My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, October 9, 2009

weekend countdown

Weekend countdown! Although I feel like the weekend started yesterday and my body can’t figure out what I’m doing here… I left home without my makeup this morning and had to turn around and go back and get it… when I texted Theresa to let her know I’d be a few minutes late, she texted back that I had an appointment scheduled for 8:30 (information that would have been helpful to have prior to then)… so I rushed in the house, grabbed my makeup bag and didn’t even notice that I was missing half of the items that are normally in it because I did my makeup at home yesterday morning and didn’t put things back where they go. ARGH! So I’m sorta makeupless. Not cute. I also decided to try my new ‘do curly today and … I’m not loving it curly. Add that to the fact that I no longer have any jeans that fit…I am NOT feeling cute today… really, it shoulda been the weekend already!

Yesterday was fabulous, though! Candice’s plane was early, Michael’s was a little late.. I had a good time people watching in the airport. We tried to go eat Mexican and it was a bit of an adventure as traffic was backed up and we had to go a circuitous route… and then the place we planned to go was closed down (who knew?). We were close to the performing arts center where Michael and I had put on a few fabulous shows together so we HAD to go in and revisit our old haunt. We ran into our favorite techie – an old hippie lady who was just always a joy to be around. She was excited to see Michael and I – still together after all these years – and we had a group hug! We didn’t get as warm of a reception for the lady who now runs the PAC… not really surprising… we were part of the old administration. Things have changed in Clayton County, Georgia and we’re not part of that world any more.

We went for lunch at Longhorn – the one my brother used to work at – which is being remodeled and was practically empty, smelled of wood and the service was incredibly slow. We had time to linger… otherwise it might have been frustrating. Michael and Candice got along great- I knew they would – they have similar likes and dislikes. Once we finished eating we needed to take Michael to his sister’s work so that he could borrow her car for the weekend.

After we dropped Michael off at his sister’s… Candice and I tackled Atlanta traffic. We had a good time chatting and we took advantage of the HOV (carpool) lane but it was still pretty slow going through town. She was shocked to realize that we were the ONLY ones in the HOV lane… few carpoolers in Atlanta’s commuters. I don’t know why… but that’s the case. We stopped for gas and coffee… stopped by my office so she could see the cute little house where I work… and then headed toward the setting sun toward Jim and Angie’s. Jim and the girls had walked down the bumpity bump road (the gravel road) to the little café near their house… I didn’t know what was up because his truck was in the driveway but they were nowhere to be found! We sat on the front porch in rocking chairs and waited for them to come home – and they came running up the driveway within a few minutes. I loved on the girls a bit, made sure Candice was settled into the Highway 17 Hilton (Jim and Angie’s) and headed home. It was a long day but well worth it!

Today I’m working (boohiss! I would much rather be playing!) and will head to Jim and Angie’s after work to do dinner and whatever. Seven and a half hours to go. Ugh!

I will never again respect the Nobel prizes since they gave one to Obama based on… what? Empty, unfulfilled promises? He hasn’t done anything! Certainly not for world peace! Good grief! Has this world gone mad?

It must be a full moon… I’ve been dealing with a lot of crazy today. Gonna post this and keep my nose to the grindstone… shaping up to be quite a Friday!