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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, October 11, 2009

pictures for my non-facebook readers...

A few pictures of the past week... before haircut, after haircut... me with Purple Michael at "our" theatre.
It's been a busy past few days but it's happy busy. Thursday was incredible - getting to spend time with PM and Candice. Friday was a comedy of errors - if it could go wrong, it did -from the latch on the trunk of my car breaking (once again, thank you Michael Darby from hitting me from behind and refusing to allow me to repair my car)... to the power being out at our house... Austin and I ended up crashing at Jim and Angie's Friday night. Saturday was a great day - perfect weather, we did the touristy thing in Helen and that was great fun. I've walked more in the past few days than in the past month! I've also lost 5 pounds in the past few days, so it's been good for me.
Today I'm heading to church for worship service (skipping sunday school... I needed a little downtime this morning!) and then Candice and I are going to the Peanut Stand - to the soap store - to the little country grocery store - and that sort of thing. We may end up at the corn maze tonight with the kids from the youth group... then tomorrow... I drive her back to the airport... *sigh*... it's been a good visit and she has enjoyed being Aunt Candice and getting to know Bryan's family in a way that is impossible in the hustle and chaos of a holiday gathering. This has been a good visit for all of us!
Gotta finish getting ready for church! Love and hugs and happy fall, y'all!


Tawnya said...

LOVE your hair!! It is so cute! Glad you had a great time.. Have a good week!

mawmaw said...

I think it is really nice, but i always love your hair.

Michelle said...

Love your haircut Heather! It looks really cute on you. Glad you had a good visit with your family.


Anonymous said...

I Love your haircut! It is so full, and looks great on you!