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My People
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Monday, December 7, 2009

my scary morning

Still on kidney infection vs. kidney stone watch.
I thought I was doing ok... went on in to work... sat through the staff meeting... talked with a client and then...
My world started spinning. I really thought I was going to pass out.
I went to the bathroom and it got worse.
I walked back down the hallway to my desk and announced to my co-workers that I was going to pass out.
I grabbed the nearest chair and ...
No, I didn't pass out.
My view of the world got really narrow.
I got clammy.
Duane was in the room saying, "should we call 9-1-1"
Theresa got ice.
Shirley got some almonds and some hard candy for me.
Somebody grabbed my ice water.
In about two minutes, the feeling eased up and they said the color started coming back into my face.
I don't know what caused it.
I just know it freaked me out.
I sat really still for about ten minutes and then gathered my wits about me... and my things...
and went home.
I am not sure that was a great idea but all I knew was that I wanted to be home.
I actually felt pretty steady until the last mile or so.
I don't know how I got from the car to the bed - thanking God once again that I don't have the three flights of stairs between parking place and front door like we did in Jacksonville.
I have three steps.
They were very big steps today.
I laid down and turned on TCM and dozed off and on for five hours.
There was a series of films created by the War Department in 1943 explaining WWII. I learned more about World War II in my dizzy stupor today than in all of high school.
I woke up around 3pm, at a bowl of sugar crisp and went back to sleep.
I finally climbed out of bed around 5pm.
I'm not ready to run a marathon but I'm not feeling as icky as I did earlier.
I almost feel steady enough to drive to Sonic for a cranberry juice slushie BUT...
I am pushing water... trying to flush out whatever poisons were in my system today.
When I got really sick with the kidney infection back in April 2008... I had that kind of dizzy-sick feeling for days and I thought it was the antibiotic that did it.
Now I'm thinking that it was the infection.
And I'm thinking that's what made me sick today.
But now I've screwed myself out of two days of work in this last paycheck before Christmas which means that it's gonna be a lean Christmas. It would have been anyways, but it really will now.
Fixing to watch my friend Jess on Dr. Oz. It originally aired on Friday but it was at 3pm so I didn't see it. They re-run Dr. Oz on the next weekday at 6.
So... gonna go watch that.
Hope you have a great evening!
Love and hugs!


stasha said...

oh no Aunt Heather :( I called your office today at around 9:30ish and Ginger answered the phone and said that you had already went home! I'm praying for you and I really hope you get better soon! I love you!

Anonymous said...

That has to be a scary feeling. I Hope your feeling better.