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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Kitty and the Collards

On Friday at work the question was asked, "does anybody want any collard greens? They're two bunches for $5." 

"Sure." I said. I had $5. Pop loves collards. We had a ham bone left from Thanksgiving that needed to be put to use. I'll take some collards.

A few hours later they were delivered. 
Two bunches of collards. So heavy that I was unable to carry them and had to have the guy put them in my car. I tipped him a dollars. Six dollars total... still cheaper than what we pay for fresh collards in the store. 

I had Cody carry them in from my car that evening. Pop sang to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree".... "O, Collard Greens, O collard greens"... we could have strung lights and hung ornaments from them if we were willing to suffer the collard smell instead of fresh pine. 

Yesterday I felt icky all day and slept most of the day so this morning I KNEW I had to get busy on the greens. As usual, I had help...

Trouble was fascinated by the greens. He was fascinated by the fact that they were in a bag. He was fascinated that we put them on the kitty table (this is where we keep the cat food so that the dogs don't eat it. we don't actually eat at this table.)

He nibbled on them a bit while I was chopping. I filled a large crockpot with them and only used about half of one of the bunches. I don't know what we'll do with the rest. I don't know how long they stay good. I'm no expert on fresh "real" food, you can tell. Typically I buy the bags of greens that are already cut and washed. Yes, you pay a little more for them but I'm much more likely to put them to use if I don't have to invest a lot of prep time.

 I used some of the picasa photo editing features on these photos.

While I was chopping greens, all of a sudden a large bug ran past my hand. I'm not a girly girl... I love sports... I am not into frilly things. I rarely do my nails and so forth. But I am a total GIRL when it comes to bugs! Fortunately I have a cat who is an excellent exterminator. He chased the bug into the sink and tried to make a meal out of him.

Here you can see part of the bug. I'm not lying... he was HUGE! Little Kitty chased him into the other part of the sink and got him stunned long enough for me to wash up. I'm not sure if he's dead yet. I'll be avoiding the sink until I'm certain. 

I'm not sure what was wrong with me yesterday. I was absolutely exhausted. I went to the thrift store to find a tacky Christmas sweater for myself and for some of my co-workers for our office Christmas party. There's a cash prize so it's worth the potential humiliation. I found one for myself that I may embellish a bit if I can find the materials and the motivation. I also found myself six new skirts, a gorgeous soft grey wool sweater, two casual "weekend" tops... all for about $30. I love thrift store shopping! However... by the time I left I could barely hold my eyes open. I had hoped to get a little Christmas shopping done but I just didn't have the energy. I went home and napped. And napped. And napped some more. There's a nasty flu going around, I was afraid this was a precursor of that... but I don't have any other flu-like symptoms, just fatigue. Of course, that's all part and parcel of the f-work (fibromyalgia) although I always like to pretend I don't really have that and couldn't *possibly* have symptoms from that. The new "daily" pain meds that I'm supposed to/allowed to take also make me sleepy (although they aren't supposed to) but I didn't take them yesterday at all so... who knows? I was tired and I slept and the world kept spinning so I guess it's no big deal. 

Mom and Pop spent hours at the church decorating for Christmas. The dogs and cats cuddled with me. I watched a lot of sports and c-span3 and... I will probably do a lot of that today as well. Exciting weekend. 

This week I am scheduled to work Monday through Thursday and then have a three day weekend. I haven't decided yet if it's going to be a mountain weekend. I have a three day weekend the following week and HAVE to be in the mountains because I have a doctors appointment on Monday, the 17th. We're in the mountains for the next weekend for Christmas so I may just stay close to the nest next weekend. Three weekends in a row away from tv and traveling, etc, may just be too much, especially if my energy level is as low as it has been this weekend. 

Austin comes home on Tuesday. The only thing I've heard from him is this one text picture of snow... so he's at least had snow. I hope he's had a good time. I've missed him. I'm ready for him to be home! 

So that's what's happening here... kitty cats, collard greens, bugs and naps... hope you're having a good weekend!