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My People
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter stuff

My Austin is so, sooooo sick! He woke up during the night with an upset tummy and violent vomiting. It was heartbreaking! I ran out and bought gatorade and pepto and a ton of lysol. He's so sick that he's sleeping on the couch because it's easier to get to the bathroom that way (since his room is a horrid hoard of a mess). I hope this is because of something he ate, not a virus because - not to sound like a martyr or anything but, I'm suffering enough! I contemplated taking him to the ER this morning. He's that violently ill. However... you kind of have to weigh the misery... 30-45 minutes of being that sick in the car or our comfy couch with mommy making sure he's keeping down a little gatorade. The only real exposures he's had to anything viral would have been back at my mom and dad's in the first part of the week... with his married/loser friend in the middle part of the week... and last night at an Easter egg hunt that he went to with his little girlfriend and her family. The only thing he's eaten over the past few days that I haven't would be a hot dog at the Easter egg hunt... and link sausages he fixed for himself as a 4th meal... it's not likely that it's food poisoning but I just can't figure out how he would have gotten a virus when he's been basically hibernating for the past few days. I'm on pins and needles praying that I don't get this.

Anyways... what a difference a year makes! Last Easter was the weekend that the proverbial manure hit the fan with Logan's girlfriend being pregnant. What a high stress and drama filled weekend! Ironically... on Friday I finally got to see baby Dessa for the first time when I ran into her mom at the grocery store. She is so stinkin' adorable! She has eyes only for her mama but if you call her name she turns her head at you and grins... and if you say, "where's your mama?" she looks for her. I don't remember if that's normal for a four month old baby but she's definitely a charmer! (and ... because we older women notice these things... she was very clean and dressed appropriately for the weather and looked very, very well cared for. I'm so proud of how well these kids are doing as parents!).

If Austin goes the next few hours without getting sick again, I'm planning to hang out with my red-headed girls this afternoon. I don't want to leave him if he isn't feeling better... he was so weak the last time he got up. And of course, if it's viral, I feel like a walking time bomb and don't want to a) give it to anyone else or b) get that sick away from the comfort of my own home. I don't move very fast.

I got up and did a little housework, got a shower, etc and almost immediately my feet started swelling. It's ridiculously inconvenient. Not that I'm exactly looking to run a marathon or anything. I just want to have a relatively clean house and take care of basic hygiene, know what I mean?

I forget which relative it was... but one of the "stray relatives" that my great-grandmother took in sounds a lot like Austin, at least in the way he keeps his personal space. They described her as carrying grapefruit hulls (is that the right word?) up to her bedroom to make sugared grapefruit peels... but instead, they just grew moldy and rotted. Any time she would take a trip to visit the "Country Cousins" (my term) it would be "all hands on deck" to clean out her room. Sounds just like me with Austin's room... when I go on my recon missions to recover my missing flatware and such. Last week he had a bottle of A-1 sauce on his window sill. Really? A-1? At least I've convinced him to open his window. I am NOT turning on the a/c until we absolutely have to... which will probably be in another week or two.

The Easter bunny didn't come to our house. I guess that makes it official: my kids are grown.

Well. My breakfast is ready. Hope you all have a beautiful Easter!


Fat Free JAM said...

There has been a nasty stomach virus going around up this way. I know a few people that got and was violently sick, nothing more than a bug that lasted a few days...glad I didn't get! Hope he feels better and you don't get it.