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My People
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Friday, December 4, 2009

friday funnies

Back at work.
Not itching.
Still uncomfortable.
On new antibiotic.
Down to only two people out of six today.
It's insanely busy.
I'm on lunch now, but I'm at the office.
Just in case.
Didn't want it to get overwhelming for Shirley.
Poor thing, she's been here all week while the rest of us have faded in and out.
Theresa went down with a migraine this morning... she tried to hang... but couldn't.
I shared my story of my journey here with a newspaper person.
It felt good. I'm getting to the point of being matter of fact about it.
It's not emotional for me. It just is.
I don't feel obligated to hide the facts.
I don't feel the need to use it for vengeance.
It just is what it is.
They're covering the travesty of justice in Dean's case that I described yesterday.
Giving a man only one option of when to come to court... when he lives in another state and works three days a week. And then finding him in contempt.
What I wouldn't give for my kids' dad to be only $340 in arrears.
Austin is going to a hockey game tonight - Gwinnett Gladiators.
He knows nothing about hockey. Nothing. He probably doesn't even know that they play with a puck.
Daddy used to take me and Jim to see the Atlanta Flames back in the day. I loved it.
My sister-out-law, Candice, is a HUGE hockey fan. Detroit Redwings.
Counting down to the SEC Championship game tomorrow...
I don't know that Florida will win. It could easily go either way. It will be exciting either way.
I know it will be stressful for me.
There's a lady in the office right now who was really ugly with me on the phone earlier. I'm letting Shirley deal with her.
I've got no time for hate.
She was mad at me because the person she talked to before didn't record her VIN number. I. had. nothing. to. do. with. what the person you talked to before did.
Be-otch. I'm trying to help you.
I gave her the nice little apology that we were a little shorthanded and that I'd be glad to pick up from where Theresa left off and we would just fill in the blanks.
She didn't want that.
She didn't want to wait until Theresa was back.
Some people just need victims. Like... they feel powerful being unkind to others. As if people are going to be more willing to help them if they're nasty.
I help everyone all the same. Best of my ability. Every single person. Naughty or nice.
Lunch is over.
Four and a half more hours of sprinting.
None of this was funny. Sorry.
Hope you have a great Friday!


Heavenlybama said...

Roll Tide Roll Alabama tomorrow!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I am playing "catchup on my blogging friends" since I am on break...I must tell you I can relate to the "power woman" story. I had a customer call the other day, well she worked in accounts payable. She needed a PO# for a manual that was ordered and we didn't have I was trying to tell her that whoever place the order didn't give one, but I would try my best to help her....she told me to CALM DOWN (yelling...yes) I was'am...I am trying to assist you....and why are you screaming at me. Your employee didn't do what they were suppossed to, so you are now taking it out on me...sorry, I didn't take the order, there are 8 others who can...and they are on layoff...sorry.

she told me to "freaking forget it, she would take care of it from her end"...

ok...have a great day. :)