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My People
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Friday, January 22, 2010

results and countdown

I was just making “cold calls” to people that we’ve been sending marketing material to – people who are not our clients – and I realized – I’ve become a telemarketer. I’m the person that people avoid. Ugh.

Yesterday I made another batch of the turkey/veggie loaf. This time it was chickpeas, turkey, shredded collard greens, butternut squash, onion soup mix, oatmeal and milled flax seed. I was out of the teriyaki sauce that Austin loves so I left it plain. He loved it! Designated it the best version yet! And it’s packed with veggies AND protein!

For dinner, though, I had a turkey burger without a bun and a whole mess of collard greens. It was awesome!

My breakfast today was yogurt mixed with flax seed and blueberries… and a banana.
Lunch is scheduled to be turkey/veggie loaf and collards.
Snacks are orange and almonds.
My planned dinner is tilapia – not sure what I’ll serve with it yet.

Now… about the scale. Not moving. Well.. it has moved… it has moved UP. My eating has been appropriate for weight loss. I’ve eaten things that stimulate your metabolism. I eat every 3 hours. I’m drinking water. I’m eating mostly fruit and veggies with just enough lean meat and fat-free dairy for protein. I’m up and about and moving more than I have in over a year. I’m aggravated with the lack of loss. I’ve cut out all my meds except my anti-depressant and I’m wondering if that’s preventing weight loss? I’m cutting the dose in half and will watch carefully to see if there are any changes in my moods. I’m also starting to be aware of the difference between depression and appropriate sadness or frustration. There was a time that my circumstances were overwhelming to the extent that I couldn’t escape them, even in the happiest of times. Now I feel like I’m a happy person who occasionally has to deal with normal frustrations – and who deals with them appropriately. Now that I’ve eliminated the bulk of the circumstances that overwhelmed me… I think I might be able to deal with those normal frustrations without feeling overwhelmed. I am fully aware, however, that many people feel better on medication and stop taking it only to find out they only felt better because of the medication… so you guys can let me know if I start sounding excessively doomy and gloomy!

Weekend countdown – it’s almost lunch time. The morning has flown by!
Lunch is over! Yummy collards and TVL – a little time reading Deuteronomy, a little work on my Wednesday night bible study preparation, a little Walmart and a little Rush Limbaugh. Good combination. It’s after 2 and I am still feeling groovy. Before I would be dragging and begging the hours to pass. It’s really not so bad.
Now I blink and time has flown by.
I just blinked away another hour and now it’s just over 2 hours to go in our day!
Gonna post and have my afternoon snack… hope you all have a great weekend!


stasha said...

I had tilapia last night for dinner! It was soo good! We had it with greenbeans and a baked potato! anyway I hope you're at church on sunday cuz I miss youuuuuuuuu!!! If you're not I'll come visit for a little while maybe! :) I love you!