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My People
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

newsday tuesday, part two

It's raining. I have a headache.

Lyn from Florida wants to know what was hanging "between my legs" in the pictures of me in scrubs... those are the drawstrings to the scrubs. I'm not a scrub pro... didn't realize I needed to tie them.
I still wish I could wear scrubs every day.
I attended a health insurance class once where the teacher said that she will wear scrubs to the office once a week and when people ask why she's dressed that way, she tells them that she's concerned about their health... and uses that to segue to health insurance sales. I thought it was brilliant! I suggested it once to D and he was not impressed.
I'm impressed by the attitudes of the Japanese people. You don't see reports of them looting or rioting or blaming their Prime Minister for the natural disaster that victimized them. You don't see them on CNN complaining about the "Silkwood Showers" they've been receiving because of their radiation contamination. They're hungry, homeless, suffering... and yet, they have so much dignity. I truly have a new found respect for this culture.
I have a ride for Thursday! Our church pianist, Pam, who is also a single mom, volunteered to take me. We've had sort of a parallel situation and I've wanted to get to know her better as long as I've lived here so I'm glad to spend time with her, even though I'll be hard core tripping on the way home, I'm sure. Her mom has been my spiritual mother, so to speak, since I've been here. She's just a precious lady with a precious family and I'm so relieved that I don't have to postpone that appointment for lack of transportation.
I hate that feeling of not being able to do things for myself. There is nothing that will bring me to tears quicker than having to ask for help. I don't know exactly when I became so stubbornly independent... but without a doubt... I am.
It's bizarre... considering the fact that I didn't drive until I was 28. I had to depend on other people to get ANYWHERE for all that time. It made such a huge complication in my life... but I was paralyzed by fear... then one day, my friend's little girl got sick at school and my friend didn't have a car. She was going to walk the two miles to my house to borrow my car to go get her kid. I had a license... I just hadn't driven... so I sucked it up... and drove to her house. From that point on.... I ventured further and further. Now I love driving... I hate to ride with anyone else. It's a control thing, I think.
My daughter in law doesn't have her license yet. She has that same fear. I've tried to talk to her and offered to help her get her license... but she's not ready and I understand, believe me. I couldn't tell you then what I was afraid of and I certainly can't tell you now...
Anyways... I'm so grateful that Pam (and her sweet kids) are going to take me on Thursday.
Operation Snail Mail is still in full swing... I got two books in the mail yesterday from a girl I knew in school (waves to Terri) and some awesome stationary from my friend Sarah and a card from a blogger friend. It's simply awesome to get stuff in the mail besides bills!
If you haven't read my previous post about the visit to the pain clinic yet, check it out. I mean, if you're interested.
I'm feeling relieved that we're getting to the bottom of this issue... and I'm also relieved that the pain clinic sees my problem as something that can be managed - without narcotics. The last thing I need is a dependence on something like that.
I was surprised at the wonderful treatment I received at the pain clinic but I have to say... I think, in part, it was in how I presented myself. Since I went in the middle of my work day, I was dressed in a skirt, stockings, nice blouse and cardigan... and my cute boots... fully made up... hair fixed... and there were people there who looked like they didn't own a hairbrush and bought their clothes at the Goodwill. I bought my clothes at the thrift store, too... but I bought stuff that made me look professional, instead of homeless. Now... you KNOW I'm not prejudiced against poor people, especially since I am financially challenged myself... but Purple Michael taught me years ago that you have to present yourself the way you want to be treated... I wanted to be treated like someone who isn't looking to feed a painkiller addiction. I wanted to be treated like a hardworking professional who just happens to have a back problem that is making her life difficult at the moment. It worked.
So that's the haps today, folks...
Time to finish up my city, frontier and farm and then start the rainy day glam routine.
Love and hugs, y'all!


LYN said...

I miss wearing scrubs every day! I have so many..but I'll wear them again someday i know this..

those were some ties on yours btw...LOL

Terri said...

I am so glad glad that you received the books. And it didn't take until Christmas.
I hope you enjoy them. I will be looking through my library for more to send.

My prayers are with you! Have a great day!