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My People
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's New At Cedar Hollow?

Today we made so much progress toward getting me moved back into the Whine Cellar! And by "we", of course, I mean my mom, Austin and Logan. We'll be able to move the bed down there tomorrow and my next blog entry will be coming to you from my newly carpeted and de-molded living room whilst looking out over the lake. I'm so excited!

It was such a beautiful Autumn day here. I wish we could have this weather year round. The temperature is so comfortable and the sun is bright without being scorching or blinding. I took this picture ------>
from the dining room looking out onto the screened porch on the main level. The screened porch is the cats' favorite hangout. Lily the old lady dog sometimes goes out there to do her business when she can't get our attention quickly enough for her to go to the poop pen out front.

With the windows open and fresh breezes blowing through the house we have added cedar shavings to the poop pen to improve the aroma coming from the front windows. The cedar really smells good. And of course, since we live in "Cedar Hollow" it seems appropriate.

Mom and I made a mega-Walmart run this morning. I was not really up for it - pain wise - but I also felt like it wasn't going to get any easier as the week went on so I just bit the bullet and went. We split up - she made her way around the store starting with housewares and I made my way around the store starting in the produce department and we met in the middle at the paper plates. I got there first but she had some trouble getting assistance in finding the items she was shopping for.

Her big project for the day (after Walmart) was to paint an accent wall in my bedroom with the leftover purple paint from Austin's room. I just fell in love with that purple! None of my bedding matches so we are going to have to put new bedding on my "after disability is approved" wish list but for now I think I can make it work by tying in the sage green and brown that I have been using.

I just wanted something that was unique and feminine and... heck... we had the paint already... so why not? I think it will look better when the furniture is in there and you're not just staring at a big purple wall.

Of course... in the early days of my blog I used to emphasize male names with blue and female names with pink and same sex oriented names with purple which is how my beloved Michael became Purple Michael. So think of this as a way for me to stay connected with him... the purple wall and my thumb ring. I wear a thumb ring because he does. It always makes me think of him. We lost a good friend last week but he also has two other people in his life, very close to him, who are facing huge odds health wise and since I can't be there to make sure he eats and rests.. take care of him like I used to do... I just make sure to cover him in prayer and good thoughts. Being in a place of stillness physically gives you a lot of time to think about the people in your life and spread good their way.

The carpet in the basement has been laid by my Basement Clown Posse. Honestly, these two kids earn their keep over and over by being the Do-It-Yourself-ers I would be if I could physically do what needs to be done. The carpet has some shade variations that look a little odd... and there were a couple of places where things aren't perfectly square but they were the best help that no money could buy! You would think it would be easy to just go in a straight line across the floor but that assumes that the walls are all exactly plumb (and they're not). It was also a really tall order for a kid who still can barely write his own name legibly. He has really poor small motor control for things like writing. His Occupational Therapist gave up on him in 4th grade. Oddly enough... he can juggle... but he can't write and he certainly can't write straight. I'm just glad they got the carpet laid and we can once again enjoy my happy little space facing the lake.

A few more pictures from today...

happy vacuuming boy!

SUCH a pretty face!

looking down the hallway to my deep purple room...

the floor in progress....

the lower part of our yard...

the upper part of our yard... bright sunshine, just the beginning of fall colors

There are two churches around here that mark the true Fall season for me... one is Zion Church on Highway 115 East of Cleveland because they have the most colorful trees on their property. The other is the little Catholic church on Helen Highway because they take an already beautiful church... with a great view behind them... and add PUMPKINS!  I took this picture while driving so it's not a perfectly centered shot but I didn't do any alterations to the colors in the picture. The sky was JUST THAT BLUE today!

Just one more from the porch this morning...

I've fought past pain two days in a row this week to do what I had to do. I have a doctors appointment on Friday. I hope I wake up feeling ten foot tall and bullet proof tomorrow so I can get everything set up downstairs. I rest best when my environment is neat and clean and has everything in it's place. I would LOVE to be able to get everything done tomorrow. We'll see. And if not... I'll just go outside and enjoy the view!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Love and hugs!