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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff

I was going to do a Going To The Chapel Bonus entry but I have a couple of other things that I wanted to chat about first.

My eldest son, Ryan (usually known to us as "BooBoo" or just plain "Boo") and his girlfriend arrived home from the wedding to find their kitty, Jax, was not well. Sara is a vet tech and they were able to get him seen right away but things are not looking good for Jax. Since I have such an unhealthy, codependent bond with my Little Kitty, I know how hard these things can be. If you would, send lots of love and good vibes to Jax that he will be all better very soon.

A postscript to Baby Oliver's shower... when we left the shower the party was still going strong but of course, we were supposed to go to a birthday party (that didn't quite work out, unfortunately) and then had to drive home so we left about three hours in. As we were leaving they set up to Facetime to a satellite shower that Marquee's family was holding in California with about as many people (which was a lot) as there was at the shower in Georgia! I wish I had known because I would have totally invited my California Blogger Babes to the shower! At any rate... Ollie's nursery is ready to go and we just have to wait for him to get here. I cannot wait to hold two grandbabies in my arms at the same time and if Ollie doesn't hurry up and get here I won't be able to keep Cosette still enough to hold two!

As for Cosette... she is doing great, nursing well, gaining weight, getting stronger... and I love her so much! I would have loved her no matter what but truly, she has been the motivation her dad needed to get his life in gear and I will always see her as the one who changed our lives for the better. I took Austin and Tasha out... let me rephrase that... Austin and Tasha took me out to celebrate their anniversary last night. I was there to provide the transportation and a little baby cuddling help since Cosette thinks if mommy is eating SHE should be eating but Austin paid for our dinner. I still really struggle with sitting in a restaurant and I've been totally wiped out today from it but it was good to get out and a free meal is a very good thing!

Now that I've updated you on all three kids... let's talk about me. I am still very addicted to Luigi's Real Italian Ice, Mango Flavor. The cost is usually around $4.18 a box but I always have dollar off coupons so around $3.18 a box which lasts for three days. I consider myself worthy of a dollar a day worth of treats, right? Well... this week they are on sale for $1.98 a box which means with my dollar off coupon they're $.98 a box! Which is why there are currently 9 boxes in my freezer.

Also... I have finally selected a new needlework project and I'm going with a totally new stitch / technique that has taken me a little extra effort to learn but I am loving it!

I had some cute pictures to share but blogger's photo upload is wonky so I'll just leave you with text for now and add photos later. Tomorrow. Soon. I've been up since 2am (another visit from the Pain Fairy) so I'm barely functional. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Love and hugs, y'all!


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I hope Jax is better.

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