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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

newsday tuesday - the one where I talk about unions

If this was a Friends episode, we could call this, "The One Where I Come Out as Anti-Union"...

Maybe it's because I live in the south... I never really understood the need for unions in modern day America. Yes, I understand their past importance...

One of the stories in history that fascinates me most is the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that happened almost exactly one hundred years ago. (google's a tragedy on par with the Titanic). At that time... there was a desperate need for labor laws, labor unions, protection for workers.

I'm sorry. I think those days are past. If you disagree, convince me otherwise. I just know that *from what I've seen* union demands negatively impact the economy. I watched the unions effectively shut down Eastern Airlines in the 80's. Unions have forced companies to send business overseas. Unions are keeping the students of Wisconsin from receiving an education.

That's just my opinion. I've never belonged to a union and I have always been just as employed as I wanted and deserved to be. I've always contributed to my own health insurance premiums. I've always contributed to my own retirement... or lack thereof. My job is not guaranteed... it is performance based. I believe every job should be.

WHAT IF... the teachers in Wisconsin contributed their union dues to their retirement instead of to the bloated, unnecessary union? Maybe... just maybe... that state could balance their budget. I don't know enough about Wisconsin economics to know how much waste there is in that budget. I imagine it's typical of any state budget... lots of room to trim waste... maybe there are some cheese and beer benefits that ought to be cut. I don't know. I just know that states, unlike the US Government, can't print their own money... when they run out, they run out. Everyone has to tighten their belts and stop expecting a free ride. Not that teachers aren't deserving of compensation... but... compensation like any other worker... so that they can continue to be employed.

I mean... maybe I oversimplify things... but isn't it better for 100 people to be employed where they all contribute a little bit toward their benefits and maybe make a few concessions toward "management"... rather than 50 people being employed with the Cadillac employment benefits? Am I missing something?

I just think back to when I worked for Kathy in Jacksonville. There was a downturn in the industry... her agency income decreased... she had to make some tough decisions... and rather than fire a person... she had me and another person basically do a job share. I still kept my benefits and my regular salary... I just worked fewer hours per paycheck. (and still made more than I make now but that's beside the point).

Something, somewhere has got to give. We want lower taxes. We want people to have jobs. We want to allow people to be contributing members of society. We have built an economy that can no longer sustain the promises that were made by previous members of the legislature (in Wisconsin, many other states and the federal government). DO we blame the current legislatures that are working to correct the problem or do we blame the people who made promises they couldn't keep?

Anyways... that's just what I think.
I did my second round of Physical Therapy yesterday and it stunk. It just stinking hurts. I had muscle spasms in my back all night. I didn't take the meds last night - just on a whim - and woke up shortly before midnight and realized my little heathen wasn't at home. He doesn't have his phone so he's trying to make it difficult on me... I texted Zach (the one who didn't have a wedding night) and Tasha the Troublemaker/Drama Queen to see who was harboring the fugitive. She was forthright enough to admit he was there but sleeping peacefully... could he just stay? I said nope... have him meet me in the driveway in two minutes. She said, "he rode his bike, can he just ride it home?" At midnight? No ma'am!

I rode over there in pain but thanking God that I didn't take the meds and therefore could drive... but cursing the kid who puts me in a position where I have to be out driving at midnight. It's ridiculous.

This morning... searing pain in my lower back... spreading across the back... and yes, Mary, I will call my doctor today and ask what we can do about steroids. It makes me cringe... the thought of steroid driven weight gain... but if it will help, I will do it. She may defer to the neurosurgeon. I mean... I'm not giving up on Physical Therapy but I just don't think it should hurt the way it does. I kept saying, "this really hurts... " "should this hurt here?" "I am having a lot of numbness in my left leg"... and I love Pam... she's a precious lady... but she wanted me to keep going. I'm just not sure that's the best course of action.

It's sixty degrees here this morning. Crazy weather.

It's gonna be a long day... I'm cranky... I'm in pain... I'm aggravated with my kid... but I'm alive, awake, have a job to go to, have a car to get me there, have food in the pantry and money in the bank. It could be worse, right?

Have a good one, y'all. Love and hugs.


Janis said...

Very well put and simply said! :) I am a teacher formerly from WI, now from MN and like my father refused to join the union (although still had to pay the dues). They have too much power and I totally agree that just like the parents of the students we teach we should have to contribute to our health and retirement funds. We can't keep expecting free rides from the government. Teachers in WI make an average of $50,000 -- and get up to an additional $30,000 in benefits (That's more than I make now as a private teacher). That is well above the average income and certainly can't be too hard to live on. Thanks for sharing and being honest!

Red*Hot@52! said...

I very much agree with your comments on the union situation....they have way too much power and drive too many businesses out of business...

As for your PT - yes, I think it is normal sometimes for it to hurt, depending on what the therapist is having you do. If she is asking you to continue and you have explained the sensations and pain you are having, she probably understands that and feels to continue would be in your benefit. I sometimes think Physical Therapists are really into torture - they have to be to get their patients to do what they need to do!