the world can't conquer disease and death. Money. Power. Influence. They're all insignificant, intangible… truly we have to place our hope on that which can not fail, that which is eternal. Even the best person in the best circumstances has a worst moment. Don't we all have some thorn in our flesh? Don't we all struggle in some capacity with something? Weight. Loneliness. Kids who don't do their chores. Aging parents. Stress.

This was going to be a random post!

Stubby the 3legged wondercat has really been scratching the fool out of Austin. He has never once even THOUGHT about scratching me… and he only has one leg with claws… but he kung-fu fights Austin at least once a week. Somehow yesterday he sliced open the bottom of Austin's foot. I went out at lunch for neosporin and gauze. That's an infection just looking for a place to happen.

I really need to stop eating Taco Bell. I'm having mexican tomorrow… and I had Taco Bell today. What was I thinking? It's like I enjoy watching the numbers on the scale go up. And they are. Going up. *says she with Krispy Kreme breath* It's not that I don't care any more. I'll get focused again. Someday. Soon. Honest.

Almost time to go. Better hit save. Two posts in one day! love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

You're in God's country there and all those fresh fruit and veggie stands will be full of new produce soon . . . that'll be better than Taco Bell any day of the week!