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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, February 4, 2013

Reasons to Love Monday

I slept too long today to have much bloggy time but I know how desperately we all need to get the right perspective to start the week and I don't want to let y'all down... so here's a hurried, unedited Reasons To Love Monday.

1. I didn't watch the Super Bowl and (as my friend Cyndi said) it was LIBERATING! I enjoy sports. I just found myself disconnected from the game - I don't care for Beyonce (and I hear that her performance shocked and embarrassed my 8 year old niece - it's definitely no longer a family friendly event) and I don't care for either team that was playing and it's just me watching my tv and I said, "you know what? I'd rather watch reruns on OWN than watch the game." And so I did.

2. Today is my daughter-in-law's 23rd birthday! She's beautiful and smart and a good mommy to my granddoggie and such a great match for Cody. I am so grateful for what she has brought to our lives. She and Cody celebrated yesterday by going to the Zoo. It's what she wanted to do.

3. Austin is still in the mountains. It turns out that he is shacking up with Lulu the Lesbian (who isn't really a lesbian, that's the lie Austin told me so that I wouldn't object to her staying with us). They've dated off and on and it's been a really weird relationship (but aren't they all at that age?) and now they're both living with Fat Pat. I know it's shameful and immoral and all that but can I tell you that I'm truly worried less about his well being knowing that he has a significant other keeping a close eye on him? He needs someone to filter him and give him a reality check for the things that he doesn't quite get. His first excursion of leaving the nest definitely helped him mature so that is my prayer for this living arrangement. It's not what I want for him but it is what it is.

4. It snowed in the mountains over the weekend and I could have been there... I had a three day weekend... but honestly, I'm ok with it. I've struggled with pain so much over the past.. however long... but definitely.. going to the mountains by myself wouldn't have helped my back at all. At least when I'm hurting this week I will know that I've done what I could to make it better.

5. makes me happy. I bought a baby gift off of there on Friday and that gave me free shipping through yesterday so I picked up a few gifts for my boys and my sister-in-law. Everything on there is highly discounted and it's fun to shop. Check it out. I feel so matronly having purchased gifts ahead of holidays/events!

6. I've also discovered - it's interesting.

7. I also spend a lot of time reading the It's more of a National Enquirer type news media but it's still better to me than the obviously biased American news media sources.

8. It's been crisp and cold and I like that kind of weather.

9. Mom is finally well enough to go back to work today. I've had those kind of dental experiences and people have acted like I was a big baby about it but honestly... dental surgery mega-sucks. Last year my dentist removed a tooth and it took several stitches to pull me back together. I missed two days of work (maybe one?) and it was incredibly painful and I was by myself and Austin was in one of his less than cooperative moods and... ugh... anyways... I had a frame of reference for what she was going through because I had been there myself.

10. I'm just so grateful to not be living alone right now. I really am not able to do much without pain. I wash the dishes but not the heavy ones and I do my own laundry and keep my own space tidy and I cook once or twice a week but for the most part, my parents do the bulk of the household chores, shopping and vacuuming and things that I can't do without pain. It's a huge blessing.

11. I know y'all are sick of hearing this but I have to say it again... days like today (weeks like last week, a month like the past month) it is really hard to "buck up buttercup" and bother with hair and makeup and going to work... and stay there for five hours in a good bit of discomfort. It's hard. And if it was a place that made me feel unwanted or less than valuable because I am "differently abled" or "less abled" ... I don't know that I could do it. I really think at some point working full-time I would have snapped. There were days that I just wanted to drive my car off the side of the road to avoid going to work - not because I wanted to get hurt but because I just couldn't keep going with that much pain. But now I look forward to going to work, even when it hurts. I love being there. I love the environment. I feel encouraged and appreciated. I feel validated. I don't feel any guilt about working fewer hours than some - I still work longer hours than some. It's just such a positive work environment and I know that the only way I could be successful in this stage of life is if I had that kind of supportive environment.

Anyways... my time is up... must start the glam routine... it's not easy but we've got this, me and God. We can make it through this day and, barring any schedule changes, I'm off tomorrow! SOOOO... whatever Monday throws at us, just know that Tuesday is gonna be here before you know it! Happy Monday, y'all!