My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reasons To Love Monday

I just feel covered by this big puffy cloud of peace right now... like... it was Monday... the worst Monday of the year after the shortest weekend of the year and I feel so much at peace and content and... I even feel productive today!

March 14, Monday
I think my sleep schedule is still basically the same as before the time change. Last night I took my night time meds at 6-ish-pm as usual, had a little light dinner... had my Luigi's Italian Ice - mango flavor... then some popcorn... and I fell asleep at a reasonable hour. I slept like usual... I get two or three hours of good, solid, deep sleep and then wake up off and on the rest of the night until I give up on sleep altogether. Today I gave up around 7-ish which is fairly normal. Washed my face... brushed my teeth... got dressed... did something to my frizzy mop of hair that I didn't flatiron after my last shower so it's pretty much a hopeless cause...

Fixed my coffee (thank you again, Cody and Marquee, for the Keurig. You can count that as my birthday / Mother's Day gift this year. Unless you just really wanted to get me some more of those Shari's Berries. They were UH-mazing! But seriously... having coffee in the morning is nice. It's a luxury!) Fixed the coffee, mixed up my gatorade for the day (I buy powdered and fix about four bottles at a time. I usually drink two a day but it's not full strength gatorade... it's watered down).

I tucked up in my nest to start my Italian lesson. I'm really beginning to believe that I can actually do this! I can actually learn a new language at (almost) 48!  I had a great lesson, feeling more confident in my pronunciation. Then I decided to clean out my craft bins because I have been struggling to find pens that are dark enough to read but not so dark that they bleed through the pages of my Italian notebook. Writing stuff down has taken this to the next level. So I tossed out all the markers that were dried out and no good... made one bin with markers that work great but aren't great for my notebook, and created a bin with lots of sharpies and markers that will look nice in my notebook - soon to become notebooks... as I'm quickly filling pages of words that I'm using.

Next up I called in the refills that I need this week... need to find time tomorrow to pick up prescriptions.

Once I got those little projects done I got a SOS text from Tasha asking if me or Mawmaw could take Cosy for a little while. Tasha had been up sick during the night. I said, "sure... meet you on the main floor". Here's the thing... it's an Evil Gut Pain day. I've had nasty muscle spasms that wrap around and make it feel like your body is being ripped in two. But I had taken the meds that counteract those issues and I actually, at that point, felt better than I was going to feel all day - it was as good as it was going to get today (week/month - however long this round of gut pain sticks around). Cosy was quite content to sit beside me in my big cozy recliner and read books... watch Cat in the Hat on Netflix... play with our matching pocketbooks, sip apple juice from a juice box, put on sunglasses, pretend to put on lipstick (chapstick with the top on)... we sat on the porch swing with the cat and Cosy even patted the kitty GENTLY. She figured out that a hair band makes a great bracelet - she has been wanting Cousin Jamie's bracelets -Then we curled back up in the recliner and grabbed a little nap. Nothing beats having my precious granddaughter sleeping on my shoulder. While she slept I prayed over her... and other family members... and those who come in contact with my loved ones. It was a sweet time for me.

The meds wore off and I'm moving slowly now but it was worth it. Totally worth every ache or pain that comes from picking up /holding /cuddling her sweet little soul.

Then my nieces came over this afternoon after school. We're watching through a Disney show - Jessie - (at a loud volume... kids these days!) and caught up on things happening in their lives. When I am not up to getting out and about, having these people I love come to share my space completely eradicates any possible loneliness. I'm so blessed. So. So. Blessed.

Tomorrow Austin has a haircut scheduled. I've got to pick up some prescriptions...
Friday I'm having the steroid shot into my shoulder. Not looking forward to THAT.
Next Tuesday my mom and I are due for a visit to the local Beauty Shop to get things under control. She's going to New York at the end of the month so she's got to have her hair didz!

I skipped breakfast today... wasn't ready before Cosy came down... didn't want to bother with it while she was here. For lunch I had a bowl of Chunky Sirloin Burger with veggies soup. Had a handful of jelly beans for a snack. Dinner was tuna casserole (made with rice and cream of something soup and lots of cheese) with fresh from frozn corn and beans.

Life has been good today. I'm going to go ahead and post just this one day instead of saving up for a couple of days. Loving Monday here... and hoping to find Reasons To Love Tuesday, too! Love and hugs, y'all!