My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Few More Things

Don't faint from shock that I'm blogging two days in a row... we all know that I can't stay quiet for too long and the cats make poor conversationalists.

The Palm Tree Theatre - a box that my niece Jamie turned into a "theatre" by adding a fabulous pink main curtain - is dark today. No little girls hanging around today and I miss them when they're gone. It's been quiet.

Except for Oscar's meltdown this morning while my parents were doing yard work. He yipped and cried and carried on but lately he's taken to taking off up the road and none of us here are especially quick. Especially uphill and everything here is uphill. Except for the lake, of course.

Photo of the Goose Convention in our yard the other day. All the cute little babies have grown up.

A little more on the evil gut pain... I got a suggestion that I just go into an ER seeking treatment. It's not that simple. While the ER is required to treat life threatening illnesses, they are not required or equipped to handle something that isn't life threatening. They might diagnose me - but that would be a costly diagnosis. Austin's little cut in his hand that required medical glue cost $200 and something dollars. They were told if they paid before they left the hospital that would be all that was owed so my dad paid it. And then we got a bill for an additional $600 from the hospital and a $600 bill from the ER physician - who didn't even TREAT HIM! The nurse glued him up. I plan to negotiate these bills but nevertheless, that's $1400 for a very minor superficial injury. If you added in ultrasound it's another grand easy, plus radiologist. And the bottom line is that if I have something like a cyst, they'll just refer me to a gyno - who will require payment up front to treat it. Georgia does have a Women's Health Medicaid program that will pay for breast cancer or cervical cancer. You have to apply through your county health department so I figure if I start out at the health department then I'm one step closer if that happens to be the case. It's so ridiculous to me that you could have brain cancer and not qualify for medicaid in Georgia but if you have even a precancerous cervix then you're covered. It's crazy selective. And potentially fatal.

*end of rant*

Since Austin hasn't been around lately I've been falling asleep in the living room watching tv, either on the couch or Jamie's nest (which is quite cozy, actually). Every night I tell myself that I'm going to turn off the tv and go get in my bed and then I just don't. It doesn't affect how I sleep but it does usually mean that I wake up whenever my mom opens the basement door to let the cats in (we close the door at night to keep Lily, the old dog, from wandering downstairs). It's just so nice to drift off watching tv.

Lately we've had an issue with cats vomiting all over the place. It hit Eddie one night last week where he threw up about a dozen times in the space of an hour. Today Stubby threw up right on the pillows/mattress of Jamie's nest. He climbed onto the mattress to throw up... I'm like "WHY DID YOU GET ON THE MATTRESS???" Little Kitty doesn't throw up and if he does, it's from a hairball not from overeating like the two older, greedy cats.

If you're watching Big Brother how sick are you of Caleb? He's giving a bad name to the good people of Kentucky by being so durn ignorant about Amber's feelings for him. My favorites are Frankie, Donny and Nicole but I wouldn't mind if Derrick, Cody or Jocasta won. I know people think it's been a boring season because the houseguests have mostly all gotten along this year but I really have enjoyed their peace and harmony.

I'm also loving this new season of Who Do You Think You Are.

I guess that's about it for today. Nice chatting with you! Love and hugs, y'all!