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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole

I am coming to you LIVE from the Whine Cellar at Cedar Hollow this afternoon!


We have triumphed over water and mold and after a long sojourn on the spacious and lovely Top Floor of the house, I am back in the basement enjoying the uh-mazing view once again.

I have an outrageous headache that started just a little while ago but I'm medicated and mellowing out in my little wonderland. Down the Rabbit Hole, indeed!

Earlier today I chatted with a friend who is also going through the disability process. It helps to know that I'm not the only one feeling frustrated with the lengthy process even though I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. At times it feels so claustrophobic to be stuck in a place that you have no control over. As much as I love it here, I would love even more to be healthy and able-bodied and independent, more than you know. Yet, being surrounded in such a lovely space certainly helps pass the time.

There's a lot still to be done in getting Mi Casa up to my (very low) standard of cleanliness. This poor basement spent the Summer being occupied by water, mold and boys. I keep finding random empty styrofoam cups... tools... YuGiOh cards... bits and pieces of carpet... Fortunately, though, the "damp basement" smell has dissipated and has been replaced by the lovely aroma of purple paint.

I really love my deep purple accent wall. Mom is suffering the after effects from painting. Her shoulder and arm are hurting her today... that concrete block required more than one coat... but the added color really makes the room feel more like a cozy bedroom than a basement.

I'm loving the deep purple with the sage green things I had. I got Logan (who is the tallest among us) to hang new curtains for me and found a blanket in the color I wanted. My bed is lopsided because of the foam pads and feather cushion I use to try to make it more comfy for sleeping since my back usually is only good for about half the night in one spot. Stretching out on the loveseat vs. either being in the recliner or laying on the bed will help a lot as well... my back doesn't like being in one position for long.

I need to hang something above the bed but I'm not really sure what yet. Maybe a wreath with the purple and green tied in?

I added a few more Fall decorations to the mantle, which has been begging for a theme for a year now. I picked up a few things at Dollar General and added two of my teapots... a little candy corn... and I think it looks nice. We need a bigger focal point in the center but nobody can part with the sweet picture of Jamie running up the aisle before Cody and Marquee's wedding. I think even if we just hung a big mirror there... Maybe when Pop is retired he can paint something to go there... but for now, at least it's sort of Autumn-ish.

My mom planted some mums at the top of the driveway. I don't have a picture to share because they're... well... at the top of the driveway. Next time I go out I'll get a picture for you.

I started watching the series Breaking Bad last night. Now that it's completely over, I can watch it since I know the story wasn't dropped halfway through. The afternoon showing of Grey's Anatomy has cycled all the way through back to where I started watching it earlier this year so I needed a new serial drama to watch. We have Netflix and the Comcast/Infiniti thing where you can watch on your laptop. Since my big - too heavy for anyone to lug and too awkwardly big to fit in anyone's car - tv set is still on the Southside of town, the only thing keeping my little Whine Cellar from being perfect is the lack of regular tv down here. Cody said he'd rather buy me a new tv than have to carry that other one again. He's kidding, of course. And I'm not blowing my budget on a tv when I still need a phone.

ANYWAYS... someone asked in comments about using the little mobility assistance devices - scooters - at stores where there is a lot of walking. The thing is that the position you have to sit in to ride those things is worse on my back than walking. And by the way, thanks for the comments. I love getting feed back!

The headache meds are kicking in and I'm ready to have a little supper and hopefully have an early bedtime. Hope you have a great evening. I'll be looking out my window...