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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, July 13, 2018

Food Friday - Pig Tales at Lake Lanier

View from Pig Tales restaurant near Lake Lanier.

Good morning, friends! Just kidding. I'm writing this at 4pm on Friday afternoon but I did JUST wake up from a glorious nap. AND... I could go right back to sleep now but I'm staying awake to chat with Marvin while he's in between work and the DJ gig he has tonight. I'm having such huge guilt feelings about the massive amount of sleep I'm currently needing to function when he's out working these 12 plus hours a day, working every day of the week in one capacity or another. But I also know that it's something I haven't chosen for myself, it's just where I am health-wise at the moment and pushing myself just makes things worse.

Wednesday... you can see the pain in my eyes
this week. It's been miserable. Also, I braided
my hair into a fish tale even though we ate
at Pig Tales. Ha!
The up side is  that the house was empty and quiet today. The painters finished up and our covered porch looks great. If the grass cutter came today, I surely didn't hear him. Pop's been playing golf, Austin has been at work and the house has been deliciously cool and quiet. It's perfect for sleeping. My back is hurting worse than yesterday and was worse yesterday than the day before. I hope there is a point where it starts getting back to normal but at the moment, I'm feeling pretty discouraged and overwhelmed. I also had a migraine last night that woke me up and kept me up for several hours which contributes to the fatigue. I sometimes have these headaches... and I don't even know if they qualify to be called migraines but basically the pain originates somewhere in my spine and radiates up my back to my head. It's different from my normal migraines, which sort of feel like they originate in a vein behind my ears and pound their way up my temple and behind my eyes.

Anyways... so a cold dark room and quiet house are awesome things right now but I also had a great time on Wednesday getting out to the great outdoors at Lake Lanier. For those who aren't local to Georgia, Lake Lanier is a reservoir that was created by building a dam on the Chattahoochee River back in 1956. It is a place where people go for boating, water skiing, fishing, camping or whatever you might do on a lake. Marvin lives really close to the lake so we have occasionally been able to enjoy the view at the lake, On Wednesday we had lunch at a place called Pig Tales, which is located on the lake (near the lake? there's a little bit of ground in between.). Pig Tales is a bbq restaurant that also serves a lot of fish dishes on their menu. You can check out their website by clicking here.

last bite of the fried green tomatoes
with pimento cheese. it was served
with ranch dressing but they were good
all by themselves.
Marvin and I had previously been to their sister restaurant, Fish Tales so we had an idea of the quality and standards of the particular restaurant group. Pig Tales, however, is a little different in that it is an outdoor restaurant. It was a hot day but the dining area of the restaurant is shaded and they have fans everywhere and I don't feel like we were particularly affected by the heat but at the same time, I was glad to get back to the a/c in the car when we left so... take that into consideration if you're heat sensitive. There wasn't any wait for a table - which is what we find most weekdays when we go out. Our waiter was attentive and came right away to get our drink and appetizer orders. The food came quicker than I expected... you know that feeling of, "who is she taking that to... it's too early to be... OH, it's ours!"

We started with fried green tomatoes which were served with pimento cheese layered between them. We gobbled them down so fast that I almost forgot to take a picture until there was only a bite or two left.
pina colada
We had sweet tea to drink but I was also in the mood for a pina colada which... I probably hadn't had in 20plus years. Marvin had a voodoo juice to drink. Neither of us partakes in the adult beverages very often... maybe once a month or so, I guess? But it felt right to have a tropical drink in the heat and humidity that is life in Georgia in July. The heat, humidity, alcohol and my being out of sorts anyways with my back all combined to make me a bit tipsy and giggly but not sloppy drunk. It was one drink, after all. Just for the record, it had been more than six hours since I had last taken pain medicine. You have to be careful about those things.

voodoo juice

For our meal, I had the pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. The pork was great. I'm not a fan of slaw so I scraped that off - I had forgotten to request that they leave it off. The sandwich is served on big thick slices of texas toast and I ate that separately. The only suggestion I would make is that the texas toast be garlic toast, that would be perfect.
brisket philly
Marvin had the Brisket Philly which was sort of like a philly cheese steak sandwich but using bbq beef brisket instead of steak. He had the cripsy beer battered fries with his sandwich. It was a lot of food and almost more than he could eat. I don't often see him unable to clean his place - where with me it happens almost every single meal - so trust me, this was a generous portion of food.
It was not a cheap meal, despite the sort of rustic setting. We had an appetizer and cocktails which greatly increased the price. Maybe not a budget, end of the pay period meal for me but the price of the food is in line with the quality of the food. They are open well into the evening and I could definitely see that as a nice place to go at night when it's cooler outside. They allow pets so... that's unusual for any restaurant here but I'm sure it's because it's outdoors.

pulled pork sandwich with
sweet potato fries

Finally the "blog review" curse was broken and we didn't have to go the whole meal without refills. Of course, we also had cocktails so we didn't need as much tea and that lowered the number of trips our waiter had to come to our aid.
Overall... great service, great food, beautiful location (probably not on the hottest days) and worth a visit if you're in the area.

What has been your favorite meal this week? Do  you have any fun dining out plans for the weekend? Be sure to share in the comments either on this page or by my blog link on my Facebook page. Hope you have a great weekend! Love and hugs, y'all!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cosy Pics and My Week So Far...

This kid... just melts my heart the way she looks at my fella! For an introverted little girl who has been scared of men her entire life, he sure has won her heart! 

I haven't been a great blogger this week but I have been a pretty good mom, Nana and girlfriend and sometimes, that's all I really have the energy to do. I'm back home for a few days and hopefully I'll be able to just chill and blog and... well, you know, mostly chill. Tuesday was crazy busy/exhausting and then yesterday Marvin and I spent most of the day just hanging out together. When he goes to work on Wednesday night I usually blog but last night... I just took a long bath and rested. Today we got up and headed back up here so we could spend some quality time with Cosy. So although I've missed y'all... I'm glad I've had time with my 3D people this week.

The thing is... my back is a whole new level of messed up lately. This happens to me from time to time... it's the degenerative part of this dysfunction in my spine... it will hurt worse for awhile... sometimes it's just a temporary "worse" and sometimes it's the new normal. Either way, it really zaps my energy for awhile. Everything takes more effort and I sleep a lot more and lay around a lot more and just really withdraw. Even with being in a "withdrawal" stage, I've done an awful lot this week and still have a few things I have to get done tomorrow. So if I'm not as bloggy, it's just me trying to catch my breath.

I did get some really cute Cosy pictures today and I thought I'd share them with you. I tend to share my photos either on Instagram or Facebook but I'm sharing these here first to reward my "blog only" people who stick around even when things are terribly boring here!

Marvin and I played with Cosy here at the house for awhile today and then took her to "the playground" which, for those of us who aren't keen on being in the hot July sun means the indoor play place at Chick-fil-a. Cosy has been there three times this week between me and her mom. Although she doesn't play great with Oliver, she marches right into that playground like she owns it and has a great time with whomever she finds there. She also had a great time today making faces at Marvin through the glass as we sat at the conveniently located tables right outside the playground. Also, look for that bossy pointer finger she has... you can tell when she's trying to get you to do what she wants because that finger comes out...

Hope your week is going well! I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the really awesome boozy lunch that Marvin and I had yesterday at Lake Lanier.






Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Newsday - Adventures of Nana and Cosy

breakfast in bed... pink donuts and a bagel 
Although I make an effort to avoid the mainstream news (because my blood pressure is already too high), current events do find their way to my social media platforms. I also read the Daily Mail even though it's a rather amateurish publication... it suits my taste without being slanted either liberal or conservative, at least as far as American politics are concerned. I thought today would be a good day to talk about some of the things that are happening in the world right now.

World Cup Semifinals - refer to yesterday's post. Go England!

The Thai soccer team trapped in the cave... I only fully became aware of this situation on Saturday and it's a good thing because I'm such an empath that I would have been worried SICK knowing these kids were missing and then found but in a place where rescue is difficult. Those poor boys! Their poor moms! What was so crazy to me was that as the kids were rescued they weren't telling the parents which ones had come out... and the 12 sets of parents agreed to wait at the mouth of the cave until all the children had been brought out. While I appreciate the concept of solidarity and community... if my kid has been lost in a cave for so many days, I'm going to be stuck to him like glue for as long as he will tolerate it. There was, I understand, some fear of infection that was keeping doctors from allowing the parents close to their children. I call bs on that. Gown that mama up and let her hug her baby! At any rate, I'm relieved to know they're all out. I think caves really bother me because I'm claustrophobic and the idea of being stuck there... yikes.

I see that Prince Louis was christened yesterday. What lovely photo ops of the Royal Family although I was a bit put off that the Queen couldn't make it due to her busy schedule. They've basically had a year to plan for the Christening... nine months of pregnancy and the three months since he's been born... they couldn't find a date and place that would work with her schedule? She's the Queen, after all. She can do whatever she pleases. At least that's how I see it. Maybe it's not that big of a deal too Will and Kate but I'd surely be miffed.

Also, side note, I feel like the dress Megan wore to the Christening was also a bad fit for her, just like her wedding gown. She's buying really expensive clothes, she needs to spring for the extra cost of having them tailored to fit her shape. Also, side note to the side note, aren't most clothes constructed for a super model anyways? Seems like she could buy off the rack and have a better chance of something fitting than I would. I'm just saying. The clothes are wearing her instead of her wearing the clothes... says Heather, in her ten dollar Walmart dress.

Hollywood Icon Tab Hunter has died at the age of 86. I remember him most from the movie musical, Damn Yankees (a classic, if you ask me!). He wrote down a lot of Hollywood's dirty little secrets in his 2005 book, Tab Hunter Confidential. I think I have read it before but I'm eager to read it again. Actually, I am almost definite I checked that book out of our local library. He died of heart failure.

Today I picked Cosy up early, early and we went to Dunkin' Donuts to grab breakfast. On the way to DD she had a complete meltdown because we didn't bring Whiskers, her kitten. I finally got her to chill when I reminded her that there is a snake at my house and we didn't want Whiskers to become a snake snack. We got to DD and she played this little game she loves where she dashes from one car door to the other. When I open it to get her out, she climbs away from me. I end up looking like an idiot running from one door to the other. My back was already killing me but stretching to grab one little lady leg and pull her close enough to get her out of the car really did me in. I ended up having to spank her to get her to cut it out... which breaks my Nana heart but... also, I'm not a fan of games in a car or a parking lot and am trying to teach her that those situations are all business. I carried her into the DD because I forgot to get shoes for her and then juggled her, two drinks, donuts and a bagel on the way out because she was barefoot. So my back was screwed in the first thirty minutes of the day.

Fortunately when we got to the house she was much more cooperative but then it's carry all the things... climb up the stairs... breakfast in bed for us ladies... then back down the stairs with a load of laundry which I needed to start before Austin got up. At least I got some encouragement from Cosy as I was carrying the basket down, "You're so strong, Nana!". You just have to laugh. She loves doing laundry with me, especially because she can see inside the washing machine (the lid is clear). Then I got out the bug zapper and started killing moths and she got tickled. She said, "here little buddy... Nana's gonna fry you like an egg!". Not sure where she heard that but... teehee... it's much funnier when she says it in her sweet little girl voice than it is when I say it. Then we were back up the stairs for Nana to shower and do makeup.

I was dangling the prize of a playground visit to help motivate her today and it worked wonderfully! I had thought of taking her to the little playground by our local fire station but by the time we were all ready to go it was already too warm outside so we went to the Chick-fil-a instead. She amazed me at the playground by introducing herself to two little girls there. She said, "I'm called Cosy, what's your name?" ... which is the first time I've seen her do that. She played well with the older girl but the younger girl was a shover/kicker so Cosy gave her a wide berth. They were also both screamers and Cosy covered her ears while saying, "Calm down!". I agree! There's no sense of all that squealing in a confined space. It was a big day for my little introvert, though and I'm proud of her for making nice with others.

Then we had several more errands to run... pharmacy, Walmart, bank, gas station, Jessi's work... by the time we got Cosy home and I got back home and got stuff put away I was completely wiped out. I took a quick little nap and although I'm still in a stupid amount of pain, I don't feel as fatigued as I was earlier. I'm hoping Marvin doesn't have any exciting adventures planned for tonight because I'm not at my best. Maybe just dinner and an early bedtime for the win! I'm just so determined to keep our usual Tuesday night date because when I start allowing myself to make things optional, I end up never doing them. If I wait until I feel like doing things I'd never leave the house. Anyways... hope you're having a great Tuesday. What's new in your life? Love and hugs!

Also... just for the record... bp still high.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Reasons To Love Monday

 HELLO Monday! Here you are back at me again... and here I am greeting you from bed at noon, just like Monday should be handled! I mean, what's not to love about Monday? But for those of you who punch a time clock and actually leave the house for reasons other than to go to the doctor or for a weekly date night (and day and night and day).. I'll help you find a few reasons not to hate Monday quite so much.

It's not cold out, right? No scraping the frost off the windshield or shoveling snow on your way in right now. Obviously, you have to worry about having a heat stroke on your way home from work but first thing in the morning it's not so bad out. Is it? I'm not taking Austin to work any more so I'm pretty much not outdoors first thing in the morning unless I'm picking up Cosy but... honestly, Austin pretty much does that too.

Another reason to love Monday is this guy. Birthday number three is about to snatch him up! My babies are almost pre-schoolers! They are both really knocking potty training out of the park, they can count, they know their colors, They both kinda sorta recognize their own names. Cosy knows that Oliver's name starts with the second letter of her name because I always write them like a crossword puzzle. Cody and I were talking about Oliver being bilingual and whether or not he realizes that Nana and Daddy don't speak Spanish. Cody has noticed that he uses the words that people use with him back to them so, for instance, he might tell his dad he has a booboo but he uses the Spanish word for it with his mom. Kids are just so amazing in how they develop language. I haven't been working at my language learning very much over the past week so...

I love Monday because it gives me a do-over every single week! I can work harder at the things I should work on. I'm doing much better on my Lumosity so now I can focus a bit more on learning Italian and Spanish.

I had written a lot of this post yesterday (I write some posts in advance, or at least start putting them together in advance) but I was just texting with my sister-in-law Helen this morning and she mentioned it... there are only about 8 more Mondays (or so) until another Gant Girl joins us! I can't wait to see if she's got red hair (some of my favorite Gant Girls do!) and I can't wait to find out what her name is!

I love Monday because I've been eating good... not just tasty but mostly healthy too. Well, more healthy than unhealthy. Austin did my food shop for me on Friday and I did a mini-food prep on Saturday. Pop picked up fried chicken for us on Sunday and picked up Powerade for me (which I had left off my list on Friday). I've got chicken and green beans defrosting in the refrigerator for dinner tonight (probably, if they've thawed enough). Then tomorrow I'll do a small food shop to prepare to head down to see my guy.

Another reason to love Monday is that the next day is Tuesday and Tuesday means date night! Cosy sucker punched Marvin right in the feels on Saturday by telling him that she misses him so we'll probably come up this way to spend some time with the munchkin on Thursday. Not sure what's on the agenda for Tuesday night and Wednesday (we talked about it yesterday but... I don't remember what we said because my memory is like swiss cheese).

My blood pressure is ... still too high so today I finally bit the bullet and reported in to my doctor that we probably need to do something new/different/better to get my blood pressure down. I gave the nurse the readings from the past two weeks and she said... no, those numbers aren't ok. Oddly... my blood pressure went down over those two nights that I was without ambien which means I should probably cut back on ambien but... the lack of sleep scares me to death. It's like... do I want a long, miserable life or a short happy one? I won't answer that. Obviously, I have a lot of things to stick around for...

Marvin has a fun dj gig booked for Friday night. I mean, that isn't so much a Reason for me To Love Monday, necessarily, but when he's happy, I'm happy and when he's excited about something, I'm excited. It's generally how it works. He's got a fun week ahead... just has to get through work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday... he hosts trivia on Wednesday night and Thursday night but that's more fun than work for him. I won't be with him Friday night but I'm still happy for him to get to do things he enjoys.

I think this week is the MLB All Star game... right? Never mind. That's next week. But there is World Cup Soccer this week... I'm cheering on England, of course! France plays Belgium on Tuesday and England plays Croatia on Wednesday then the final is on Sunday. I'm not the world's biggest soccer fan but I'm a fan of fans and I love all the happy buzz, especially from the Brits about the possibility of bringing the World Cup "home". God bless 'em!

Only 83 more days until October 1st when we will be through the worst of the hot weather, probably. Not wishing the Summer away but... definitely wishing for cooler weather. Since I'm living up in the Ivory Tower instead of in the Whine Cellar lately, the warmer temps make for a warmer nest. Pop bought me this amazing window unit for this room up here so I can always make it comfortable. I really only end up running the window unit about 6 hours a day. The rest of the time it's comfy. Actually, at the moment I'm under a blanket so... while I'm indoors the heat can't get me but MAN do I hate it when I go out! One thing I do love about the Summer, though, I love the way it feels right around sunset when the hottest part of the day is past and it feels warm but not miserable. Those Summer... niiiiiii-iiiiights!

We're getting our covered porch painted this week so... I'll try and remember to take before and after photos of that. That's a big deal around here... home improvement. We had the porch built two years ago and the wood had to age a bit before it could be painted but then mom got sick so it didn't happen last Summer. Austin doesn't know it yet but we'll have to help (and by "we" I mean "he") get the porch cleaned off and some of the foliage trimmed back from it over the next day or so. Probably that means I'll be cuddling up here with Cosy while her dad is slaving away cleaning off the porch.

ANYways... even though it's Monday, hopefully it's not a bad Monday for you, even if you're not still tucked up in bed like me. Hopefully you have lots of wonderful things to look forward to this week, too! Have a great week and I'll be back with another blog post soon. Maybe even tomorrow!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Young Family Cemetery / Census Records

On the 4th of July, after we had lunch at Moonie's BBQ, Marvin and I stopped at an old cemetery across from the Falcons Complex (where the Atlanta Falcons NFL team trains) in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Being a genealogy and history enthusiast, cemeteries are always interesting to me. I had mentioned to Marvin that I'd like to wander through some of the ones in his area and so this is one he stopped at on the 4th. This one is close to the road, shaded and is small enough to cover the whole thing quickly. It was divided into two sections - one with ornate, well marked stones and another with simple, unmarked graves. We found a marker that indicated that one side was the Robert Young family and their kin and the other side was his slaves and their kin. I found a newspaper article from 2011 that explained that there were also some Native Americans buried in the slave portion of this cemetery.

Robert Young and his wife Selia Strickland Young were born in Virginia in the mid 1700's and moved to Georgia around 1795. They settled in the Hall County area (near what is now Lake Lanier). They had around a dozen children. Some died very young and there are many tiny graves in the family cemetery. Their son Robert married Martha Louisa Winn. There are several Winn family graves there as well with a marker noting that they were moved to this area when the Buford Dam was built to create Lake Lanier (around 1956).

I did a little research on for this family. I had hoped to find some addresses on census records to help correlate this family with actual locations in and around Hall County. Obviously, the cemetery would have been on what I presume to be a family homestead but as far as other locations in the area, I haven't found much. I don't want to spend a ton of time on it because... I still have years and years of research to do on my own family but so far I haven't found any addresses listed in the census records.

That's the thing about census records... sometimes they are an amazing wealth of information and sometimes they're blah. It is as varied as the number of people who performed the census searches over the years. I know that the few times I have responded to census requests I have been sort of aggravated by the intrusion BUT... as an amateur genealogist, I realize how important this record can be to future generations. Currently census records through 1940 are available online so it's possible to know far more about your great-great grandparents than your grandparents sometimes.

Up until 1840 the US Census just took a count of household members, not necessarily the names of individual members. So you may be able to see how many household members were literate, for instance... or how many slaves in a household (which never fails to make me cringe)... but you might not know exactly who lived there. Later records list the names of everyone in the household which shows us a lot about how families took care of each other back before welfare and social security. You will see elderly family members and sometimes young couples living with middle aged couples.

I think we've lost a lot by separating ourselves into individual households. Certainly if I didn't live with my dad, my granddaughter wouldn't know her great-grandfather as well as she does. Multi-generational households introduce their own set of problems, no doubt, but I think it's a great system for connecting family members who might otherwise feel isolated. Austin needs the financial support my dad and I can give... and the help parenting his little girl... but we need his physical strength and ability. Hopefully there's enough give and take to even it out for everyone. I just know that it cracks me up that Cosy gets excited whenever she hears Pop come in the door... and that she felt perfectly well at home enough to get out some of my mom's fine china out of the china cabinet to eat her pancakes on yesterday. I wish we were close enough geographically to give her that kind of familiarity with all of her extended family.

At any rate... I did find a nice write up about the Robert Young family on and I thought I'd share it here, if you're interested. Hope you're having a great Sunday! Love and hugs!

Robert Young and his brother, "Devil" John Young, came to Georgia at the time the state of Georgia, in collusion with the Federal government, was rapidly expanding into the tribal homelands of the Creek and Cherokee. Robert and John established a trading post at Ponce de Leon spring within the environs of present day Atlanta. (This site was later commemorated by a plaque placed upon the Sears store building on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta across from the old Ponce de Leon ballpark). Here they traded and became friends with many members of the Creek and Cherokee tribes. 
As stated, the state of Georgia, either by forced treaty or outright confiscation, was actively annexing Indian lands and making it available for settlement by lottery (at least in theory...there was a lot of corruption in the lottery system). After the discovery of gold in the Cherokee tribal territory this practice was escalated. The price of these lottery plats was inexpensive and Robert took advantage of the opportunity. He was able to acquire himself a 1600 acre tract in what is now Hall County, Georgia and erect himself a two-story, twelve room log house complete with chimneys, pillars and flagstone walks. (The site is now marked by the Young family cemetery located about two miles outside Flowery Branch, Georgia). Here he engaged in farming, trading and cattle raising. Because his home was located on the Federal Road (opened in 1805 and the first vehicular road opened in northwest Georgia) he also became a de facto innkeeper. Travelers frequently stopped at his home for lodging. One such visitor was Andrew Jackson, General in the 1818 Seminole campaign, who stopped there for a night with his staff and two companies of militia. That event is commemorated by yet another Historical Marker placed on the site in 1957 by the Georgia Historical Commission.
The writer J. C. Flannigan wrote a description of Robert Young in his publication "Gwinnett County History". "It is said he (Robert) marked out the road from Fort Daniel at Hog Mountain to Standing Peachtree (the Peachtree trail from Atlanta to Flowery Branch, Georgia). Later on Robert, John Young and Augustin Young were employed to grade and construct this road. Robert Young was a character, whose like will seldom be seen hereafter. He was original in his looks, in his language, in his habits, and in the character of his mind, wholly with no knowledge of books, except the great book of nature, from which he drew liberally. He was a man of superior judgement, and had stored up from observation a large fund of information that was valuable to him and his friends. He was true to his word, faithful to his honor, truthful to the fullest extent. His word, his promise, and his integrity were never questioned by those who knew him. He always wore his hair tied in a queue, which he prized most highly, and of which he was proud to the day of his death."
Many of Robert Young's children, siblings, nephews and nieces later settled in the Indian lands in Alabama. It seems that Robert also made trips to this country from time to time. In 1837, after one such trip, he returned home to find that his wife, Celia, had died some weeks earlier. He then married a Elizabeth Carmon of South Carolina; a woman some 49 years younger than himself. He sired two more children by Elizabeth but by 1850 she had left him. Robert died at half past four on the afternoon of 21 March 1854 leaving an impression on his surrondings that is still in evidence today.
Robert Young and family were enumerated in the 1820 Hall County, Georgia census as 4 white males under ten (Harrison, Richard, Robert and Isaac), 2 males of ten under sixteen (Wiley and Kerney), 2 males of sixteen and under twenty-six (Wilson and Unknown), 1 male of forty-five and up (Robert, Sr.), 1 female under ten (Luzaney), 1 female of ten under sixteen (Delany), 1 female of sixteen and under twenty-six (Irana), and 1 female of twenty-six under forty-five (Selah). Also enumerated with the family were 5 male slaves under fourteen, 3 male slaves of fourteen under twenty-six, 3 male slaves of twenty-six under forty-five, 1 male slave of forty-five and up, 3 female slaves under fourteen, 2 female slaves of fourteen under twenty-six, 2 female slaves of twenty-six under forty-five and 1 female slave of forty-five and up. Sixteen of the twenty slaves were foreign born. (NOTE: Of the two white males of sixteen and under twenty-six the unknown male would logically be Augustine. However, Augustine was enumerated that year as a single male in Gwinnett County, Georgia. It may be that he was enumerated twice if, perchance, the Gwinnett census was taken at some time after the Hall County census).Robert's brothers, Richard and John A. Young were living nearby with their families.
Robert Young and family were enumerated in the 1830 Hall County, Georgia census as 1 male under five (Samuel), 2 males over five under ten (Isaac and Robert), 1 male of ten under fifteen (Richard), 1 male of fifteen under twenty (Wiley), 1 male of sixty under seventy (Robert), 1 female of five under ten (Celia), 1 female of fifteen under twenty (Luzany), and 1 female of fifty under sixty (Selah). 
Robert Young, Sr. and family were enumerated in District 411 in the 1840 Hall County, Georgia census as 1 male under five (Nelson), 1 male over fifteen under twenty (Benjamin), 1 male over twenty under thirty (probably Wiley), 1 male over sixty under seventy (Robert, Sr.), 1 female over fifteen under twenty (Celia) and 1 female over thirty under forty (Elizabeth). Also enumerated were 4 black males under ten, 5 black males over ten under twenty-four, 6 black males thirty-six under fifty-six, 6 black females under ten, 1 black female ten to twenty-four, and 1 black female thirty-six under fifty-six.
Robert Young and family were living in the 38th District, Hall County, Georgia in October 1850. Living with him was his mentally retarded son Wiley. Also living with the family was "T. A. Young", female, age 17, born in Georgia.She was likely a child of one of Robert's deceased sons.
There were two other Young children, born in Alabama,living with the family of Allen Blake who's farm was not far from Robert's; "Toliver", male age 12, and "E.", female age 11. (In 1860 they appear again as "M. T." and "Elizabeth"). Allen was married to Robert's daughter Luzany and he was the brother of Thomas Blake who married Delany Young another of Robert Young's daughters. NOTE: "M. T." is Mathew T. Young who is buried in the Young family cemetery in Hall County, Georgia which is located on the site of Robert Young's plantation. He was the son of Richard Young, the deceased son of Robert, and Emily Long Young. This Matthew T. Young married Elizabeth Ann Wigley in October 1858. Elizabeth is also buried in the Young Family Cemetery. 
24 July 1838. Hall County, Georgia. Mentioned in the will of JAMES D. R. HARTWELL. "To old ROBERT YOUNG a new gold watch."
4 January 1848. Hall County, Georgia. Estate sale and auction of Richard Winn. "...the Allred Place was bought by Robert Young, Sr. for James Roberts."
24 May 1851. Hall County, Georgia. Book "A" Wills, pp 99-102. Will of Robert Young. "To wife, ELIZABETH YOUNG (2nd wife), one Negro by name CICERO. To minor son, NELSON T. YOUNG, 2 lots numbers not recollected in 8th district, 1 lot where my Mill stands on Mud Creek and the lot covering Beaver Ruin Place." Also named in the will are: daughter-in-law LUCINDA YOUNG, widow of son RICHARD; granddaughter MARY ANN YOUNG, daughter of RICHARD; son AUGUSTINE; son WILSON. Children named to receive distributive shares of his estate: IRENE STRICKLAND and children; SELANNAH BLAKE, wife of THOMAS BLAKE, and children; WILEY YOUNG; LOUZANA GATREY BLAKE, wife of ALLEN BLAKE; ROBERT YOUNG, Jr.; ISAAC YOUNG; SELAH STRICKLAND, wife of TALBOT STRICKLAND, and her children; SAMUEL B. F. YOUNG; ELIZABETH and EMILY YOUNG, children of son RICHARD, deceased; ROBERT LUMPKIN YOUNG; LOUISA; SAMUEL YOUNG; and children of HARRISON B. YOUNG, deceased. 
More About Robert Young:
Date born 2: December 12, 1760, Nash County, North Carolina.87798780
Date born 3: December 13, 1760, Fredricksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.8781
Date born 4: 1766, North Carolina.8782
Burial: 1854, Young Cemetery, Hwy 23 near Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia.8783
Died 2: March 21, 1851, Hall County, Georgia.87848785
Died 3: March 21, 1854, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia.87868787
Occupation: Farmer..8788
More About Robert Young and Celia 'Selah' 'Sealey' Strickland:
Marriage: 1798, North Carolina.8789
More About Robert Young and Elizabeth Carmon:
Marriage 1: June 14, 1838, Hall County, Georgia.87908791
Marriage 2: May 05, 1838, Hall County, Georgia.87928793
Marriage bond: May 14, 1838, Hall County, Georgia.8794
Children of Robert Young and Celia 'Selah' 'Sealey' Strickland are:
  1. +Augustin 'Gus' Young, b. August 17, 1799, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia879587968797, d. February 02, 1868, Polk County, Georgia87988799.
  2. +Wilson R. Young, b. July 28, 1800, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia8800880188028803, d. Aft. 1870, Lafayette County, Mississippi (?)8804.
  3. +Irene Irana Young, b. December 15, 1803, Jackson, Butts County, Georgia88058806, d. December 1895, Cleburn County, Alabama8807.
  4. Kerney Young, b. 1805, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia8807, d. April 27, 1841, Georgia (?)88078808.
  5. +Delany 'Selannah' Young, b. March 20, 1807, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia880988108811, d. January 25, 1895, Cleburn County, Alabama8812.
  6. Wiley Young, b. 1810, Georgia8813, d. November 23, 1851, Georgia (?)88148815.
  7. +Harrison Bennett Young, b. 1811, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia8816, d. 1841, Georgia (?)8816.
  8. +Richard Young, b. Abt. 1813, North Carolina (?), d. Bef. 1846, Randolph County, Georgia88168817.
  9. +Luzany Causey 'Gatsy' Young, b. January 08, 1815, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia881888198820, d. November 11, 1857, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia8821.
  10. +Robert Young, Jr., b. January 15, 1818, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia88218822, d. March 31, 1869, Hall County, Georgia88238824.
  11. +Isaac Young, b. April 15, 1819, Hall County, Georgia882588268827, d. July 19, 1889, Fox Creek, Clay County, Alabama8828.
  12. Celia 'Selah' Young, b. May 18, 1821, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia8829, d. date unknown.
  13. +Samuel Benjamin Franklin Young, b. October 14, 1825, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia88308831, d. June 02, 1902, Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia (?)8832.

Children of Robert Young and Elizabeth Carmon are:
  1. Nelson T. Young, b. 1840, Hall County, Georgia8833, d. date unknown.
  2. Elizabeth Young, b. 1842, Alabama88348835, d. Aft. July 24, 1860, Georgia (?)8836.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Food Friday - Moonie's BBQ and Saigon Cafe

It's a two for one this week on Food Friday! We had an amazing food week with the 4th of July and with Marvin being off work on Wednesday night it meant an extra date night eating out for this girl! I'm really proud of my "eating to lower my blood pressure" plan for this past week and I feel like I was probably 80/20 good to bad ratio with my food choices and that's a doable percentage for me. I stayed on task with fresh/healthy/clean/protein and veg, fewer processed foods, etc. Did it lower my blood pressure? Not really. I had one normal blood pressure reading on Saturday and otherwise it's stayed high. Have I seen the doctor? Nope. We'll talk about that later.

Fun things first! On Tuesday night Marvin and I went to Wild Wings Cafe with two guys from his softball team, their significant others and some of their friends. I think there were nine of us in the party and it was busy and slow. We got there at 6:30 and by the time we were seated and fed it was 8:30 but it was fun to hang out and chat with everybody. I'm not a big wings person. When I go to Wild Wings I get the shrimp skewers which you can have with the same sauces as the wings. I went for ginger flavor and thai flavored. I ate the celery that came with Marvin's wings and I had fries on the side.

On Wednesday morning we slept in because... you know, day off (for him)... then we went to Moonie's Texas BBQ in Flowery Branch for an early lunch. You can click the link if you want to check them out. I had the pulled pork basket which comes with a pulled pork sandwich and a side... I had creamed corn. My dad makes the best creamed corn and I have a very high standard for the dish... and Moonie's is a close second to my dad's. The pork is amazing... lots of burnt ends (my favorite!). They have a Georgia Sweet sauce that I really love and of course, I had sweet tea to drink. It felt like a very patriotic meal for the 4th of July. Marvin had the same as me except he gets their pulled pork sandwich with slaw on it. I'm not a huge fan of slaw so... not for me. At Moonie's you order at the counter and then seat yourself. They were busy on Wednesday, lots of people were getting large to-go orders, I'm guessing for picnics and cookouts and such but it didn't take long for us to get our food and tuck into it. And of course, the nice thing is that you're then not obligated to tip because you've served yourself. The restaurant is clean and the counter service is friendly and generous. Definitely recommend them in you're in or around Hall County.

Little addition to this bit on Moonie's... Marvin said I have to tell you about their other sauces because he is a huge fan of Moonie's. They also have a Texas Red sauce that is vinegar based, a Carolina Gold that is mustard based and a Spicy sauce. I'm a fan of the Georgia Sweet because I don't like spicy and honestly, the Georgia Sweet is a bit spicier than the sweet sauce that I get at Sonny's BBQ and at North Georgia BBQ, just for comparison sake. I haven't tried Moonie's beef brisket because I'm mostly a pork bbq girl but Marvin says it's amazing. Anyways...

We went home and had a nice nap... yep, slept in and then napped... that's my kind of holiday! Then we went to dinner at Saigon Cafe in Buford near the Mall of Georgia. It's a Vietnamese / Thai / Chinese / Malaysian restaurant. Here's the thing... I loved the food and would very much love to go back and try lots of things from their menu. The menu is colorful and descriptive with big pictures of the food so you had a great idea of what you were getting which is so helpful when it's a cuisine you're not used to. I'd love to go back but the service was terrible. I've linked the online menu for you above. As a starter I had the goi cuon - slivers of boiled pork and shrimp fixed with vermicelli rice noodle, lettuce, bean sprouts and wrapped in rice paper. Dipped in a mixture of peanut and hoisin sauce. Marvin had thit nuong cuon - slivers of bbq pork mixed with vermicelli rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts and wrapped in rice paper.

pad thai
I didn't try his roll but mine was awesome. I really love basil rolls when I get Thai food and this was comparable to that. The peanut sauce was thick and sweet. Honestly, I could make a meal out of the rolls and maybe a soup or something. They had pho - which I have never tried and really would like to but it was so steamy hot outside that I couldn't imagine eating soup. Marvin had me try panang curry recently at our favorite little Chinese restaurant close to his house and I loved it so instead of going with something I would normally order, I was a bit adventurous and ordered the panang curry with chicken. Marvin ordered chicken pad thai. We asked the waiter to make mine less spicy and his more spicy. Apparently that was lost in translation in the kitchen because the curry came out really spicy and the pad thai, not so much. I tried to soldier through it but Marvin was a real gentleman and offered to switch entrees with me. He likes spice... me, not so much... so I had his pad thai and he had my curry and we were both happy!
panang curry. 

Our food came out quickly and despite the spice mix-up, both were really tasty, better than average for sure. But our waiter disappeared and we never saw him again. No refills, no "how is everything"... not even a bill. I found a pitcher of water and refilled our glasses - but there was no ice. Later I finally went and grabbed the first waiter I saw and said, "please, we have been abandoned, can you find our check so that we can leave?". The check came and there was no apology, no explanation... nothing. Honestly, if the service had been even fairly decent, this is a place I would ask to go back to frequently. There were lots of things on the menu that I would like to try, such as the pho. By the time we left the place was busier but by no means busy... there was no one seated anywhere around us. Maybe that was the problem? I don't know. I would just say... go there for the food because it was definitely a step above but be prepared to spend some time there, just in case.

When we left the Saigon Cafe we noticed that the Hot Fresh sign was lit up at Krispy Kreme and Marvin had a buy one dozen, get one dozen free coupon so... yes, please! Krispy Kreme was packed but it moved really quickly and everyone was in a friendly, chatty mood in line. We got two dozen glazed and it made for a nice dessert that night and breakfast in the morning. Marvin likes his donuts hot... I like mine a day old or so... so we both got exactly what we wanted.

On Thursday we slept in again (notice a pattern?) munched on donuts and then Marvin fixed hamburgers for our lunch. He used blackening spices and bacon bits with bleu cheese dressing and they were amazing! Then I was feeling out of sorts and thought I should go ahead and drive home while I felt well enough. It's not a bad drive - about 45 minutes.

When I got home Cosy was still here with her dad and she was so happy to see me! I held her and she laid her head on my shoulder and stayed there for like... five minutes. She's not really a big cuddler because she's an introvert so it was a special treat for me to just be able to hold her and get lots of love. She had been such a good girl for her dad all day. She seems to have turned the corner on the potty training thing and just all of a sudden is owning it. As long as we don't bug her about going, she will let us know when she has to go and she stayed dry all day for her dad. I'm super proud - and relieved. The trick seems to be putting her in undies instead of pullups and letting her decide when she needs to go. She had really gotten to the point that when we tried to put her on the potty on a schedule she would absolutely refuse and throw a fit and... just totally not cooperate. Letting her decide when she needs to go is working for her. Austin feels like she's totally potty trained now but I told him we still had to work on the whole poop situation. That's a whole 'nother issue!

Since I've gone from eating to pooping, I guess it's time to wrap this post up. I hope you are enjoying my Food Friday posts as they are definitely one of my favorite type posts to write! Have a great weekend! This is what I'll be doing... in the middle of this...