My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cosy Photo Dump - Pictures Not on Facebook

Nana bought this dress - and two others like it
Dumping some recent Cosy photos... she's ten months old now!

I was so excited about my renewed interest in blogging that I started writing a very detailed blog post and... haven't finished it. It's not time sensitive so I'll return to it. So this is an update on life since I last blogged... last Thursday, I think. Also, I should point out that I have my laptop on my right side and am stretching out my injured shoulder so that the CAT can sit right in the middle of my lap. #catlady

I had a quiet weekend... stayed in and binge watched Nurse Jackie. Started binge-watching Switched At Birth which... eh... nowhere near as interesting as Nurse Jackie. Not sure I'm going to make it through Switched At Birth.

Yesterday I had more dental work. This time instead of taking things out they filled two of my bottom front teeth that were really in bad shape. Four hundred dollars later... I'm closer to feeling like I can smile again. The dental anxiety is getting worse with every visit and I'm having trouble with the numbing medicine. It gives me the jitters and makes my heart race. The hygienist says it's probably the epinephrine (ephedrine? I can't remember which one she said) along with my anxiety and tachycardia. Also... I got a keurig machine last week (thank you Cody!) and I am drinking a cup of coffee every morning. So... cup of coffee + anxiety + tachycardia + numbing meds = feeling pretty rotten. I was really, really feeling ill after I left the dentist and it didn't really get better until late afternoon.

Once I was feeling better Cosette and Tasha came down and we went out on my screened porch - the weather was so nice yesterday! My mom cleaned all the accumulated junk off of the porch so it was nice and tidy and Cosy loved being out there! We took her 10 month pictures and then Tasha went upstairs to clean up their room and bathroom. Cosy had a little juice box of apple juice and some veggie melts and then wanted to cuddle. She went through a period of time where when she was tired she would ONLY go to her mama but yesterday she cuddled Nana and I rocked her to sleep. MELT MY HEART! She slept for about 45 minutes while I held her.

Today is Austin's 22nd birthday and tomorrow is Tasha's 22nd birthday. I gave him money to buy "the best" steaks for dinner tonight, since he's becoming an expert on meat and Tasha does a great job cooking steak. Tasha wants take out Chinese for her birthday on Wednesday so we'll pick that up when I pick Austin up from work.

I woke up today to the worst pain day I've had in awhile. Gut pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, stuffy nose AGAIN/STILL... I took all the "feel better" things I have, things that are prescribed but things that make me kinda sluggish. I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the polling place today which makes me nuts. I knew I should have done the advance voting. Cody was the first in line at his polling place so he got to do the official check of all the machines, to show that they were all at zero. I thought that was pretty cool.

Last bit of news... my parents welcomed their fourteenth grandchild last week, a redhead who is not going to have much of a social media presence. He is adorable, fearfully and wonderfully made and we all love him SO much already! At Christmas this year we'll have three toddlers - 20 month old Cosy, 17 month old Ollie and 10 month old baby red! Life is so different... beautifully different... and I feel so blessed!

Have a great day, Love and HUGS, y'all!

Notice Cosy's favorite things in these pictures... her purse, bottle of gatorade, bobo (baby) that Aunt Helen and Uncle Bryan gave her