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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, December 19, 2009

another report from sick bay

What a week!
Disclaimer: I am blogging under the influence... but I feel perfectly lucid.
I'm watching Meet Me In St. Louis... I love Judy Garland. *sigh*
I still think I sorta look like her. When I'm thinner.
Yesterday I took a panicked trip to Walmart, fearful that I wouldn't be up to it post-procedure and since Christmas was only a week away, I had to get a tree up. Just had to.
I bought a pink one. It's about 3 feet tall, pre-lit with white lights and a pretty, pale pink.
Austin didn't mind. We put a few ornaments on it and he decorated the little pedastal I put it on with blue lights... We're quite festive.
I also bought Austin's "Santa" gifts.
And a new digital camera for me... I just couldn't stand the thought of not having a camera over Christmas. I got a great deal on a camera very similar to the one I had.
The new camera and the pink tree made me very happy.
It's already a better Christmas than last, even though I'm not feeling great.
Ok... on to the daily medical report... I had a cystoscopy twenty years ago under general anesthesia so I was a tad bit nervous about having one with just local anesthetic. They gave me a shot of some kind of loopy stuff and numbed me a little bit but I still felt quite a bit... it was over in less than two minutes though so it was just a matter of doing some deep breathing and a lot of praying and it was done.
There is a place inside my bladder that is inflamed... and it could be the cause of the bleeding... and the inflammation could be caused by a stone that has passed recently and that could have caused the bleeding, or a recent infection could have caused it or it could be a pre-cancerous spot. They tested my *specimen* for cancer cells and there weren't any, so Dr. Pee really doesn't think it's an issue... but because of the inflammation and the bleeding I will need to have another cystoscopy in three months. Good times. He said it's just one of those things that you don't ignore. So much for my plan to completely avoid modern medicine in 2010.
In the meantime... if the pain continues I'm supposed to call. At this point it's more uncomfortable to try to eliminate issues/diagnose than it is to just see if it resolves on it's own. We've eliminated all the critical possibilities like growths and stones and infection and other scary things.
So I'm chilled out with the laptop, the remote control and a pile of pillows.
I was soooo blessed to have Stasha available to go with me. She's 21 - one of my adopted nieces - and has a true gift for being willing, agreeable, calm and positive. She walked in the pouring rain from the tail end of the Walmart parking lot to pick up the prescription they had called in for me. She sat with me last night until I fell asleep. She ordered dinner for us... just did everything that needed to be done. She even harvested my crops in Farmville... not if that's not a servant's heart, I don't know what is!
Austin has been helpful as well.... keeping my water glass filled... checking on me... he cooked breakfast this morning... just been a sweet kid.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend... I'm jealous of those who have snow but I hope that the snow clears enough for BooBoo to come home when he plans...
Love and hugs, y'all!
God bless!