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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 27, 2010

the best of times is now

New weight recorded above since I won't be going for an official weigh in tomorrow... yay for me, I'm making progress!
Still a very long way to go but I'm settled in, pacing myself, enjoying the process and feeling really, really good about the future.
It just keeps getting better.
One of my favorite showtunes ever comes from the show La Cage Aux Folles... "the best of times is now"... always makes me happy.
Having a very relaxed morning... doing some laundry... playing online... just enjoying myself.
Will glam around 11am or so... then get Doodle Bug from school and head south.
Logan, Austin's neighbor/schoolmate/church friend is keeping an eye on the kitties for us... although he would not agree to cuddle Bitty Boy and give him "yubs" like I do. I tried, Bitty.
Have no idea what the agenda for the next two days is... I know the boys are going to a Braves game with their dad but other than that, who knows?
We'll just roll with the punches.
I always hate being away from the mountains, though. Here, everywhere I go I run into friendly faces and peaceful places.
The pace is just too hectic and the people aren't as friendly in the city.
I'm growing to be such a country girl.
My dream home is a cabin in a the woods with a sunny spot to grow tomatoes.
I don't really mind not being able to go on vacations right now because I live in a place where people like to vacation.
I think I have it pretty good.
Nothing like a day off to give your spirits a lift, right?
Hoping to get some good staples while I'm in civilization... some interesting grains and dried beans and stuff.
I bought wheatberries the other day and haven't prepared them yet. I've done some investigation into how to prepare them... I think my lunch salad for next week will include wheatberries.
That whole grain/bean/produce combo for lunch seems to work really well for me... both in allow me to get filled up cheaply AND in allowing for weight loss.
Time to get back to Frontierville... hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


slj said...

At the rate you're going, 60lbs doesn't seem that far away:)