My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Here's Why I'm Single...

In case you've ever wondered - this is why I'm single. Ok. Only part of the reason. The other reason has more to do with baggage, my own and the baggage any one else in my demographic is carrying. And then there's the whole degenerative disabling back thing that I've chosen not to allow to be a burden on anyone (other than my family, God bless 'em). I guess the most important reason is that I just don't wanna bother.

So go ahead and call me the Crazy Old Cat Lady... I like my cats better than I like most people...

Little Kitty aka Trouble sleeps like a person... the other night he slept with his head on my pillow beside me. 

Eddie Cat aka Ginger Cat aka Edison
No oranges were harmed in the taking of these photos... there are two boxes and the top one is empty 

side view....

Trouble and Eddie were sworn enemies at first but they've entered into a tentative peace treaty. 

Oscar was getting jealous so I had a take a picture of him in my nest, on the heating pad with his blanket covering him up 

Waiting for it to be dinner time... just for the record, we don't eat on this table. 

We have to feed them on the table so that the dogs don't eat their food. 


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