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My People
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random Thoughts about Social Media

I am so grateful for Facebook. 

People like me who are anti-social extroverts need a means of connecting with people without having to be out and about. 
People like me who are sometimes more articulate in the editing than they are in the unfiltered thoughts that go stumbling out of their mouth need the opportunity to say it better. 
People like me who can't do a lot of walking, sitting, standing or basically anything other than being at *just the right* angle to not compress anything in my back that isn't aligned correctly are able to have a window on the world.
I watch my friend Beth and her fabulous adventures, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. 
I see my friend Christy who suffered through a miserable first marriage enjoying life with a second husband who dotes on her.
The friends we had when our babies were babies... I am able to see those babies growing up and having their own babies. 
I see the struggles of others... 
A fellow from high school whose sister-in-law was killed in a home invasion robbery.
A girl from high school whose daughter was tragically murdered while mom was undergoing heart surgery. 
Too many folks suffering from various forms of cancer, folks my age and sadly, sometimes folks who are younger.
I can share in joy... and sorrow... 
It is a blessing. I can't imagine my life without social media. I would be very, very lonely.
For many, many years my mom operated an in home day care. 
I keep up with some of those babies through Facebook, too.
One sweet girl... who was such a beautiful little girl... I used to french braid her long hair... had a baby yesterday. This baby is sick. There were some unexpected health problems. 
And although it's been probably twenty years since I saw the baby's mother... and I've seen pictures of her as a lovely, grown up lady... in my heart she's still that sweet little girl in braids... and in my mind... I see her holding a baby doll, carrying it around, loving it with all the maternal instincts a toddler possesses. 
And I know that God is sovereign. I know that he has grown this sweet girl up with all the grace she will need to handle whatever comes her way. 
Her entire life has been preparation for such a time as this.
There's so much sadness, anger, bitterness, etc out there in cyberspace. 
It's uncanny how diverse and differently people are handling the slaughter of innocents.
I agree with many. There are so many things that could have and should have been different.
I get frustrated and overwhelmed with the arguments.
I grieve with those who grieve, strangers and friends... strangers who I only know from the screen of my laptop and not from real life... friends I haven't seen in years... people I wish I had taken the time to know better while our paths were joined, people I'm glad to have a second chance to get to know better now. 
I celebrate with those who are happy... for the friend whose daughter got engaged last night... for the group of friends I know from high school who had a HUH-larious redneck Christmas party and have posted pictures and videos that have had me in stitches... new cars, new homes... and new babies.
Even babies who came into this world a little differently than their parents expected. 
What you expect when you're expecting is a perfect baby.
But God knew. She is precious in His sight. 
We all are. 
That little baby in Bethlehem, by His wounds we are healed. 
Hope this makes sense. 
I love you guys. 


Fat Free JAM said...

Love you to Heather!!!