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My People
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pax Adsit - Jacob Lumpkin

Pax adsit - may peace be with him.

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I'm still aching and having a little trouble with that blasted left leg but I'm awake and about to start the glam routine so I can head into work. I'm on the early schedule for the next three days so I have to leave the house by 8:30, a little earlier today because I need to stop and get gas. But... if all goes well, I'll be home and settled into my pjs by 3pm every day except Thursday... when I hope to be on the road by 3pm and settled in at the mountain house by 5pm, Lord willing. Not a bad deal. Not bad at all.

Yesterday was a good day but I was absolutely wiped out by the end of the day. Having Austin here in Riverdale reduces some stress for me - as far as worrying about my kid - but it increases stress for me in that he's not a kid any more but also not an adult and still has some of those autistic traits that have made interaction with him difficult all of his life. I am still trusting God for this kid's future. We'll try to get some details sorted out while we're in the mountains this weekend. I just want him to be as settled and independent as my older two... there was a time of transition for them too and I want to be as supportive as I can be of Austin. I love him. He's my heart. Y'all know that. But dad-gum... he wears me out sometimes.

Anyways... I've got an ancestor that I'd like to share with you. At least, I believe him to be an ancestor. Insert usual disclaimer here - my research is based heavily on and I have not independently confirmed all of these family connections and/or details so this is either a cool bit of history on my 9x great-grandfather OR a cool bit of American History.

Captain Jacob Lumpkin was a military man, a Captain in the British army during the French and Indian Wars.
He lived on a plantation in Newington, south of the Mattaponi River in Virginia.
In 1676 there is a record that he was paid 3000 pounds and again 750 pounds of tobacco for services and charge of Mattaponi Fort.
The records of Middlesex County have a statement dated 2 October 1677 indicating that 18 men had been sent out of that county to join the command of Captain Jacob Lumpkin.
In 1690 he was brought up on charges for uttering "Seditious, unlawful & dangerous words" in his refusal to toast King William and Mary.
He was cleared.
In 1691 he was granted land in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen County, Virginia.
He also received land grants in Hanover and Caroline Counties.
The list of Virginia military officers in 1698 names Jacob Lumpkin as one of four Captains in the County.
He was in command of 98 men, the largest of the four contingents.
In 1704 both Jacob and a Robert Lumpkin were on the 'Quit Rent' rolls of King and Queen County, Virginia.
Jacob was assessed for 950 acres and Robert for 400.
Jacob was buried at the Mattaponi church which was so close to his home that the foundation remains of his house can still be seen from the church door.
The original house burned to the ground during the Civil War.
The church is northeast of Richmond, inland from Chesapeake Bay, on the Mattaponi River in King & Queen County, St. Stephen's parish, Virginia.
The church may have been built as early as 1690.
 A marble slab near the north door is Jacob's memorial.
The Latin inscription reads, after his name and date,

Dux Militum,
Victor Hostium
Morte Victus.
Pax adsit,
vives requias
Eterna Sepultis.

   "A leader of soldiers; conqueror of the enemy    Conquered by death.    May peace be with him: he shall live.    Eternal rest for the buried."
Jacob and Ann's great, great grandson Wilson Lumpkin served in the US House of Representative, the US Senate and two terms as Governor of Georgia (1831-1835).
Other 'illustrious' descendants include Carter Braxton, grandson of their daughter Mary and a signer of the Declaration of Independence
and William Clark of the famous 'Lewis and Clark' expedition who was a great-grandson of their daughter Elizabeth.

Jacob Lumpkin (1644 - 1708)
is your 9th great grandfather
Daughter of Jacob
Son of Elizabeth Ann
Daughter of James B
Son of Elizabeth
Son of William
Son of William Bartlett
Son of William Guy
Daughter of Thomas Alexander
Daughter of Mary Alice
Daughter of Virginia
Daughter of Norma Ray