My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's that time of week again... thankful thursday!

I left work with a fever yesterday and came home and crashed and burned (ok, not really... I had a normal evening minus workout) but I woke up this morning feeling better... refreshed almost. I'll take it. Hopefully the draggy butt ickies have burned their way out of my system.

Thankful for that.

Got some good books at the library this week... love the library... they let you have stuff for free. You just have to give it back, which is fine because I don't have room in my house for more books anyways.

Thankful for the library.

This season of Big brother has not been my favorite... which is to be expected because I soooo adored Jeff and Jordan last season. The red-haired shrew is scheduled to be voted off tonight and last night Jeff and Jordan made a cameo appearance which made me very happy.

Thankful for my non-caloric guilty pleasures.

Truett McConnell college where my brother and sister-in-law teach is having "move in day" on Saturday and they need someone to watch the red-headed angels... Aunt Heather is looking forward to a fun day with her girls on Saturday! Maybe a picnic, if it doesn't rain. The weather is slated to be slightly cooler.

Thankful for my girls and for the prospect of cooler weather ahead. Even if it's only slightly cooler.

It's time to restock the produce here... I'm down to a zucchini and some baby carrots in the produce bin. I've eaten well and stretched my grocery dollars a long way this pay period.

Thankful for good food and the money to buy it.

Time for me to run a brush through my hair, throw on some appropriate clothes and paint on a little glam...

I'm thankful that it's Thursday....

Love and hugs!