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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 25, 2013

Make Your Mess Your Message

Make your mess your message. - Robin Roberts as mentioned by Sharon Osborne on Good Morning America.

That's my marching orders for the day.
Few people can say that their life turned out just as they had planned.
Everybody has something that is their "worst thing".
In this life you will have trouble... God promised us this... He also said to take heart because He had overcome the world.
Their were two people in my orbit who I prayed for daily... they wanted with all of their hearts to find a somebody special.
Valentine's Day 2008 I had a conversation with one of them... their heart broken that they were alone and so desperately lonely. I'll never forget the hurt in their voice.
The next Valentine's Day the other taught me the phrase I still use, "Singles Awareness Day". Humor but truly, again a longing to be one with someone.
I understood their desire to find a significant other because at that time, I wanted the same thing.
Just to be significant somewhere, to someone.
I prayed faithfully and both have recently become engaged.
God is good that way.
I also prayed this prayer, "Lord, either bring that someone special into my life or CHANGE my heart and remove that longing".
He answered that prayer, too. My answer was different.

If you don't believe in a Higher Power. I understand. It's hard to see beyond the beyond.
I wish for you to believe otherwise...
but the point here is that you truly do just have to take a little time every day to cast your cares upon the Universe, to gather your thoughts and review your hopes and dreams.
The thing is... I've spent a lifetime chasing a dream that wasn't in God's plan for my life.
At least not now.
I've been down more back alleys and dark, dirty paths... I've even followed the yellow brick road... believing things with my head that my heart knew weren't true.
The older I get, the more time that passes, the more of my story that is revealed, the more I understand and embrace this beautiful journey.
Life is just that. Beautiful.
Like that air freshener commercial where people are put in horrid and disgusting places with a blindfold on and they don't realize the true circumstances because the smell is wonderful.
Sometimes you do have to put on a blindfold and just smell the roses.
Faith is believing what you can't see.
More than that. Sometimes faith is believing beyond what you currently see.
Maybe your life just needs a little air freshener.
That's my message for today.
Little Kitty has become attached to a gift basket. It came with fruit and it still has the packing in it. It's his little nest, bless his furry little heart.

Photo finish Friday. Hope you enjoy!

sitting on the nest

 Helping Mawmaw fill the cat food bin.

 electric blanket heaven!

 chewing a straw in the nest


HOA Mgr Lady said...

Thank you for this message today> I too have prayed for others to find love and I guess I prayed fro myself as well. But "them first". I guess I never really realised the answer for myself was NO or not now.
Its nice to hear that other women have received that same message.