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My People
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

my eclectic thursday observations

Having lunch with Sarabeth today… the first thing she said to me at church last night was, “we’re having chicken nuggets tomorrow for lunch. Can you come have lunch with me?” And so I figured that if it meant enough to a seven year old to actually CHECK the school lunch menu and remember it all the way until she got to church… that it must mean a lot to her for me to come have lunch. And so I will. But I will not be eating chicken nuggets.

I really need to clean the windshield of my car. I remember this every morning driving into work facing the sun.

I love my Garmin. I use it to give me directions of how to get to work every day so that it will reflect the estimated time of arrival. I find myself racing the Garmin and consider it a major victory when a minute is taken off my ETA. My life is average.

Austin changed the voice to Dr. Evil last night after church. (I know, right?) It scared me to death this morning! I quickly changed it while at a stoplight and ended up with Spanish. I thought it would be amusing. It was, instead, annoying, but as there are no real stops during my commute (only 3 stoplights in the whole 20 minute drive and not many more stop signs) I had to just put up with Diego. “El gato es in la pecina”… That’s not what it really said. The cat wasn’t in the pool.

Last night for dinner at church we had meatloaf, pinto beans cooked with ham and cornbread. Really, really good cornbread. With butter. I ate it. I also had a tiny little sliver of the chocolate dessert and a super small salad with only vinegar. I’m trying to avoid prepared salad dressings because of the high sugar content. My niece Jamie… who is REALLY mini-me… was eating butter without the cornbread. With a spoon. Yep. She’s my girl. I also drank unsweetened tea. The tea they serve at church is decaffeinated so it didn’t keep me up…

But it was still after 1am before I fell asleep. I didn’t panic. I just did things I enjoy doing… watched The Nanny and Toddlers and Tiaras… harvested my super pumpkins on Farmville… and then petted the cat. I woke up with no problem around 6am. I’m just sleeping as much as I need and not worrying when I don’t. I haven’t been tired… although I did yawn a little bit during bible study last night.

I didn’t watch the State of the Union show. If I wanted to be insulted and lied to, listen to history be rewritten and hear someone blame everyone else for their mistakes – I’d still be married to Michael. Bah-duh-bump! Thank you… I’ll be here all week. Don’t forgot to tip your bartender.

Instead I watched the movie, Message in a Bottle. I’d never seen it. Great chick flick. Terrible ending. Made me crush on Kevin Costner a little.

Speaking of lying, cheating men… John Edwards disgusts me…. Cheating on his terminally ill wife and then coercing a friend to claim his illegitimate child. She will one day know. The child, I mean. Yet another incident of narcissism making a powerful man thinking the rules that apply to the rest of society don’t apply to him. Bill Clinton. Tiger Woods. Michael Darby.

Mixed info about the pending winter storm. Some maps show my little corner of Georgia in the bright pink icy mix area. Some ignore us. Some weather stations are saying 1-3 inches ice and snow in the lower elevations and 3-6 inches in the mountains. Some are saying cold rain. So… we don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, it looks like it’s all still expected to begin later in the evening Friday night and into Saturday morning. As long as we don’t lose power, we can stay put and stay warm and safe. If we lose power… all bets are off.

STASHA! I forgot to get my camera from you! We have to meet up some time between now and Friday night! Yikes! Or can you drop it off at my house?

I’m sneezing this morning. Good times. I’m convinced it’s an allergy thing as I feel fine and it’s staying behind my eyes and not in my chest at all. (she says as she has a coughing fit).

I’m majorly unable to focus this morning, however. I don’t know if it’s burn out or excitement over the potential wintry weather or what.

I’m wearing a skirt today that I couldn’t squeeze into a month ago. The scale still hates me but I don’t care. As long as my clothes love me and I feel good.

Here’s what I have with me that I can eat today and what I’ve eaten already – we’ll see if it pans out –
Breakfast was the hot oatmeal with rye, barley and wheat with flax seed, honey and butter
On the way to work I ate a sliced tomato.
In my feed bag I have greek yogurt, blueberries, an orange, a pear, celery with laughing cow cheese and almonds.
Dinner is PLANNED to be tilapia and collards and brown rice.

Gotta post… not as busy today but it’s almost time for my lunch appointment with the smartest, sweetest, most loving seven year old on the planet!

UPDATE: You really can’t beat lunch with a first grader. First of all… I’ve been often enough that I not only get hugs from SB… I get hugs from all of her little classmates. Secondly… her class had silent lunch so instead of eating with her class we went and ate alone on the stage… at the “princess table”. I had celery with laughing cow cheese and oranges… which we made into produce people. Good times. She had chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, bread and some kind of gelato looking frozen treat. It's little wonder that kids don't behave in schools... all that carb stuff and not one healthy serving of anything. Why do they do that to kids? I think nutrition in our country was better before the school lunch program, even though kids didn't always have enough to eat, at least they weren't learning to fill up on junk. We decided that the next time I come for lunch I'm going to stop by Zaxby's first and get her a kid's meal. Fast food is more nutritious than school lunch. And that's a shame. I gave her my leftover orange slices for her snack. She was very excited.

When I got back to the office I had some almonds for a little protein boost. I'm a little sleepy but I'm not tired, if that makes sense.

ok... back to work!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

just stopping in. got the pc back from the doctor yesterday (thank God) and worked on homework for most of the night while "listening" to TBL, gotta love Jillian and Bob.

Really not liking the red team or the green team for that matter, but for different reasons.

not liking my scale either, but what could have easily been a + was not even a - so I will stay in the same place and be grateful that my clothes are still loose and that I have more energy.

So glad you had a "princess" lunch with SB.....

the sun is shining so bright here, you would never know we are under a winter watch alert!!!

Anonymous said...

I love going to visit Nathan's class! I get random hugs from kids in the hallway who were in his class two years ago ~ they still like me! Gosh, he'll move up to the middle school next year and I won't be able to drop by anymore (well, I could, it just won't be cool anymore). Maybe I need to go eat pizza with him tomorrow . . .

Missie said...

My kids like to change the voice on my navigation system too. Scares me to death when it's a voice I'm not expecting! LOL Have a good night.

Jeanne said...

I've been terrible visiting Blogger in general, but I was just taking a little 10 minute work break and stopped in here. I almost spit out my soup...John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Michael Darby...(ROFL!!) How I hope he's still stalking you and reading that!!