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Friday, May 22, 2009

the rest of friday at work

1:00 Back at work. Had lunch at the waffle house - pecan waffle and hashbrowns scattered and smothered. It was totally unhealthy. I'm ready for a trip to the produce stand. Ready to get something healthy in my system. I ran into Duane as I was leaving Waffle House. He was going to have an omelet with veggies - atkins style. My mom is sick again with diverticulitis, according to Cody, who took her to the doctor this morning. He sent me a text - which I didn't get because my cellphone stays turned off and in my purse while I'm in the office. I check it periodically but not constantly. Maybe two or three times a day. I called him back but no answer. The weather is pleasant… mild with a breeze. When the wind blows you can catch the scent of honeysuckle on the wind. It's so sweet! The magnolias are also in bloom right outside my office window - and I'm tempted to open the window to be able to enjoy the smell. By the way… my hair is still wet. I fixed my bun again after lunch and it's still wet.
1:15 Amazing. Sometimes it really surprises me the number of people who drive without insurance. I love when people tell me, "I'm not worried about carrying uninsured motorist coverage because it's a law that people have to have insurance in Georgia." Just like there are laws about not speeding. Closing in on four hours until the weekend! Studying up on individual health insurance policies this afternoon. The only constant in my industry is change. Our products change. Regulations change. You have to stay up to date. I did some training this week on farm policies because I'm really weak in that area, having never really lived anywhere there were farms. The fun thing about farm policies are the limits on livestock. We cover loss by accidental drowning except in swine under 30 days old. Apparently baby pigs are prone to drowning? I guess? We also cover attack by wild animal on livestock except sheep, if I understood correctly. I still have a little bit of a sinus headache but it's not too bad.
1:30 I really liked Adam Lambert. I doubt I would ever buy any CD he put out just because his genre is not what I really enjoy. I listen to showtunes and Contemporary Christian music and the occasional country song. I like oldies. I think Adam is incredibly talented. I didn't vote for him when I voted (not during the finals but earlier) not because he's gay… not because he wears guyliner and manscara. I'm not homophobic. (Can I get a witness?) But if I'm picking the person whose CD I would buy, it would be Kris Allen. My hope is that after his Idol contract is fulfilled that he will record Christian music. It may not have the huge moneymaking potential that mainstream music does, but it is a valid and growing market. At any rate… I'm aggravated with the claims that I've heard that Adam wasn't chosen because he's gay. It all boils down to the mindset of freedom of thought and choice unless your choice is not in line with the most liberal of values and perspective and if it's not, then you're conservative, homophobic, narrow-minded -whatever. Why is it no longer ok to say, "I just don't like that". Or "I don't agree with that" or "that's not my ideal". Why is it always about homophobia or racism or whatever? If Adam Lambert performed in a musical theatre production that I was interested and able to see, I'd be thrilled to see him. Gay, straight, black, white or polka dotted. I just wouldn't buy a rock cd. I don't need the screaming. The voices in my head do enough of that. I need to make dentist appointments for me and Austin and keep putting it off. It won't cost for either of us, other than my time away from work…
1:45 Another crazy homeowners policy. Here's my favorite statement, "You guys used to insure this before so you should have all the information". Guess what? Nope. Off the books for thirty days, no longer in my accessible database. And those statements are usually made by folks who usually can't give you basic info about what they want to insure… for instance… like the zip code. Good times. And I love how people are so insulted when you tell them you need to see the property (or a photo) before you insure it. "why? You insured it before." Yes. And you let the insurance cancel. And now want to insure it. Which makes me wonder why it became important for you to want to insure it again. I need to make sure it's still there and that I'm not binding coverage on a pile of ashes. It's my job. Sorry.
2:00 Duane has a home for rent. Someone just called to ask about it. I apologized… "I'm sorry. Duane isn't here and I don't know anything at all about the property". "Can you tell me how many bedrooms it has?" "I'm sorry, I don't know anything about it." "How much is the rent?" "Again, I apologize but I really don't know anything about it." "When will it be available?" You can't make this stuff up. Three and a half hours to go. Have to prioritize… work on the beginning of day report which I thought was about finished but isn't… or marketing… or answering emails… or getting through my documents to be scanned… or type here. Focus, heather, focus. You can do it! Phone call from a church member who needs to sign some forms… they'll just get with me at church on Sunday. Love being in a small town.
2:15 Some clients just came in with their dog. They're sweet people - older folks. That dog, however, really stinks. I'm going to have to break out the air freshener.
2:30 Three hours. Tick. Tick. Tick.
2:45 Just met with a client whose wife left him after 40 years of marriage. I saw her last week. She looks great. He looks horrible. I've been on his end of the equation before. Kevin forgot to go to the bank. Had to head back out.
And now it's 3:00 Turn the Page is playing on the radio. I really want to sing along. I won't. We have clients here. Vehicle change. Payment. Phone call to remind someone to pay. Postcard to remind someone to pay. Lather, rinse, repeat. Two and a half hours. Born in the USA on the radio. I love Bruce Springsteen since seeing him in concert but it's a bittersweet thing… since Michael used that concert as a way to bring Andrea around, which is really twisted and sick, if you think about it… bringing your mistress on a double date with your wife. Bruce gives an awesome concert, though, and it's no fault of his that he has a fan who would do that. There are rumors of infidelity swirling around Bruce as well. It's everywhere. An epidemic of lost morality. It makes me really sad. I heard a quote the other day about how it charges a price much higher than you thought you'd have to pay. Sin is a toll road - it's faster and easier but it always costs you.
3:30 Things just got busy here. End of the day on Friday. I'm chasing rabbits… trying to make sure I've done all the things I told people I would do for them before I left today. My head is spinning… and I've totally lost focus. About an hour and a half ago. Burned out. Let me see if I can do some housekeeping… need to scan some documents… update a rate book… decorate Theresa's office for her birthday on Tuesday… the headache is back but this time it's in the side of my head, like a migraine… stress/fatigue.
3:45 Austin called. The girlfriend's mom is taking them to Dairy Queen. He's happy. I'm glad he's made a friend. I hope he keeps it in perspective. It's Austin, so there's little chance of that. *note to self to have Levi and Jase, Austin's Sunday school teachers, have a talk with him about behaving himself*
4:30 Just spent a half hour on the phone with a 90 year old woman whose life insurance is cancelling for nonpayment. Seriously. Try that one on for size. Her auto insurance has already cancelled and for whatever reason - we didn't call her with a reminder. I spent most of that time trying to explain why it mattered that her car insurance is cancelled. Yes, the life insurance is super important… but she's going to get fined by the state for that lapse in coverage. Yikes. She asked if I could come tend to her garden for her like I have in the past. I told her it couldn't be me - I'm a city girl. I don't know how to pick beans. She swore up and down that I had done it before. Nope. No me. I'm sure I haven't picked beans for any of my clients. Although, that's right in keeping with our new ad campaign, "I'll be there". One hour to go. I'll never finish what I need to do in that amount of time.
4:45 balancing the deposit for the day.
5:15 posting. Got a few details to wrap up… but then I'm not thinking about work for the next three days. At all. Period. Love and hugs, y'all.


JennBand08 said...

Zero comments? where is everyone? Oh right.. holiday weekend.. some people go places. Not me. I'll just enjoy the quiet weekend. Hope yours is relaxing too..