My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

random Tuesday

Yesterday one of my clients kept calling his Mitsubishi a “mitchy-bitchy”. It was hard not to laugh.

Then I had two ladies come in together and even Ginger – who has NO gay-dar – said, “are they together?” I said, “I couldn’t tell”. My money is on yes. I invited them to church.

I’ve had a sinus pressure headache off and on since Friday/Saturday. It’s no fun. Feels like someone has kicked me between the eyes. I’m refusing to get sick, feel sick, act sick, give in… but I did spend Sunday in my pajamas. I woke up around 6am with that nasty headache and took a Tylenol pm instead of ibuprofen (they’re in the same type of bottle and it was dark). I slept until it was too late to go to church… and even if I had woke up… I was still a little foggy. I have since started keeping the ibuprofen in a different location. I woke up at midnight last night with incredible pain… took the ibuprofen, watched Nancy Grace and went back to sleep. Sunday night I woke up at 4am with my nose pouring blood. Good times. I had another nosebleed yesterday while I was getting ready for work. Had one Sunday afternoon. But… when I called the ENT dr, he seemed to think that it’s just a viral sinus infection and nothing to worry about. He prescribed a THIRD nose spray and told me to increase my zinc intake. Oh-kay. My nose is bleeding so I’ll stick more stuff up in it? – that defies the laws of motherhood. I am currently ignoring doctors orders on that third spray.

During the Florida game Saturday night (which was WAY too close for comfort for me!) I was standing in the kitchen making chili (cooking!) and Florida scored a touchdown. I jumped up into one of my old cheerleader jumps but... guess what? Gravity is no longer my friend! I came down faster and harder than I expected.

Yesterday was a long day – I guess because of the 4am bloody start. I was falling asleep at 8pm. I missed the ending of Accidentally on Purpose (the new sitcom with Jenna Elfman) and woke up halfway through the recap of Kate and the “little girls” in the butterfly house… promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. I still love the show – Jon and Kate Plus 8. I hate what a creep he turned out to be.

Have we talked about the balloon boy? Crazy. How could they possibly think that people wouldn’t figure out it was a scam? Narcissism. Men who think they live above the rules of everyone else – are smarter than everyone else – who need constant recognition for their amazing accomplishments – are typically abusive to their families, dishonest, always trying to scam people because they think other people are too dumb to figure out their scam. I speak from experience. *shoutout to Scottsdale, Arizona!* Keep coming back for more, why dontcha? This blog is my therapy. I’m glad to share my insights and revelations.

Today my plan is to work six hours and then take two hours of the time I’m working Saturday and one hour of my lunch and leave the office three hours early today. Austin had turned my house into the Koolaid Hut yesterday and I’m wanting to pull a surprise inspection on him and his friends. I like that he has friends. They seem to be nice kids (except the one I don’t like that I’ve mentioned before) although I know they’re doing the sketchy things that masses of kids will tend to do. I need to let them know that I will be dropping in randomly. They all think they have my schedule figured out. Hmmm. Duane was worried about me leaving today because Theresa is sick which makes her iffy for all day (although she said she plans to work the entire day) and Kevin’s wife was in the ER last night with a really bad cough (she is 32 weeks pregnant). If anyone else has to go, I’ll stay the whole day. Or… I volunteered to use the time as overtime – I could surely use the extra money. No response on that one. Go figure.
Anyways… lots to do in the next five hours… hope you have a great Tuesday! Pray for my BooBoo who is trying to quit smoking again and is about a week smoke free.