My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am determined to hang tough today and accomplish EVERYTHING that I need to do. Everything.
I’m going to Walmart on lunch to finish shopping. If I can’t get it there, we don’t need it.
I’m going to work a full day today… no matter what. Even if I’m slumped over in my chair… even if I have to swallow a whole bottle of ibuprofen (I won’t)… I’m going to work a full day.
I’m determined to get my clean laundry hung up and my dirty laundry washed.
I’m determined to make sure Austin gets the kitchen clean.
I’m determined to feel good… and if I don’t feel good… I’m determined to push through it.
I’m determined to have a positive, kind and loving attitude to everyone in my path today. Even while shopping. I’m determined.
I brought my crocs to change into for maximum comfort. I’m wearing my elf green sweater. Stasha is coming to help me shop. The kids’ dad called to say he was wiring child support. A nice man from church said he had an envelope for me that he’s dropping off this afternoon. Ryan is arriving in Atlanta this afternoon. Cody is tiling mom’s new house (which I refer to as “the guest house”).
There are good things, very good things happening in my life and I am determined to be
Humbly grateful NOT
Grumbly Hateful.
I can do this.
So can you.
Merry Christmas and God bless!