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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Truth Day Tuesday

Last week I hit upon an idea for a weekly blog feature where dishonesty is banned... transparency reigns supreme... where spin is unspun and every single statement that day either discloses some previously unknown or under-shared part of my life or exposes - to the best of my knowledge - some deep dark secret. It will be my attempt to promote truth, justice and the American way. We'll call it Truth Day Tuesday unless I figure out a better name. Suggestions welcome, as always.

I'm eager to feature a topic or person each week and some weeks, time permitting, I'll actually do a little research and seek to inform and enlighten us all. This will be our Pinocchio of the week. This week our featured Pinocchio is Lance Armstrong. Lance has finally admitted to using "performance enhancing drugs" to be able to be the fastest fella on two wheels. I'm a little sad for him... sad for the sport.... for all sports that have reached the level that it's not enough to just be the best based on the capacity of human achievement... I'm sad that someone who battled cancer would allow anything synthetic, chemical or unnatural into his body, accepting the risks to himself and the side effects on others. I'd rather be mediocre based on my own ability than be a fake superstar.

The next section of my Truth Day Tuesday will focus on my life, to the extent that I can share without embarrassing my friends and family. I hope this will be fun... and funny... and not make you think that I'm a complete freak... maybe just a little eccentric, in the way that Southern Ladies tend to become as they age.
Here are a few Truths about me...

1. I bite my fingernails. It's gross. It's unhealthy. It's ugly. It's unsanitary. Yet I do it, especially if I'm reading a book.

2. I prefer baths to showers. I always think about Joan Crawford and how she thought it was disgusting to brew in a stew of your own filth... and I can see her point. The problem is... I have a really hard time standing on one leg and there's a lot of that bending over, standing on one leg, yoga type stuff involved in showering. I (sadly) need one of those shower chairs but I'm resisting. At least until I can become a member of AARP or I become a grandma, which ever comes first.

3. I bought two books that came over a week ago and I have barely read barely a few pages in either one. I used to be a bookworm. Now I'm a cyberworm. Although I think that term is already taken for something else. I like to read in the bathtub when I soak in the tub but since we're in a house with one bathroom, I can't hog the tub like I used to. Maybe this weekend while we're at the mountain house.

4. I'm going to apply for Medicaid. I'm embarrassed that I have to. I'm not even sure I qualify. However... about 50% of my take-home pay goes to doctor bills and medication. It's insane. And with Obamacare still a big ole fairytale, unlikely to be implemented any time soon... and with health insurance costs skyrocketing... I'm one of the working poor who will be forced to ask for a hand out. Don't hate me for it, please.

5. In the past twelve hours, Lily the dog has pooped on my floor... Oscar the dog has pooped on my floor... Oscar the dog has peed on my floor... and of course, the litter boxes (two - no waiting-  the humans in this house have one potty - the kitties have two, what does that tell ya?) apparently my room has become one big ole patch of grass in the poop park. Send air fresheners and a carpet cleaner, please.

6. For several years there have been two lovely, incredible, talented, spirit-filled, amazing, Godly young people that were in their thirties and seeking a mate. I have prayed faithfully for them, just about every day, for the past four years and they are both now engaged to be married!!!- not to each other, mind you. My prayers might not have done it, but I like to think they played a part in things. Now I need a new couple of daily prayer projects to work on, so if you have anything, let me know.

YOUR TURN!  I'm running out of time... but I really want to make this Truth Day thing fun for everyone. I would love, love LOVE it if you guys would participate in this with me by sharing one truth about yourself. It doesn't have to be about a skeleton in your closet or anything that would lead you to be investigated by the FBI or anything... just one sweet little peek into your lives. You can comment here, on the blog, or you can comment on the facebook link. Tell me your secrets, folks!


AND for the first time ever .... I'm going to bribe you to talk to me! For all the folks that comment either here, or on my facebook page under the link about this blog entry, I will enter your name into a drawing for a
$20 Amazon gift certificate!!!! Talk to me people! Tell me your secrets, I'll tell you no lies... 

Time to get the glam routine going. I had a super crazy busy day at work yesterday and it's going to be a super crazy busy day today catching up and my super amazing co-worker, Pam is off today, which always makes things super crazy busier. (Notice I left out the "crazy" in my description of Pam?) So I've got to increase the caffeine level in my blood and get things in gear. Happy Truth Day, y'all!


Mermaid Kisses said...

I am such a big fan of yours. You are incredibly brave, smart, sweet, and funny.

My honest truth: I need to file for disability. I keep telling myself that I can work full-time but I really cant. I wish I could write as well as you. I feel as if I have a kindred spirit in your writing. Thank you and Blessings to you.

Janis said...

Honesty can be refreshing - my "secret" is that even though my child is slightly sick I am sending her to school today because she is Kid of the week this week and we worked so hard on her presentation and I don't want her to miss it. Every week is taken and so she can't to it another week. I figure she got the germs at school so the kids have already been exposed or already had it. : )

Red*Hot@52! said...

Honestly - I'd love to "Gibbs slap" a few people at work - like the guy that just had to show me the bug that he caught crawling around his desk. As if I wanted to see that.