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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, December 10, 2012

Have Yourself a Few Corny Little Musical Reasons to Love Monday

You would THINK that after a three day weekend, I'd be ten feet tall and bulletproof, ready to head to work.


I love my job. I'm always glad to be there. Other than the fact that it hurts, it's a wonderful opportunity and I never take it for granted. I'm grateful that I get to go to work and so, even though *I wish it were a four day weekend and I was still in my pjs* here are a few musical Reasons to Love Monday! (bonus points to anyone who can figure out what songs these reference...)

1. The weather outside is not frightful. The ceiling fan is so delightful. Since we have no chance of snow... I can go, I can go, I can go.

2. I'm dreaming of a four-day weekend... with every Christmas card I send (which hasn't been many. ok, none.) where I wear pajamas... and hang out with mama... and play castleville all day...

3. I wish you a Merry Monday, I wish you a Merry Monday, I wish you a Merry Monday and a rocket fast week!

4. Santa Baby... just slip some new hot rollers under the tree, for me... I've been an awful frizzy girl... Santa Baby... so hurry down the chimney at the Mountain house in 15 days...

5. Away in my office, no room for a bed... I can't risk getting caught laying down my old head...

6. Telephones we have heard on high, sweetly ringing through the office, answer with a smile, do I, so I earn my decent wage.

7. All I want for Monday is my two tramadol, my two tramadol, yes my two tramadol. All I want for Monday is my two tramadol... then I could wish you Merry MONDAY!

8. Cody decked his house with colored lights, falalalala... la la la la... I don't see them because I don't go out at night... falalalala... la la la la...

9. Feliz Lunes...Feliz Lunes... Feliz Lunez... prospero ano y felicidad.

10. It came upon a Monday clear, that glorious time to glam... from bending down to put on stockings to painting on my face...

Ok. You've suffered enough. It's time for me to finish up and get the caffeine level adjusted... still have to put on the aforementioned stockings and brush my teeth and a meet a few other basic hygienic requirements. This week will be even more unusual than usual for me... I work my "early" shift today... tomorrow I go in at ten and stay as long as I can possibly stand it as we are going to be very short staffed... in return, if I want to be off Wednesday, I can, or I can work a few hours, it's up to me. I'm off Thursday, work Friday and then I'm off for the next three days, in the mountains to wrap presents (which are in my trunk to protect them from dog/cat fur so they don't set off Jamie's allergies)... the week ahead is going to be interesting.

Hope you all have an awesome week... Have yourself a Merry little Monday... let your heart be light...


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