Sunday, September 14, 2014


I took another fall last night so on top of the evil gut pain that has been fierce over the past few days, every muscle in my back is hurting and my left hip (where I landed on the foot rest of the recliner) is crazy sore. I really hurt all over and it's incredibly distracting.

But there's this whole grandchild thing that I've got to discuss with y'all. I'm going to be a grandma. It's surreal. I had starting processing the idea a month ago when Cody and Marquee stayed with us. They shared that they are planning to start working on a family after their Disney vacation in October. It excites me that they want a baby and - having been married four years - they're in a good place for one. The only downside for me is that they're a hundred miles away and I don't see them often. They see her family several times a week so I knew I would always be "the other grandmother" and that bums me out.

So I had been processing the idea of an Espericueta-Sauls baby (he/she will have both last names) and then Austin and Tasha sit me down Friday evening and tell me that she's pregnant. They're as close as could be, geographically but they are so very much not ready for a baby. Neither has a job. We had JUST met that day with the two ladies responsible for Austin's case with the Vocational Rehab center and there are just so many things... so many ways he's struggling. He's loyal and loving to a fault but there are just so many dots that don't connect for him. SO I get the exact opposite of the Cody/Marquee baby - a baby who is around almost every day but born to parents who are soooo not ready.

I'm excited but have so many concerns. And the exacerbated pain situation today is a big ole' reminder that I'm not healthy and I can never be the kind of grandparent I would want to be. I can't afford to spoil them financially. I have entire weeks that fly by where it's all I can do to get up in the morning and put on clean clothes and run a brush through my hair. Even with my nieces... we have a blast together for a few hours and then I'm wiped out!

On the plus side... Tasha is a sweet girl and we are close. When she's here visiting Austin she spends more time hanging out with me in my living room than she does with Austin. (And sidenote: to show you how well my Cody knows me - when I told him that Tasha hangs out in the living room with me he laughed - because he knows that I'm terribly unsociable and not a fan of "hanging out" with anybody, anywhere!) She is a sweet girl and she understands Austin and his issues and is incredibly patient with him. Her parents are very supportive of her and very excited about being grandparents. She has invited me to go along on any doctor visits and... I know that I will be bonded with this baby as long as she and Austin don't part ways.

You know that feeling you have as a parent? That feeling of wanting to make as good a life as possible for them? It's even worse as a grandparent because you have no control over what happens.

But... if Cody and Marquee decide to go ahead and start a family, I could have two grandbabies born in the same year - Irish Cousins! Or something. And it's the knowledge of all the good things in life still ahead that help me push through days (and weeks) like I've had lately. It might hurt to get there but the path ahead is worth sticking around to see.

And the sweetest thing... if Austin and Tasha have a girl, they want to name her Cosette - as in Les Miserables. Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Anyways. That's what's happening here. Happy Sunday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I'm sitting here watching The Five and trying to see straight. I've been spending too much time with my cross stitch and my vision is crazy blurry because of it. Please forgive any typos. I'm going to have to cut back and/or take a break for a day or so from the cross-stitch because eye strain is no JOKE! I've been working on a penguin for Austin (he doesn't read here so he won't know) and some things that are similarly colored for my other kids/daughter-in-law. I've just been staring at black and white thread on white fabric for too long lately.

How cute is my niece, Jamie? This is what she wore to school today. She stopped by here for just a few minutes between school/library/church this afternoon and I had to get a picture. I didn't pose her, by the way, this just comes naturally. It's funny because as a second born child in a family of first borns, I see so much of me and her Aunt Mimi (my sister-in-law's sister) in Jamie. It's like God said, "this family needs a little more sparkle" and then came Jamie.

The other day she was working on a visual example of a distributive property - I had to google "distributive property" and watch a video on it to understand. Khan Academy has it in their sixth grade math section and she's only in fourth grade. This may be part of that whole "common core" phenomenon or it just may be that she's advanced. At any rate... a distributive property is like if you have the equation a(b + c) = a x b + a x c. She had to make a poster demonstrating this property without using numbers or letters... so like using monkeys and bananas and (whatever) in place of the a(b + c). So monkey(banana + cake) = monkey x banana + monkey x cake. Seriously. I could barely understand it enough to explain it to my dad because he was going to help her with the printer (two flights up from my Whine Cellar). Her vision for her project included glitter. Lots of glitter.

This common core thing is why I'm doing a little bit every day on Khan Academy, even the really basic stuff. Life is so complicated with smart phones and clouds and all these things that have just gone beyond my level of understanding. I figure if I go through all the lessons on Khan Academy that I'll be behind on a few less things. Right now I'm working on the Declaration of Independence and third grade math. You forget so much over the years, even for someone like me who reads a lot and watches a lot of PBS and C-Span.

I'm not interested in Obama's speech tonight. I think he had no business as President. I think he has no clue what he's doing and I think he's not the least bit interested in doing the right thing for this country. He's a narcissist - and trust me, I know a narcissist when I see one, having been briefly married to one. I'm just hoping his little dog and pony show doesn't interrupt Big Brother and I pray that God is watching over this country because our golfer-in-chief sure isn't.

Anyways. I'm just enjoying a very quite evening. Austin and his girlfriend spent a couple of days here and I love 'em but when my pain level is up, I can only tolerate so much personal interaction. Girlfriend prefers to hang out with me in my living room while Austin watches tv/plays x-box. I'm glad she enjoys my company but when I'm hurting it takes all of my energy to just deal with the pain and the last thing I want to do is be congenial. No Miss Congeniality award for me.

Speaking of which... my favorite blog writer, Grace at has a cousin who is in the Miss America pageant this weekend. She's Miss Idaho, the one who got some notoriety for being diabetic and competing with an insulin pump. So I'm like... two degrees of separation from someone in the Miss America pageant which makes me infinitely more interested in it.

And... that's about it. Hope your week is going well. Love and hugs, y'all!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Week In Review

This week went by really fast which is weird, considering I did basically the same things this week that I do every week - cross-stitch, Big Brother watching/reading and my AM/PM web surfing/Khan Academy. Plus love a few kitties and doggies. And eat.

This is what our freezer looked like the other night:

I think we have a Luigi's Italian Ice and Ice Cream addiction. That freezer does not exactly scream, "healthy diet" but it does make me happy. You can't tell but there are some frozen chocolate covered bananas in there (semi healthy) and my Luigi's cups are only 100 calories each. The ice cream, on the other hand... who knows... but I hardly ever eat ice cream because I don't want to have to scoop it out. True story. My effort to avoid all efforts is endless.

This week has been a roller coaster painwise - much, much back pain one day and breathtaking evil gut pain one day and a bearable day here and there but I have had sinus headaches every single day for the past week. Every. single. day. The good news is that the sinus junk is moving from my head to my chest. The bad news is that it's settling in my chest. I've been listening to my whistling wheezes all afternoon. A few times I thought the cat was crying but no, it was me breathing. I don't really feel short of breath, I just feel stuff moving around.

I have completed three whole cross-stitch projects in the past week. THREE! I can't show you because they are all three Christmas gifts (which, hey, family members and friends, I'm doing cross-stitched stuff for Christmas, sorry if that ruins the surprise but if you have any special requests, let me know!) My mom has been so crafty for so long that she had a stockpile of embroidery stuff that I could upcycle by printing patterns off of the interwebs and using the extra fabric and thread she had laying around the house. It gives me something to do that makes me feel productive and allows me to give a little bit of myself to the people I love and... it fits my budget. Mom bought me a pack of 105 colors of thread for like, ten bucks and I've just been rockin' and rollin'! You would not believe how many patterns are available for free on the internet!

In other news.... I'm bummed about the death of Joan Rivers. My first memory of her was the book she wrote about her pregnancy with Melissa which I read when I was... probably eight or nine years old. I was the kid who could read really early who read a lot of stuff that was too mature for my age. I read Helter Skelter when I was in grade school. I remember reading Jaws in 3rd grade and having to make a book cover to cover up the naked woman swimming on the cover while reading it in class. I also read the Amityville Horror book when I was super young. It's a wonder I wasn't completely warped, given the reading material at my disposal. On the other hand, I also read the Encyclopedia (the whole thing) and a lot of classics and history books and stuff. I read anything and everything. But back to Joan... it makes me sad to think that *maybe* if her surgery had been done in a hospital setting instead of a surgical center, she would probably have been fine. Maybe. I mean, just based on what we know now. It feels like it shouldn't have happened this way.

I'm also really concerned about this whole ISIS terrorist group... more concerned that we have a leader who is more concerned with political correctness than he is with keeping our nation safe. He's honestly, in my opinion, the worst president ever. I watch a lot of news and I really worry about the future. Anyways.

I was looking at this picture of my son's girlfriend holding a cat and it got Little Kitty's attention and he was all offended at the cat in my computer. I don't know if you can tell... but he's really bothered. He's been really clingy the past few days, bless his heart.

My parents went to the Y this morning and came back with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for me so... if you're keeping score that's two PSL's for me so far this year!

Anyways... the cat is crowding me and making it hard to type. Just wanted to check in and share the love. Love. Shared. And hugs. Happy Weekend!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Week IN Review

Things that crossed my mind during the last week, in no particular order because I have been on radio silence here all week for no good reason.

Austin's girlfriend Tasha's parents came and had dinner with us tonight. I was against it. I'm really having social anxiety issues. Any new social situation, even in my home, or even a social situation that I've handled a thousand times before all of a sudden becomes a big... "I just don't want to". I feel so far removed from life outside the Whine Cellar. It's just hard to connect because my life is one big "disclaimer".

"No, I don't work because of my back. I can't sit long because of my back. I can't stand long because of my back. I don't go out to eat because it hurts my back. I don't go to church because of my back. I live in my parents' basement because of my back. "

And a thousand other things "I don't do because of my back" which then runs into the conversation of what exactly is wrong with my back and how hopeless it all is and how disability is still open but who knows what the final answer will be or even when the final hearing will be held. And I know about half the people zone out or think that there has to be something they could do and I end up being defensive and pessimistic.
So, anyways, it's such a huge buzzkill to be "that girl" with all the crazy back stuff. And I want people to care but I don't want them to feel sorry for me - or even worse, in the telling and retelling of my life since this whole thing came about, it's emotional for me. It's just hard to live in a state of not knowing if I'll get disability or what I will do if I don't and...

But, truth be told, Tasha's parents are sweet, simple country folks and we had a nice dinner and visit and I sat at the dining room table to eat and picked at my food because that much pain makes me nauseous. I can sit and visit around the dinner table but I don't eat much. Later, in my little "sewing nest" which is a loveseat with an ottoman for me to prop my feet and be totally comfy (also it's where the best light is) I was working on my latest cross stitch project (which is a gift so I can't tell what it is but it's adorable and I'm making fast work of it) while everyone was down at the dock. (I couldn't make the climb up from the dock today as Evil Gut Pain is back and in control right now) Tasha's mom came and slipped in beside me in the loveseat and was going through my patterns and checking out my (perfectly organized) thread box. Then her dad came and sat on the ottoman right in front of us. They were all up in my personal space and I kept thinking, "this should freak me out. this would normally freak me out" but it didn't. They are so kind to Austin and they are good Christian people and I appreciate that they are that interested in what I'm doing that they wanted to get close enough to observe my progress.

Anyways... Big Brother (the tv show, not the person) has me feeling stabby tonight. Frankie, who I wanted to like because two people I know in real life know Frankie in real life and I dig that whole "degree of separation" thing, I wanted to totally be a Frankie fan but after today... nope. He's on ignore for me for the rest of his life. There's a sweet girl in the house who is Jewish, born in Israel. English is not her first language. She's a virgin. Frankie made some nasty comments about getting her drunk and raping her "two ways" if you get what I mean and if you don't, you don't want to. It's vile. That's not all the objectionable stuff he's said over the course of the game but that was the most personally offensive that he's said. I know it's for a lot of money but rape - and even joking about rape - is low-class, even if your sister is Ariana Grande.

Other things from this week... the girls and I made birthday cards for my Cody (whose birthday is today!) and my brother Bryan (whose birthday is tomorrow). They involved lots of glitter. I put a warning on my brother's because I didn't want him to be in work clothes and end up taking a glitter shower. Tasha was trying to teach the girls how to do origami but it was perfect storm of too much activity in the room, girls who were too tired to focus on making lots of little flowers. I never want to push them to do things. I just like to have fun things ready for them to do if they want. Some days they just want to come and chill out in front of the tv and that is way cool with me.

Me and Pop got up at first light this morning to go grocery shopping. It's my preferred time to go even if it meant dragging myself out of bed in the 6am hour. I splurged on a pumpkin spice latte. We got lots of good "stock up" kind of groceries and in general just had a good time. I'm so blessed to have parents that I enjoy spending time with... who also, mostly, enjoy spending time with me. As much as I hate the circumstances that have made it so that I have to live in my parents' basement... I will always treasure this time I've had with them. How many of us, as adults, get to spend much time with our parents other than holidays? And the thing is... I enjoy their company... I appreciate how they provide for me... they don't bug me about doing things that I don't feel like doing. I'm very happy that this is home for me for this season of life.

I also am enjoying this time of life to be able to pursue creative outlets like cross-stitchin'. It's just good for my mental well-being to do productive things, especially things that will make other people happy. I enjoy doing crafts with my nieces and passing along knowledge to them. I want them to look back one day and say, "my Aunt Heather taught me how to do this when I was a little girl" and know that I made a difference in their lives. I pray that they will always know how much I love them. I also pray that one day my brother David's family will be a part of our family again because I would love to love on his babies the same way I love on Sarabeth and Jamie... the same way my parents love on their grandchildren... We put a lot of love and effort into making "Mawmaw and Pop's house" and "Aunt Heather apartment" places where they feel loved and cherished.

College Football is back in season. I promised my boys that I would convert from Florida to Florida State once one of them give me a grandchild. So far nobody has ponied up but maybe later this fall... I watched the first part of the FSU game but just can't get passed Jameis Winston. Dislike.

I've been falling asleep earlier every night because of my new med. I'll take it. The only time I'm not in pain is when I'm asleep and sometimes it even invades my sleep world. The new med is also making me a bit mellow about things, which helps. This pain, the whole disability battle, not having adequate health care, the isolation from not being able to get out and about much, the anxiety in social situations (which is new for this former extrovert)... all of that SHOULD have me curled up in a little ball in a little rubber room but honestly, there is so much good in my life. My life looks different than I expected but there is a lot of really good stuff in my life.

And that's what's happened over the past week. Some of it. Love and hugs, y'all!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Answer Me This - The Final Episode

I'm linking up with Kendra at Catholic All Year for her last edition of Answer Me This. I have loved doing this because it's great blog fodder and my blog pageviews double whenever I do one. If you have never checked out Kendra's blog, you should. She has a sweet family and they travel and homeschool and are very interesting. Much more interesting than me! 

1. What is your favorite picture book?

Oh... I have several! I love picture books and will often check them out from the library, even though they're way too heavy. I love when Austin goes with my to the library so he can carry them. 

One of my favorites was a gift from my brother Bryan and his girlfriend Candice for Christmas one year. It's about what people eat... it shows people from all over the world and the food they eat. It's very interesting and eye opening to see how much Americans eat in relation to what some cultures and countries have to eat. 

I have a book about Fashion history that has gorgeous full color pictures. That combines my loves of history and costuming which, trust me, being a good costumer means having a good knowledge of clothes throughout the years. 

I also bought a HUGE photo book on Princess Diana that was regularly $80 - I got it for $5! I miss being near Barnes and Noble so I can shop their clearance tables. Photo books are right in my wheel house since I almost exclusively read non-fiction. 

2. Are you a boycotter?

Yes, but not in an "in your face, you're a horrible person if you don't do it with me" way. It's more of a silent protest/vote with my pocketbook thing. For example, I won't watch any TV show with Charlie Sheen in it because he's such a waste of flesh. I don't want to be responsible for putting one dime in his bank account. I won't watch MSNBC news channel because they're so wildly liberal. That sort of thing. 

3. How do you feel about cheese?

I'm using Kendra's graphic for this because I second that emotion. I'm a big fan of good cheese. I love fresh mozzarella. I love a good brie. Freshly grated parmesan, not the kind in the green can. I could (and have) lived off a cheese and cracker tray for a week. A little fruit, a little cheese, a good baguette... I'm set. 

4. How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

Just one for me, the same one that I have had for years that I bought at the dollar store. I keep some Hello Kitty glasses in my car for the girls but we hardly ever drive my car anymore (and it currently won't start because it has sat for so long). This current pair is missing some of the little rhinestones in places and I don't care. They're my faves. 

5. How long has it been since you went to the dentist?

Too long. I have a broken tooth that is a time bomb waiting to go off but people with no money and no dental insurance don't have a lot of choices. 

6. If you could visit any religious site in the world, where would you go?

I know most Christians would say, "The Holy Land" but I'm way too fearful of the unrest in that part of the world. I'm more interested in visiting Billy Graham's neck of the woods. Or seeing beautiful chapels/cathedrals/churches in non-wartorn places around the world. There are some really sweet churches in Cades Cove. The thing for me is that God is everywhere. I believe that some of the best religious sites in the world are as random as the back porch swing where you sit to pray/clear your  thoughts. Any place can be Holy Ground. 

So that's it for this edition of Answer Me This. Check out the links of other blogs who have answered these same questions by visiting Kendra's blog with all the linky-dinks.

Last night I finished my big cross stitch project and today I start on my Christmas projects. Only four months to go... so I've got to work fast. That last project took six weeks of stitching every day for many, many hours a day. I'm proud of it and very happy with how it came out. I knew I wanted to add the additional family members besides just our immediate family so I made a border of names of our kids and spouses in chronological order to how they joined our family. I absolutely love it! It includes my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents!

So that's about it for today. Time to get a little something to eat and get busy sewing. Love and hugs, y'all!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Randoms

Yesterday's post got more views than any other post I've written all year. I guess that means I should do more editorials and fewer whines here on the old blog. I'll work on that. Usually I do my best writing when I'm either passionate or really hacked off about something. Being a hermit means I rarely get motivated one way or another unless it affects my person or my pocketbook or comes across via television or internet. I mean, it's great for my blood pressure, bad for my creativity. Plus, I'm most creative while driving alone and I rarely go far and don't often go alone.

At any rate... here are some snagged photos of my eldest, Ryan and his lovely Lady Sara from their vacation to Myrtle Beach. They're pretty durn cute, if I do say so myself!


Come home soon, Boo! I miss you!

Today was my regularly scheduled visit to the pain clinic plus my bi-annual mammogram. I love how pampered they make you feel at the Imaging Center for mammograms... I mean, the robes are comfy and thick enough that you don't feel exposed while you're waiting with the other ladies... they even WARM the robes for you! They have snacks out and beverages in the waiting room. It's like they want to make it up to you for having to be naked from the waist up while someone makes your girls two-dimensional. It's a shame every doctor experience isn't so luxurious. Maybe I'm just going to the wrong doctors.

I will say that the pain clinic is wonderfully accommodating. I never, ever, ever have to wait. Dr. Matt is such a sweet guy and always remembers what is going on with me. He always has plenty of time to discuss things - which is weird since I never have to wait - and respects my input. The Nurse Practitioner I saw at the County Health Department had suggested a medication that might be able to lessen my need for some other meds I'm taking that are less desirable (and more expensive). I had researched things and told him why I thought the new drug was a good idea and he totally agreed. I know that pain clinics are often frequented by people who have less noble reasons for visiting and I feel like he gets that I am not an addict, nor do I want to be an addict. So, anyways, this was an uneventful visit other than adding the new medication with the hopes of weaning off some others.

I've got a few thoughts about the reporter who was beheaded by a terrorist. That's coming soon.

I've also been really thinking about what it will be like to be a grandmother because although there's not a potential grandchild on the way, it's going to happen eventually, Lord willing. I want to do some specific blog entries for my descendants because I want to make sure that my grandkids can look me up on the internet after I'm dead and gone and feel like they knew me. I won't likely live close to 2/3 of my grands but I want them to know me. When my nieces were born I lived 100+ miles away from them and we always have had a close relationship. I can do it. And my niece Jamie really likes the idea of having a baby cousin. She said all her friends have baby cousins and she doesn't. I said, "that's because you ARE the baby cousin in our family!" Another generation will be a great blessing and our family will love them to pieces.

Anyways... so that's my Thursday. Austin's off with his girlfriend and I have the Whine Cellar all to myself again! I'm looking forward to a super peaceful, anti-social Thursday night! Love and hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In The News

My mom is busy having a colonoscopy this morning so I'm sharing my Nest with the Dog Who Must Have Body Heat Or He Will Die. That means I'm sitting crooked so he has plenty of room and I'm covered up with a fuzzy blanket so that he's comfortable. It's a dog's life.

Tomorrow I have a mammogram and a pain doctor appointment. Should be a real. good. time. not. I thought the mammogram was today and when I called to postpone they told me it was actually tomorrow. Glad I found out before I drove down to Gainesville. That would have been a bummer. I'll have about an hour and a half between appointments tomorrow which I will hate but I will hate it less than driving down there two days in a row. The mammogram is free and I'm grateful but it still bugs me that things that are boob and uterus related are free but any other body part is out of luck.

Anyways. I was really bored with Summer television a few weeks ago and thought, "we need to have some major news story to capture my attention"... and then Jill Dugger turns up pregnant so BINGO! Just kidding. I mean, she's really pregnant but that's not the big news story. No... despite the fact that an American was slaughtered by a terrorist yesterday, the only news story that's getting airtime is the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Here are my thoughts about the situation:

Michael Brown was a thug who lived a thug life. He was in the middle of his getaway from robbing a convenience store. He came across a policeman who may or may not have known what Michael just did but MICHAEL knew and was obviously defiant and defensive. I've heard various stories about what exactly transpired but one thing we know to be a fact is that the officer has a shattered orbital bone or whatever you call that bone around the eye. He no doubt was in fear for his life.

Was there another way to subdue Michael other than using deadly force? I don't know. I wasn't there. Missouri is one of a handful of states where it is LEGAL for police to use deadly force in a multitude of situations. Like Florida's Stand Your Ground law, this may not be the best practice or necessarily a "good" law but it is law. Having everyone from the Governor of Missouri to Thug General --- I mean Attorney General Eric Holder not be aware of this is somewhat disconcerting. If I was a policeman in Missouri I would turn in my badge. Knowing that if things go wrong you'll be vilified, not supported as a law enforcement officer tells me to just let the thugs have their way. Let Al "The Truth Is Not Important" Sharpton be King of the Thugs and let them all just live in the squalor they create.

I know by first-hand experience that life ain't always fair if your skin ain't fair. I get it. I've had friends of color who were ticketed for "driving black" and I know it happens. I get that there is a contentious relationship between the black majority in Ferguson and their white police force. But honestly... if I'm charged with keeping the peace over a group of people who think it's ok for 18 year old thugs to just go into stores and take whatever they want by threatening law abiding merchants... I'm going to shoot first and ask questions later. It becomes a kill or be killed environment that the white police force did not create.

What disturbs me most is the looting that has followed. Will stealing a carton of cigarettes bring Michael back? Most of the people being arrested there don't LIVE there. They are a band of lawless thugs who use any perceived slight as an excuse for taking what doesn't belong to them. The New Black Panther Party is calling for the death of the police officer. It's just insane.

Do I think that there is racial inequality? Maybe. To some degree. But it's no excuse. I didn't have a lot of advantages growing up. My parents struggled to raise the five of us. We didn't have the best of everything. But my brothers are all law abiding contributing members of society including a lawyer and a pastor/counselor and I don't know what the other two do but they make a good living. I made a living and survived being a single mom with only a fraction of the child support that I was owed. Growing up we didn't have a lot but we ate dinner together at the table every night and we went to church every time the doors were open and my parents sacrificed a lot for us to participate in activities that interested us. My grandmother was a single mom and she managed to raise three law abiding citizens. My other grandparents were poor but they raised seven decent human beings. Honestly, poor or disadvantaged or being raised by a single mom are not excuses for being a thug. If you're unhappy with your station in life IMPROVE it by getting an education (there are grants and loans and scholarships) and working hard. If you're unhappy with the community where you live, MOVE. I imagine there are millions of people in other parts of the world who would think an apartment in government housing is a palace.

Anyways. This whole thing is under my skin. Life may not be fair in Ferguson but show me somewhere life IS fair. Michael Brown's death, in my opinion, is as much his fault as anyone elses. In the presence of law enforcement do what they tell you to do. It might have felt humiliating for a few minutes but then life would have gone on. In the meantime, in Chicago this weekend there were several murders. Who is marching for them? An innocent U.S. citizen was beheaded by a terrorist. Who is marching for him? Who marches for the babies who are aborted every day? Who marches for the veterans who die because their healthcare is inadequate? Who marches for the multitude of people dying from the ebola virus? For the people in Gaza who are used as human shields for Hamas? Who marches for the people like me who are abandoned in the gap without affordable health care? I'm just saying.

And that's all I have to say about that. Congratulations Jill and Derek on the first of what I'm sure will be many, many children.  Happy Wednesday. Love and hugs, y'all!