My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, December 10, 2009

thankful Thursday. really.

Well… I’ll just say that God is good.
He is always right on time.
God blesses the people in my life and they, in turn, bless me.
My mom and dad got the satellite, phone and internet back up and running for me… so I’m still on line!
And I didn’t have to use Michael’s credit card.
I really wouldn’t.
Thanks Mawmaw and Pop!
So this morning I went back to the doctor and it looks like the infection is clearing up.
There’s still a lot of blood so she sent me for a CT scan.
I tried to think of something witty about Stubby scanning me this morning but it fell flat so I’ll spare you.
I’ve had that same pain in the same place for a week so she’s thinking kidney stone.
I thought that kidney stones resulted in agony.
I’m only mildly uncomfortable and a little dizzy/nauseous.
Doctor thinks it’s still floating and that it won’t cause much pain until it starts to pass.
But it will cause bleeding.
The CT scan was an inconvenience and made me later for work than I expected to be.
But it was non invasive. No dye, IV or anything like that.
The tech said, “go ahead and start drinking a lot of water”.
Don’t know if he saw something…
He couldn’t really say.
So I’m working and waiting for the doctor to call or …
For whatever happens next.
Trying to get the hours in here at work… working through lunch…
And that’s the whole sordid tale.
It’s Thursday and I’m thankful. In the words of the immortal Tim Tebow, “God bless.”