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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, March 11, 2016

Giving A New Blogging Method A Try

Let me know what you think...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
picked Austin up from work
bought fried chicken and macaroni and cheese for dinner
picked up juice boxes for Cosy - orange and apple
also got Cosy some fresh berries to try and these crunchy baby snack cheeto looking things. I normally just give her cheese for a snack but I'm branching out. Snack time at Nana's should always be fun and healthy.
bought four new boxes of Luigi's Italian Ice. The price has gone down from $4.18 a box to 2 boxes for $6. Still too high but it's my thing. I don't drink, smoke, gamble or participate in other immoral activities. Just give me my Luigis.
My legs were hurting really bad by the time I got home and got everything put away. Austin carried my groceries downstairs for me which helped.
I took "the good stuff" to help with the leg pain. I rarely take those meds for anything other than the evil gut pain or the worst of the worst back pain but my legs are swollen and hot and they hurt to the bone. If that makes sense.
Chatted with a former co-worker via Facebook just a little while ago. We have walked this road to disability together and are forever bonded by the experience. She is one of the many reasons that I know God intended for me to be here, in the mountains, despite not being able to live up to my ambitions for life here. There were people God knew I would need to know. She was one of them. I take those "divine appointments" seriously.
The light bulb burned out in the little lamp that sits on my kitchen table/counter. It takes a 40watt bulb but the base needs to be the average size. I bought 40watt with the small bulb base. Makes half of the basement pitch black dark unless I turn on the blindingly bright overhead fluorescent lights.
It's 7pm.

Now it's 10:13am on Thursday. 
I slept ok last night. Woke up with a headache around 3am and took some advil. Got up at six to get ready to take Pop to the eye dr in Gainesville. We dropped Austin off at work on the way. I ate a sweet and salty nut bar on the way and now that we're home I'm having homemade pimento cheese on bagel crisps with some Boar's Head pickles on the side. Boar's Head has the BEST pickles! Closest thing I've found to the half sours that they put on the table at Ted's Montana Grill - which I LOVE! I entertained myself with an hour or so of playing Yahtzee on my phone at the Dr.s' office. It's a huge office with several waiting rooms. I found a quite corner with a comfy couch and kicked my shoes off and sat sideways with my feet on the couch... . so I basically spent my morning doing the same thing I would have been doing at home.

Almost 1pm on Thursday and the headache is back. I'm contemplating sewing for a bit but think maybe I should give my head a break. Tasha ordered pizza for lunch so I had a piece. Not doing great as far as healthy eating is concerned today, am I? Cosy has finally started drinking from a sippy cup. She has been drinking through straws for a while now but wouldn't drink from her sippy cup straw. When I went up to get a piece of pizza she was happily sipping away on some watered down grape juice.

It's almost 7pm. I'm allergic to something that is blooming right now because my eyes started itching and burning like fire this afternoon. I couldn't find any benadryl in my drug stash and I didn't want to take daytime sudafed that close to bedtime meds so I just suffered. Cosy came down and we read books and played and she scooted around on her bum... her current method of mobilization... and walked between her mom and me. I bought her this book called "Peekaboo" that has a little mirror so the baby can see themselves on one side of the page while comparing herself with baby animals. She kept kissing the mirror and then when we got to the lamb she kissed the lamb. Not the other animals... just the baby and the lamb. It was pretty cute! Cody posted a video of Ollie crawling around and thinking about standing up. I posted a picture of Cosy scooting around on her butt. Both are on facebook.

I have an assignment (not really) for my "community partner"... the girl who is in graduate school to be an occupational therapist who is observing me as part of an assignment. She needs to have specific details about how I modify something based on my pain/disability. I think I'm going to describe how showering is different. I think I might share it here... because even though it involves showering I don't think it's going to be TMI. I read an article about fibromyalgia and showering the other day and the details are really more about temperature and fatigue than about being naked and wet. That's the hard part, I think... being wet means temperature change and temperature change makes your muscles contract and that hurts. But that's just part of it. The bending and ... moving... and then all the wiggling around to get dry... that's all expended energy. My shower has about a millimeter between freezing cold water and water poured off the face of the sun so finding the right temperature is tricky. The whole being in the basement which is colder than the rest of the house is great for everything except showering. I run a space heater in the bathroom when I shower but even so... that time period between turning the water off and getting dry... which is a longer time period when you move slowly... is always cold, no matter what I do. I told her I'd try to get it done tomorrow. Today I just feel drained. This has been a much more active than usual week for me and I'm really wiped out.

Now it's Friday morning. I spent a long time on my Italian lesson because I didn't get all the way through it yesterday. I'm coughing like crazy and took some meds so I have medicine head. Cody and Marquee are bringing my mom home tomorrow so I'll get to see my little jolly Ollie. I'm resting up as much as possible today so that I'll have more energy for playing with my babies. I found a dead baby snake in my room this morning. Apparently one of my kitties killed it. Where there are babies there are mamas so I'm anxiously on snake watch today.

I'm going to go ahead and post this... hope you have a great weekend! Love and hugs!