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My People
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Friday, November 4, 2011

it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Why do my cats see a clean litter box as a challenge? Like... can it not just stay clean for a few minutes?
I'm having second thoughts about the surgery. Skeered. To. Death. That's what I am. The thing is... there's no significant other and I think about the other times that I've had stuff done and ended up alone and in pain and unable to function. Austin is a lousy nurse.
I don't know. It's almost like the devil you know beats the devil you don't. I know I can function within the scope of discomfort I have now. Having to hurt worse before it gets better makes me really apprehensive.
I'm so tired of pain.
Still prayerfully considering.
The wind is howling this morning. I think the rain has stopped. If not, I'll need to drive Austin to school, which will be a major pain because I'll need to leave before sun up and Morrie's truck is still blocking half of the drive... I'm having major anxiety about backing into it.
Austin's toilet is running. I have to figure out what's going on with it.
This weekend is an hour longer as we set back our clocks.
It means that Austin won't have to walk to the bus stop in the dark but it will be almost dark when I come home from work.
I'm annoyed with the Occupy Wall Street people. Why don't they realize that THEY are the 1%? Mr. Average American doesn't support your efforts... in fact... Ms. Average America is quite annoyed that it's costing cities money in additional police hours, lost wages for people in business around those occupied spaces, endangerment to others. Mob mentality, vandalism and chaos never solved anything.
Take a lesson from Martin Luther King. When you scream, spray paint property belonging to others, create a squatters encampment in a formerly lovely place... I don't care what your message is. I just want you to go away.
Maybe that's just me.
I had an epiphany yesterday about common sense. It's not so common any more. Things that seem completely rational to me... others just don't get.
And... let's talk about Herman Cain. I like him. I'm not convinced about the whole 9-9-9 thing but I see him as a man who is perfectly capable of running a business - or a country. Yet... for some reason... any time a black man gets close to success as a CONSERVATIVE... he is practically lynched. Clarence Thomas... anybody remember the pubic hair on the coke? Herman Cain has some alleged  sexual harassment cases - and who knows how much truth is behind them? Or how egregious the harassment was... but I'll bet you whatever he did was less overtly sexual than trysting in the Oval Office with a woman other than your wife ala Bill Clinton.
But... that's the loss of the common sense we face in this world... only Liberals are allowed to have inappropriate behavior and get away with it.
Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Oakland - ok to camp out wherever they want, despite violence and vandalism...
Tea Party - often times can't even get a permit to assemble. Accused of spitting on members of congress as they walked by to sign Obamacare into law... but nobody can put forth photographic proof despite hundreds of cameras trained on the whole crazy procession.
And people are sympathetic to the "passionate young people" who are occupying despite hours of news reels showing their unacceptable behavior? What am I missing?
Meanwhile we've got militia men a few miles down the road from me cooking up ricin to take out "the revenuers"... or whomever they targeted. Terrorism... HERE?
It's a crazy world.
Austin said the other day, "I think it's all a conspiracy"... what is? Which side? Who are the bad guys? What is the conspiracy? "all of it."  He may be right.
Last night I drifted off in my usual spot ... on my left side... curled up under my favorite blanket...  at some point I tried to turn over and couldn't move my left leg. It's not what you think... Trouble the cat was laying UNDER the blanket... at my feet and had all four of his legs wrapped around my left leg... hugging me... I lifted the blanket tried to coax his sleepy little furry self into releasing his grip... and he wouldn't. Austin had to come in and pry him off of me.
I started with cats and ended with cats. That's pretty much how it works with me... all the craziness in the world is bearable as long as you've got cats around you.
Happy Friday, y'all.


Janis said...

Totally agree with the common sense thing - I just don't get how people don't think things through and see how "silly" so much of this is.

Big Mark 243 said...

Austin is wiser that you know... I think he is closer to the truth than most people... "it all is", indeed....