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My People
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Friday, November 18, 2011

facebook questions...

Right before I signed off the computer I posted the following facebook status:

"Give me some blog inspiration for tomorrow... what question have you been dying to ask me?"

My friend Danielle, a military wife and fellow Gator fan had a whole list. I'll start with hers... 
So, as promised, here are my answers:

1-How is Cody enjoying married life? 

I think Cody was born to be a nurturer. From here... it seems like he's enjoying married life quite well. He married a great girl and her family LOVES Cody to pieces so he's - as far as I know - doing well.

2-Does Austin still have a girlfriend? 

Austin dated a girl, Charity, from the time of the fire (July) off and on until last week. She was sketchy and his patience with her ran out. He's currently "dating" a girl who lives in California - Modesto, I think - this is a girl he met on Myspace and she was also sketchy. He was trying to save up money to fly out there and I was NOT encouraging for that. Online relationships can be so disappointing.

3- Have you thought about dating again? Maybe someone from church? 

I have thought about it but after the disastrous foray I had into dating last fall and how hurt and rejected I felt... I'm just not in an emotional place right now where I can handle it. I also feel like I'm too much of a burden for anyone right now. I work and sleep and very little else. 

4- Would you join an online dating service? 

I have and I would but after meeting Darby that way... I'm a lot leery of people. 

5- What's up with Barry? And also Purple Michael? 

Not much has changed with Barry. He's still caring for his father ... and I think dad is 94 now? Not entirely sure. I haven't talked to him in several months. 
Purple Michael is working for Macy's somewhere in Chicago. He's at the makeup counter, managing something or other, he told me but I  had not heard of the brand he told me so I didn't retain it. He is still with Ross, who I LOVE *blowing kisses to Ross* and we are in contact frequently but not nearly enough. I love him and miss him.

5- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It is likely that in five years I will be completely disabled. It's hard for me to look forward not knowing physically what I'll be able to do. Even in the past ten months since my back problems first started I have lost a lot of mobility. I have a really hard time with any side to side movement of my back... I have a hard time walking any kind of distance. I have a hard time going from a sitting to a standing position (which is embarassing at work because our printer is in a central location so if I have any paperwork I print out for clients I have to stand up and walk to the next room to the printer and they, of course, watch me. So... that being said... I would really like to be in a place where I can live long term and cheaply if my income is reduced to just disability.

 6- Have you thought about going back to school? 

No. I would like to take writing classes because I do plan to use my writing skills to supplement my income when I can no longer work a regular 9-5 job. It would be difficult for me to sit in a desk in a classroom so I would have to have some type of non-traditional schooling.

7- Do you ever talk to your "Left coast wife"? (I've been following your life for years as you can see!) 

I have about ten of my facebook friends whose updates to their status stream to my cell phone. Hers is one of them. I still love her dearly... I still think that we'd be unstoppable together... she's been through quite a lot over the past few years and it breaks my heart not to be there for her physically... but I do faithfully pray for her. We had a rough patch around the time that I married Michael but true friends never really break bonds... they are always there and when you get past your anger over a situation... it's easy to reconnect. After my overdose she was one of the first people i called. 

8- Do you remember that girl that was from Georgia and married that guy she met on myspace or something and used to be on he radio? She moved overseas with him then they had a baby and she came back here....what happen to her? Her blog became private...I know her husband got real sick....hope he is ok. 

That's Nicole. She is the one of the strongest people I know! She moved to Morocco, they came back, she had a baby, her husband got sick with Leukemia and ... she has been through a wild ride over the past five years! She recently lost a huge amount of weight and she looks amazing. She has a blog and I don't think it's private. If so, I'll get in touch to see if she will let you in. Her husband is in remission, I believe. 

9- I think you would be a great sunday school teacher or womans bible study have a lot of life experiences to share with others. ♥

I do feel a great burden to mentor younger women and to serve as an encouragement to all women. My problem with being involved in anything right now is that I literally have zero energy and am in constant pain. I'm extremely inconsistent. My life has really narrowed to just work and sleeping. I have a few hours before work and an hour or so after work but other than that, I'm worthless. 

OK... that's all of Danielle's questions...

Next up... Marvin aka Crunch n Munch wants to know what he can do to make himself more attractive to me. 

How am I supposed to answer that? You live too far away, you are a night owl and I'm an early bird. I'm nearly done with raising kids and you're just starting. You're too smart... I like to be the smartest person in the room... but the real answer is in what I said earlier...  I've got too much baggage right now and probably forever to allow someone into my orbit. 

Ross (aka Hoot, aka Purple Michael's love) asks: When are you coming to Chicago? 

I was thinking about that this morning. I need to be enveloped with the love of my guys... if my offer for buddy passes still stands (Christy?) once my vacay resets in January... I'll be able to look into it. I'm thinking springtime. Maybe around my birthday. 

Amy asks if I miss VL (Vicky Lynn) - this is our pet name for each other... which is an inside joke of sorts about our time together in Holly Springs. Amy now lives in Denver or some such fruity tooty town where her husband works for a major internet search engine whose name I'm not sure I can reveal publicly. LOL. I MISS YOU SO MUCH VICKY LYNN! And I miss your Z kids and your fur babies and I miss laughing with you. 

My friend Christy asks "why were we both married to ***heads for so long?"

Oh girl. I wish I knew. I think we were just good church girls who got "in trouble" and believed that we had to marry our baby-daddies and believed that we had to stay married because that's just what you do. The fact that you found happiness after all those years of putting up with someone who didn't deserve you... that gives me hope! I'm so happy for you!

This was fun.If you have any questions, leave them in comments and I'll answer them later. Hope you have a great Friday!


Laurie said...

Heather - If you make it to Chicago this spring I would love to meet you for lunch one day. I can drive to Chicago (its about 2 hours away from me in WI). :-)


Big Mark 243 said...

Ditto Laurie... I have fam in Chicago and several good friends... if I knew at least a month in advance I'd love to meet you...

... failing that, which Macy's Purple Michael work at? In box me any details...

... and don't be so hard on yourself... someone will realize how wonderful you are as a human being... your 'Crunch' still shows interest... and that is a big thing for me... let me know that you are interested and that you like me... that scores big points..!

Take care of yourself... and isn't Austin a little too young to be long distance romancing... particularly over the internet..? Jus' sayin'....

Michael said...

I almost just jump out of my chair with excitement!!!! Hoot did not tell me he has asked you anything. PLEASE COME!!!!

BTW- I am the Origins manager, (as of last week)at Macy's. Just me and a bunch of women. I feel very loved there. Of course, they like to stab each other in the back. Why do women do that? It's like a silent war going on in the cosmetic department. And not just there, all over the country. I heard last year, that if every female of voting age (many more than men) were to go out and vote, they would change the political face of American. THAT is some power!!!
P.S. To the readers: If Heather does come to Chicago, I think it would be a great time for pictures and autographs. Be sure to bring your laptops!!! Much love to everyone.


LYN said...

why don't you blog on the weekends? you blog in the wee hours of the morning when you have you be at work but you generally don't blog much on the weekends when you have all day....

Anonymous said...

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