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My People
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Monday, October 5, 2009

I think I need a Deliverance Divorce...

Blanche Truelove – that’s her name. First and middle, anyways. She was with her husband from the time she was 18 until his death just recently. She is 92. Seventy four years. And still in love… she said he was still her sweetheart after all of these years. She said she was so sad without him… I said, “oh, Miss Blanche… what I wouldn’t give to have the love of one man for my whole life” and she thanked me for reminding her of that. She is blessed.

Goodbye is never easy… even when they’re not worth grieving. But to lose someone that you’ve loved your whole life… that has to be hard. She sounded strong, though. She was taking care of business. Capable. A Steel Magnolia. There are a lot of those around here. She said it’s harder on gray days, like today. It’s a cool, wet fall day. The temperature is hovering around sixty. I guess that would be balmy for some of you. It’s chilly after a long hot Georgia summer. Especially the first time it turns cool.

I have been feeling stronger myself. Coughing less. Finally starting to feel like this creeping crud that’s had me in it’s claws for three months is moving out (like the mucinex commercial). I just remembered that I’m supposed to be taking mucinex. Oops. I have been feeling better, though. I got a little wheezy during lunch today and once I start coughing it seems to escalate. I’m not feeling exhausted and weak any more, though. I’ve been dancing around a bit… feeling more energy. Now I have to work on undoing the effects of three months of steroids.

My day didn’t start out so great… nothing tragic… just realized I had forgotten to forward the phones back to the answering service when I left on Saturday so calls went to our voicemail . Had filled out the bank deposit wrong on Friday… having to fix the collateral damage from those things. I wasn’t exactly employee of the month material over the past month. I tried. I kept going… if it had been up to me, I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed for a month. My house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months. I need to scrub floors…

I guess, ultimately, though, you have to get through life by just getting up every day and giving it the best you’ve got, whatever that is… and forgive yourself for your shortcomings… and try harder when you can…

At least, with all my marital failings, I didn’t have the misfortune of marrying Jon Gosselin. He is demonstrating the ultimate in bad ex behavior… taking all the money out of a joint account.

I heard from Dean over the weekend. Those of you who are his facebook friends – he posted a new picture of him and the kids. They look great! All of them! I’m so proud of him. And me. We’re survivors. We had some really nasty conspiratorial stuff done to us… in the words of my *husband* “She helped me get out of my marriage and I helped her get out of hers”. Of course, the flaw in that is that he’s still not out of his… by his own fault… but maybe that’s his own way of keeping himself from ever having to commit again. He drags me along for the rest of his life and can date whatever kind of women he wants without having to make a commitment… of course, that won’t work… I’ll file for divorce up here and have a Deliverance Divorce done my way and add to his long list of creditors by filing for court costs… which should be fairly easy to have awarded up in these parts… where judges don’t take kindly to men who abandon their wives… and cheat on their wives… and refuse to take care of business… and maybe I’ll throw in a little spousal support and personal injury and whatever else I can tack on… and since it’s on my turf and not in some big metropolis, get a little monetary award – at least on paper.

Monday is ticking by. Hope you all are having a great one… Happy Fall, y’all!


Tawnya said...

I have had a few relationships like that one. Never married them thanks God! But I learned that lesson the hard way. I am glad you are feeling stronger. Just do the things you can do and don't worry about the rest, it will still be there later! We all make mistakes and you have been sick... so don't be so hard on yourself! Don't make yourself sick again by trying to do all that stuff that did not get done! I have done that too!! Go for the Deliverance Divorce, get what ya can! He had the chance to make it right and he has not... Hugs!