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My People
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Do you pray?

How do you pray?
Do you have a set routine or do you just send up a "Hail Mary" in a pinch?
We have an admonition to "pray without ceasing"... which... I guess in a literal sense would be difficult since we are required to talk to other people besides God at various times during the day.
Some of my customers would resent my silence, I suppose.
Others truly need a word of prayer.
Do you pray like you speak or do you think that God only speaks King James English.
Sorry. Don't mean to poke fun. But there are so many people that believe that the KJV is the only "holy" version of the bible that I have to wonder if that's how they think they're supposed to communicate with God.
For me... because I believe that God is omnipresent... everywhere... and omniscient... all knowing... I'm pretty sure He speaks every language... even my modern, southern English.
And because I believe that Jesus' death on the cross removed our barrier to God... and that He lives to intercede for us... I believe that I can talk to God just like I talk to you...
And that when I sin... I can ask forgiveness for myself, I don't have to find out what penitence I should pay...
It's a one on one relationship, no other human is required to intercede... no additional blood sacrifice is required to pay for my sin, other than the one that was paid at the cross.
But... I also believe that when we call upon the name of the Lord, that we do need to be reverent and respectful... just because He's accessible, doesn't mean that He's not holy.
I have built into my day, specific times that I pray. In the shower... as I'm drying my hair... while I'm driving to work.
My drive to work is a bit of a prayer journey every day, with certain landmarks that remind me to pray for certain things.
As I back out of the driveway I express my gratitude for a car that runs, for money to buy gas, for a job to go to, for the ability to work.
As I pass the town square, I pray for my community... for the leaders, for the workers, for the people who make this a special place.
As I pass the college, I pray for my loved ones who work there, I pray for the witness of the college in our community and it's work in our world.
As I pass the home of a guy who disappointed me... I pray for him, his family and all "the guys I've loved before"...
As I pass the storage place where a fellow church member has a realty sign, I pray for her, her family and other ladies in my church.
Then I pray for people who have specifically asked for prayer or prayer needs that have come to my attention... friends who are facing certain trials and tribulations.
And I ask God to bless those who pray for me.
As I pass my nieces' school, I pray for them and other family members.
As I pass the church where my boss attends, I pray for it's ministry in the community.
As I turn on the road where my office is, I pray for my co-workers and for the success of our business.
My lunch hour I pray for things that have happened during that day or things that are weighing heavy on my mind/heart. It's usually when I pray (beg) for the strength to make it through the rest of the day. It's usually when I'm in enough pain that I can't imagine making it through the rest of the day so I pray for health and healing.
On my way home for work I offer praise for the ability to make it through the day. I ask for help in the things I didn't do well... I thank God for the things I have accomplished.
I think it's important not only to talk to God, but also to listen to Him. When I'm still and quiet, as I'm thinking my prayers to Him, there are scriptures that will pop into my mind. There are times that I "hear" responses to my requests. There are times that I will start to pray from an anxious heart and when I'm finished... I will no longer be anxious.
The prayers of a righteous person avails much... (paraphrased)... so I feel like I need to be righteous so that my prayers are effective. Otherwise, they're just wishes/daydreaming/thoughts.
I want my prayers to be effective.
I also think the discipline to meditate in that way helps me be positive, calm, enthusiastic, etc.
I'm curious about your prayer habits... if you feel like sharing...
And I hope you have an awesome Tuesday!
love and hugs!


Unknown said...

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LYN said...

wow you pray a lot! do you pray out loud?
I pray silently when I get the urge..just more like a thought..hmm...

Terri said...

I thank God every morning for wakeing up.
I get up at 5:30 Monday - Friday. That gives me my quiet time with God for 30 minutes.
I also pray throughout the day. Thanking Him or praying for someone I may have missed during my early time.
As I am sitting here typing this I am sending prayers again for you.