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My People
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Whiny Wednesday and I have plenty to complain about...

It's Whiny Wednesday and I don't know that I have enough time to complain about all the things I want to complain about today.... but I'll give it my best shot.

My stomach hurts. Hurts. Crampy. Searing. Wake-you-from-a-sound-sleep kind of pain. It has hurt like this for days. It hurt all day yesterday at work but I was too busy to so much as stop and go to the bathroom. I had  so many projects I was working on simultaneously that I really wanted to cry but I didn't have time to cry. It's frustrating. I was in the midst of the end of the day bank deposit (counting somebody else's money is a huge responsibility in my book and I like to make it my only focus when I'm doing it) and in the ten minutes I tried to devote to that I had two people call about their payment problems - both involved very involved explanations - a third person that called with the same issue that my kind co-worker handled for me, I got a new customer to quote for home and auto on minimal information (and it needed to be done in the twenty minutes before I had to leave to go to the bank) and I had a teenager on the phone (mine) asking me to stop and pick up pizza on my way home from work. If there was ever a calgon moment... there it was. 

And it was cold and damp. Not only did my stomach hurt... my back hurt... everything in me that is arthritic hurts sooooo bad in the cold. I wanted to cry again as soon as I left for the bank... and because I'm short and my car is low to the ground and I don't have the ability any more to do much of a side-to-side movement, I have to put my car in park and unbuckle and get out of my car to drop off the deposit. I haven't complained. I just do it. It hurts, especially when it's cold and damp. It's a little skeeeery now that it's practically dark when we leave but... I just trust God to protect me. It's the closest thing we have in our little corner of the world to rush hour and it's a pain to avoid the people who try to get in the turning lane too early... or the people who change lanes without signaling... or the people who are doing thirty miles over the speed limit. It was unfun but it's one of those responsibilities that I'm only the back up on so I don't have to do it often. 

I had to ask Austin over a dozen times to change the litter box. I had asked him on Sunday. And Monday. And finally, yesterday, I decided I would keep asking every five minutes until he did it. 

I had no appetite so I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner. We're out of creamer so I had hot chocolate instead of coffee this morning. (the hot chocolate was really awesome, though). My lunch yesterday was a horrible choice, I just couldn't find any of my rubbermaid containers to pack a lunch in... since someone takes all my dishes into his hoard and I never see them again. If my back didn't hurt so bad and if I didn't know that seeing his room a mess would make me have an irresistible urge to start cleaning I'd go in there and reclaim my dishes. We're down to two forks and two spoons and one bowl and three coffee mugs. It. drives. me. nuts.

I got an email from the school that Austin hadn't turned in a major project for Economics. He has to pass Economics to graduate. He told his teacher that he and I were working on it at home and he forgot to bring it in. We aren't. He told me that he wasn't worried because it's "only a test grade" and he has a high enough average to still pass without doing that project. I'm so proud. Shortcuts. This is a kid who is going to be basically unemployable and I'm living in a body that is falling apart by the minute. Can you imagine the amount of stress that puts on me? Save your cardboard, friends, we're going to be living in a box under a bridge in the near future.

AND... and... he yelled at me for waking him up this morning. I would say that was probably the number one biggest problem I had with his father... the man simply would not/could not wake up in the morning. You had to physically touch him to rouse him from sleep but if you did, he came up swinging. I had to shake him and run in the other direction every single work day of my life. Austin is usually good at waking up but this morning... he's a grouch. 

Anyways... I'm going to go to work, turn in my payroll, do as much as I can of the things that are my responsibility and tough it out as long as I can, as long as my stomach will cooperate. The cramps I can handle because I've been living with pain for so long.... it's the ... ugh... that might get the best of me.

AND... one last thought because I heard this earlier and thought it was spot on... Obama campaigned on "hope and change" and has spent the past three years complaining about how the economy is bad because he inherited it from the previous administration. If we (and by we  I mean "not me") hired him to change things from the way they were during the Bush Administration... he obviously was not able to do what he promised to do, right? If it's all still the same way it was... 

I'm jes' sayin'...

So that's my Wednesday... whiny enough for you? Oh wait, one more thing... I support your right to decorate your yard in a harvest theme... the hay bales and pumpkins, etc are precious... I just have a problem with the mixing of the harvest theme and Christmas theme. It's confusing. 

Ok. That's all. Have a good day, y'all. Love and hugs.