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My People
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

a gain that i'm not freaked out about

It was bound to happen sooner or later. This week I gained weight. Only a tiny, little bit - .2 pounds. The equivalent of a deep breath. If I had spit before I weighed I would have avoided it. I mean, it's soooo small of a gain.... and I knew it was going to happen at some point. I am not freaked out at all. Really, really not. I know that I was on track food wise all week... I know that I could have exercised more. I know that I've had 3 great losses in a row which were bound to balance out at some point and it's all very o.k.

I will not freak out.
I will not pig out.
I will not get frustrated.
I will not mope.
I will not be derailed or discouraged.

We had a great meeting this morning. I would like to point out that with the possible exception of two ladies, I was the youngest person in my meeting today. That's both weird and fun. Because I'm so obsessed with nutrition I've become sort of the Bean Queen in my meeting. Because I'm such a non-traditional cook (especially compared to women who are 2 decades ahead of me) I always have easier ways to cook things. I enlightened the group today on cooking brown rice in the microwave. You would have thought I introduced sliced bread!

I've solicited lots of poo shoe advice and I think we're going to go with the muck boots, provided we can find them. Austin hates shoe shopping the way that fat people hate celery so it will be a terribly unfun experience for me. It's also POURING rain outside... which will add to our joy. Yet... it must be done.

I'm also menu planning for the week which means deciding on what kinds of salads I want to prepare. I'm also thinking of doing dried beans in the crockpot (it's that kind of weather here). I read a freezer friendly bean burrito recipe and I think that would be the bees knees for Austin - easily reheated burritos. And super cheap. So that's on my to-do list. I loved my pesto-goat cheese pasta so I'd like to make up a batch of heat and eat pasta. And then I'm thinking of trying some kind of grain/bean salad... maybe bulgur wheat with black beans, purple onion, bell peppers, tomatoes... colorful and hearty.

Don't tell the Baptists but I'm also in the mood for a nice glass of wine today. I think a gentle buzz will do me a world of good. Plus... I'd like to try cooking some fish en papillote or however the heck you spell it (my french fluent Sister-Out-Law can enlighten)... with a little wine.

I think the key for this lifestyle is to keep it fresh, interesting, exciting, fun... keep trying new activity strategies, vary my diet, keep learning and working on ways to make healthy eating budget and teen friendly. It's really all surprisingly easy.

Still haven't seen Eat, Pray, Love.
Still haven't cleaned out the laundry room or my closet.
Still haven't put away the clean laundry.
Still very happy.

I love my life... even more on a cozy, rainy, Saturday, .2 pounds heavier or not!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Good idea on the muck boots...I think that will work the best.

I did see eat pray love and it was AWESOME Heather....I think you would love it too.

Still haven't cleaned my entryway, or the attic....and that is "ain't" going anywhere :)