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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, October 5, 2012

Finding Success... My Wonderful Adventure

My cat Trouble is incredibly curious about what happens on our screened in porch. He is so curious that he constantly tries to slip out when the dogs (and Eddie the cat who thinks he's a dog) go out. Honestly, I don't believe he would venture beyond the porch but I just love him too durn much to risk losing him. He's my baby!

Yesterday while I was waiting for Lily, the old arthritic dog to take her sweet, ever-lovin' time coming through the door, Trouble slipped out. I dashed after him, forgetting that "dashing" is no longer in my bag of tricks. I stepped/slid/tripped on Eddie and took an odd step that wrenched my spine and found myself in a whole new world of pain.

I did, however, catch Trouble.

In my full-time working season I would have probably called in sick... but I only had FIVE hours to work and I had sooooo much to do. There were emails from Tuesday that I hadn't even looked at yet. There was a stack of stuff going back a week that needed my attention. There were two life insurance quotes that I hadn't sent out. I needed to go to work.

I went to work. The drive in was a particularly curious adventure. This is no leisurely jaunt through farmland as it was in the mountains. There are thirty-eleven traffic lights, a half dozen school zones, several shopping centers... it's chaos. Twice, maybe three times, (ok. just TWICE but still!) there were cars who needed to turn left but missed getting in the turning lane so they just stopped in the middle of the road. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Who does that? There was much slamming on of breaks and frantic lane changes to go around these two roadblocks.

There was another guy who was busy texting (against the law in Georgia, mind you) and missed an entire light cycle. Just sat there... people honking... ok, just me honking but still... with his Florida State bumper stickers (had to mention that)... alone on the planet.

And then there was the Georgia Power work crew who were blocking half of the road that my office is on. The flag bearer was trying to wave me toward the detour... I kept frantically pointing to the parking lot entrance ten feet away from him where I needed to go... He stood there staring at me waving his little flag. I inched closer to him... rolled down my window and yelled, "I WORK THERE! RIGHT THERE! RIGHT BEHIND YOU! NO WHERE NEAR WHERE YOUR LITTLE TRUCKS ARE!"  Finally, he got it and allowed me to pass. He probably makes more per hour than I do.

So glad I stopped and bought the VENTI pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Worth every penny.

Work was great. I love my job. Love my office. Love my co-workers. Love the attitude and environment. Love dealing with customers. There is just a peaceful, easy feeling there, even when all the phones are ringing and things are piling up and you don't have time to take a bathroom break. I love that place. If I could move that office closer to the mountain house, I'd be over the moon.

My back hurt way more than usual. I felt the knife of pain with every step...and I do take a lot of steps at work... greeting customers as they come in... taking papers to their various destinations... conferring with co-workers... taking bathroom breaks because I drank a venti pumpkin spice latte... it hurt. It was only in the last half hour that I thought, "I'm not going to make it through my entire shift"... but I bit the bullet... got busy on another little project and looked up at five minutes before time to leave.

Success comes in many different forms. Some people find success in a promotion. Some find it in large paychecks. Some find it in recognition. For me, some days, success means just being able to tough it out.  Success is going beyond what you thought you could do. Pushing beyond my limits. Knowing that I'm making a difference in somebody's life. Participating in life.

Speaking of success... My friend Natalie's pre-release party for her book is today. You can purchase your own copy here and I hope you will. She is a precious, precious girl and I am so grateful to call her a friend. If you know anyone who suffers from mental illness... if you know anyone whose life was touched by suicide... if you know anyone who is struggling with grief... they need this book.

So this is Friday. I *only* have a two day weekend ahead due to schedule changes at work. I will work Monday and then be off Tuesday, then work three days and then... I'm not sure from there, it's written down but I haven't committed it to memory. It's still a "yabba dabba do day" even if it is only two days. Hope you have a great weekend!