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My People
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Friday, January 15, 2010

fabulous friday!

I started my morning by driving into Helen to take photos for a new policy I’m writing. I love Helen… for those not familiar with north Georgia… it’s a small resort town that is made to look like a Bavarian village. Very touristy and cutesy. Lots of cheesy tourist shops and usually crawling with what my brother used to call “tour-ons”. Seeing it in the fresh cool morning without a soul around – beautiful and peaceful.

Unfortunately… the battery in my camera was dead so it was a wasted trip… but… not really. I hope I never take the beauty of my little corner of the world for granted.

The weather is warming up… we’ll be near 60 degrees today. It’s the first Friday I’ve worked since December 11th! It’s going to be so weird only having a two day weekend! Austin has a 3 day weekend because of the MLK holiday but we don’t… bummer…

Hello Wendy! Thanks for stopping by! How are things in Oz?
Stasha- it’s spelled s-e-v-e-r-e. I need you to take a picture for me in Helen. The one I tried to take this morning. It’s on Dye Street… call me when you’re awake.
Jess – I haven’t heard from you lately. How are things with YOUR Oz?
Michele – are you eating well?

The funeral for my friend will be on Monday. I’m conflicted about whether or not to attend. I haven’t seen her in a very long time but it seems appropriate to pay my respects. I would want my old friends there for me. However… it’s a Monday and it’s two hours away which would mean missing most of the day from work. I’m prayerfully considering what would be best. Unfortunately, she didn’t have life insurance. The family is having to try to come up with the funds to bury her… If anything, it makes me more determined in my work… people DO die unexpectedly at all ages… and not having insurance compounds an already tragic situation.

We’re having food for D’s birthday today. I brought fruit. Yay me! I did cave and eat a small brownie. Moderation. I didn’t pack a lunch this morning… I’m thinking I’ll have a salad at Subway. Cheap… just get a little thing of veggies and a little meat for protein and maybe a little oil and vinegar dressing. I bought some awesome salad dressing that I meant to put in my possibility bag – but forgot. We don’t eat out much. Hardly ever any more! It’s easier to stay on track when I’m cooking my own meals and not tempted with unhealthy choices.

The grand total so far is 4 pounds lost! Two weeks and four pounds! If I could maintain that rate of weight loss… I’d end the year 104 pounds lighter! For those of you who are thinking that would be too much weight. …That would be insane and is REALLY not my goal. Actually, to be honest, there isn’t a certain number in mind. I want to commit to eating healthy for the rest of my life. There isn’t a “diet until this weight and then resume old habits” number. Wherever healthy living takes me, that’s what I want to weigh. Certainly, it will be smaller than I am now. I have a few look good/feel good goals since Cody’s wedding is coming up and my 25th high school reunion next year (if I decide to go).

My skin is so dry! I keep forgetting to moisturize. The cold air really strips your skin. Hopefully we won’t have much more of it.

My Friday is half over, thank the Lord! This working five days a week is no fun! But it’s better than having NO work.

My subway salad was good. Very good. Totally satisfying. This puts me at around 5 veggie servings on the day today.

This entry looks more like a series of facebook status updates than a real blog entry.

No ambien last night. Current stats are three past days without… I’ve had 3 ambiens in the past two weeks… and sleeping great. My energy level is unbelievably different. I really feel like a new person. It has made all the difference in the world this week at work as we have been short handed (as usual) and more busy than usual. I feel much more clear headed and able to do the things I need to do. I’m not overwhelmed by things.

And you know what else really makes a huge difference for me? Not having to play hunter/gatherer at every meal. Actually buying groceries and preparing meals in advance has completely changed my life. It’s such a small thing, if you think about it. I can shop for food when I have time to actually think about what I’m buying and make better financial decisions. I am preparing food when I have time to put extra care and consideration (and TLC!) in what I cook – so my food TASTES better. I’m making better nutritionally balanced meals because I have time to carefully plan out what I’m going to eat. I’m learning to eat in a way that gives me the most bang for my buck – in time, money, energy, nutrition. It’s exciting!

Overheard at lunch: The chicken is involved in breakfast but the pig is committed.
Gotta go. Hope you have a great Friday


Anonymous said...

Will there be a visitation for Kim? Possibly on Sunday? That may be a better solution and it is easier to actually visit with the family at visitation than at the actual funeral. So sad. Glad to hear you are sounding so good. Did you know that Doug and I spent out honeymoon in Helen a hundred years ago?? And we haven't been back. I'm so wanting to plan a trip ~ but we won't be doing anything but dance competitions in the next few months! Hope you have a great weekend!

stasha said...

Thank you Aunt Heather! I know I can always count on you for all my spelling needs! lol! :)
I'm kinda confussed about the calling thing tho! you want me to call you tomorrow (Saturday) morning? At your office or your house? cuz you kow you don't pick up the phone at your house! lol! :) If yo want you can just call me tomorrow morning if you want at around 8:30 or so! I'll be up by then cuz I have to go to a class thing for the day care! anyway can't wait to sit beside you in church sunday! Love you!