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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, October 12, 2012

Close Encounters Courtesy of the Blessed Plan

If life had gone according to Heather's Grand Plan, I would be living in the mountains with my precious 18 year old son, helping him transition into adulthood, enjoying a part-time job that met all of our financial needs and nesting as much as possible so as to keep the pain away.

Obviously the wheels fell off that little red idealist wagon earlier this year. I can't even pretend that I fought the idea of moving back home. Years ago it would have been unthinkable, impossible. Now it just feels like part of the Blessed Plan according to a Greater Power with far more wisdom and insight than  I could ever muster.

I've always been outgoing and relatively outspoken. I've always had a deep need to nurture and take care of the people I love. Yet, as time has marched on (mostly down my brittle back), I have come to spend more time with four legged creatures and less with two legged creatures. Well. And one three legged creature who is basically just furry furniture that eats and poops. The point is that I've become what I optimistically describe as a "unsociable extrovert".

Had life gone according to Heather's Grand Plan, I would have become the Crazy Old Cat Lady Reclusive Aunt who never ventures out amongst the two legged, three dimensional beings. These twists and turns that my life has taken this year have propelled me out of the nest and into the world where I experience many Close Encounters.

For example... yesterday morning I took my daughter-in-law to school. Marquee, like me, did not rush out and get her drivers license the minute she turned sixteen. I was in my late twenties before I actually, really started driving. Marquee is a lovely, intelligent, hard working twenty two year old who just doesn't drive yet. I've always loved her for who she is to Cody. Now that I'm on the Blessed Plan instead of the Heather Plan, I'm able to love Marquee for who she is to me. Driving to the college and back is a royal pain in the rear when you don't want to move from the nest BUT it gives me precious time with my first daughter (and mother of my future grandchildren) and I'm so glad for those encounters.

After I took Marquee to school I was craving (more) coffee and some kind of treat. I went to the Krispy Kreme and got a pumpkin spice latte (nowhere near the caliber of Starbucks) and two little donuts. The line was long but the lady in the drive thru was so pleasant, exceedingly pleasant for what must have been for her a very busy morning. I appreciated her attitude.

Next I had to pick up prescriptions. I hate doing this because I miss my sweet pharmacy in the mountains. I've had some negative experiences with the pharmacy here BUT, I didn't have enough of some vital meds to make it through to my next trip to the mountains a week from now. Not only did the lady in the pharmacy remember me, she was cheerful and speedy. Mission accomplished.

After a brief time back at home, it was time for me to go to work. I say this often but I never want to overlook what an enormous blessing this job is for me. I truly worried that I would never again be gainfully employed and if I was, it wouldn't be in the industry and company where I've been for the past ten years. I love that place. I love going to work. Yes, in my Grand Scheme of Things I would have loved to have THIS working environment in THAT living environment but that wasn't part of the Blessed Plan. If I had my way I would have missed out on meeting the awesome people I work with... I would have left the work force (or at least that industry) with the bitter taste that my unintentional sabbatical had brought. I would have continued to feel rejected, worthless, unemployable. To work in a place where my strengths are celebrated and my weaknesses forgiven is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Throughout the day, time and time again, I interacted with clients and co-workers and just truly immersed myself in my Work World. Every phone call meant an opportunity to make an impression on someone's life. The life insurance policy I helped sell will potentially bring comfort in a time of grief some time in the future. Helping people understand their insurance policies, make informed decisions, budget and plan for future events makes me feel so ALIVE. In other work environments I've had restrictions that made those kind of extended, genuine conversations impossible due to "word tracks" and scenarios we were required to use. Being free to be me... outspoken, articulate, extroverted me... is a great gift and it's reaping great rewards.

Even driving home... the unspoken traffic rituals... extending courtesy even when it isn't deserved or appreciated by other drivers... being cautious... patient... just absorbing my environment without descending into road rage... appreciating the mild Fall air... missing the mountains but grateful still for where I am and how the Blessed Plan has changed me.

Cody has come over several times to check on me since my parents have been out of town. For years there had been a Cody-sized hole in my life and I'm so glad he's right next door now. It's not always in the words you say, just the physical presence of someone you love that makes a difference.

I'm tired from the extra responsibilities of caring for the Zoo but I'm so glad that they (the fur babies) trust me and keep me company. Lily was a good girl last night and only needed to go out at 11pm and 5am. She let me skip her usual 2am pit stop. Even those encounters... the four legged kind... make me feel more engaged and involved in the world.

At times I've felt like the Nest is the best cure for what ails me. And maybe, physically, that remains true. But emotionally my heart has craved interaction beyond the confines of my laptop and I'm so grateful for the roadblocks and detours and pitfalls that have catapulted me into this season of life and into this Blessed Plan.

Yabba Dabba Can't Wait to Have a Few More Close Encounters Blessed Friday DO to YOU! Love and hugs!