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My People
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

my life is average

I was marveling at how cool it is that I can twist my hair into a bun and hold it in place by sticking a pencil through the bun - something I think is a really neat trick... and five seconds later I was frantically searching my desk for my pencil. My life is average.

I had chicken soup at a mexican restaurant for lunch. It was perfect... hot and just barely spicy... opened up my sinuses for a bit. Now I'm clogged back up but it was cool while it lasted.

I've been chatting with Whitney a lot this week. I miss her. Whitney and the beach are probably the only two things I miss about Jacksonville... I lie, I miss the stepped-on-sons. I miss hearing Rocky the chihuahua bark his fool head off in greeting from his porch downstairs. I miss Michael's nephews... but I really miss my all day banter with Whitney. I still have it to some degree through the magic of email...

In the same way that I can still "chat" with Amy at my uncle's office during the day. I love my State Farm girls!

Remember Hottie Heath who worked for my uncle? He was the one who was so incredibly beautiful .... breathtakingly beautiful... who turned out to be a really amazing friend to me and helped me for hours on end while I was moving my stuff from my trailer to storage so that I could move in with Michael. (Clue number one, Heather - if the man won't help you move... he probably isn't worth moving in with... I'm just sayin'!) Anyways... Heath has stayed employed by my uncle all this time... but tomorrow is his last day because he's going to become a FIREMAN!

If that don't get your blood pumpin' - nothing will! I think they hired him just so they can put him in one of those hot firemen calendars! Ha! anyways... I emailed him today and wished him luck (and wished him to get a facebook page... he won't).

Today went by fast until the last hour... then it started to drag. I actually feel less tired than I've been feeling... sharp pain still in my right side... clogged sinuses... but no headache for the most part... the cough has been better...

Gotta do the bank deposit! Love and hugs, y'all!


Tawnya said...

Your life is so not average! Firemen are HOT! I know a bunch in Naples. As for movingin with a man who won't help you move, yes it is a sign. But I am sure there were others that you see now that you did not then. Now you know and you won't make the same mistake. Hugs!

Missie said...

Have a good Friday!

mawmaw said...

Glad you are feeling a little better, How is Auggie feeling?
love ya