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My People
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

how cold is it? third chapter.

You flake, I flake. That’s my snow deal. The latest predictions are calling for snow to begin in the middle of the workday on Thursday. That’s my worst case scenario – being stuck at work! Yikes! So I plan to leave at the first sign of snow. Better to have a few wasted hours than to get stuck… and for Austin to be stuck alone…. Although I’m not sure he would mind. My drive to work is lovely… but it’s also a lot of curvy mountain roads and bridges… and I live at the bottom of a steep hill… so I’ll be buggin’ out the minute it starts falling. When it happens overnight, you have the ability to judge just how much you’ll get and how bad the roads will be (although nobody really reports on the traffic up here – since there is none).

Breakfast this morning was egg in a mug – the scrambled eggbeaters fixed in a coffee mug in the microwave. I added sliced tomato and avocado for color. I have blackberries and walnuts for snack… the barley shrimp salad and celery sticks stuffed with goat cheese for lunch. Not sure which dinner I’ll do yet…

I was so proud to be able to fall asleep last night before 11pm without ambien! Conquering the need for sleep aids is a huge victory for me… I really didn’t think I’d be able to. I feel totally empowered. I love the sense of empowerment that comes from changing course in life… breaking bad habits… overcoming addictions… finding strength where you thought you had none… that’s all far better than any biscuit and gravy could ever be!

This morning I took measurements, just the basic ones. Jen has this elaborate list of measurements and I suppose that would be interesting to have from a “before” standpoint but I wanted to get an idea of what we were really dealing with and I didn’t have time to do much. Dr. Oz says that your waist should be half of your height. I either need to grow 2 feet taller or lose weight. I’ve been 5’2 since I was 11. I think I’m out of luck there.

Time to start work… happy Tuesday, y’all!


Kelly Dawn said...

my waist should be 31 inches around???? AHAHHAHAHAHAHA LMAO.....oh thats funny - my side hurts - I think i may die laughing - omgoodness - omgoodness - may wet my pants.... breathe breathe breathe===ROFLMAO...ok im good now.. ;)

Bookncoffee said...

Laughing at Kelly Dawn's comment. I'm scared to figure my dimensions. I might be ROFL'ng too.

Yeah I don't like the scenario of having to leave work either. I like to wake up and it be on the ground and gosh darn what can you do (lol). "I can't get out the driveway...sorry"

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I have the measurement lady from Jen....and I think I am waiting at least 30 (60) days before I even fill out the first number!!!

Kelly=I <3 U.....

I will update tonight Heather...I was off to a very late start this morning and then when 1/2 way to work...had to turn around because I forgot all my paperwork for work...NIce.....real nice.