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My People
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yep. it's thursday.

Physical Therapy is the bane of my existance. I mean... really... I wasn't optimistic to start with and maybe that's part of the problem... but three times I've been and all three times I've left with numbness in my left foot. That ... to my Google Trained Medical Mind... spells nerve damage. Something is NOT quite right. Pain is a bad sign but I'm used to pain. Numbness is a whole new world. It just makes me leery of continuing until we know exactly what's going on.

Austin is trying, bless his heart. And if you're not from the South... I should tell you that "bless your heart" is southern for "why are you so stupid?" He just doesn't get it. I mean... he's going thru the motions. I can tell that he listened to some of what I have been harping about over the past week. But... still... thinks that his minimal and relatively new efforts should be rewarded with a total pardon for prior indiscretions. Oh, son, I wish life were that simple.

The cat just smelled up the whole house with a trip to the litter box. The litter box is on the farthest side of the house from where I am and it smells like he did it right here beside me.

How do you spell the name of the Libyan dictator? And - is there anyone else out there who gets so distracted by his unnaturally jet black hair and cartoon like appearance that you can't pay attention to anything they're saying about him? Does he dye his hair? I mean... let that visual sink in... this 70-something dictator with his head over the sink and jet black hair dye smudging his temples with a towel slung around him... if you wanted to oust him, seems like you just need to get in through his colorist.

If gay men ruled the world they would think of things like that.

It's Thankful Thursday and so far, all I have for you today is that I'm thankful that it's Thursday. I'm in a good mood... peaceful... content... I've got the feeling back in my foot, so that's nice... I'm on heat so the back pain is mitigated... but I'm not in a list making kind of mood.

My coffee was good this morning. There's that. Last night I went ahead and put the grounds and the water in the coffee maker so this morning I just had to flip a switch... I was thankful for that, for sure. I don't know why I don't do that more often. It's almost as if... by not preparing things for the next morning... I'm pretending that I don't have to do anything the next day. But you can be certain that before I leave for work every day, I lay out my pjs so I can slip right into them when I get home...

I'm still tracking my food every day on Weight Watchers online. I'm still eating on plan. I've used more of my extra points this week than usual... a little hersheys kiss indiscretion... and my weight is the same that it's been for the past three months. I'm not sure if I should be frustrated at the plateau or excited about maintaining. It depends on my mood.

At physical therapy yesterday I saw a different therapist - Paige instead of Pam. Pam came over and asked how my pain had been this week... I told her how miserable I was all day Tuesday and she was trying to help me figure out if I had done anything different that would have increased the pain. I love Pam, I really do... she's a precious soul... but... honestly, the only thing I did differently was Physical Therapy. THAT'S what made me stinking hurt so bad. She said, "you're not walking are you?"... and I know she means, as in, for exercise, because I'm not cleared to do that. Yet. But it struck me funny... because ... my smart alec gut response was, "No, I've been flying, just like you told me"...

Of course I'm walking. *eyeroll* And everyone wants to focus on my posture at my office and whether there is lumbar support in my chair. I have a cadillac of a desk chair. It's awesome, comfy, cozy, nice... but... because I'm 5'2 and have short legs, I do what I have done all my life, I sit on the edge of the chair. Lumbar support makes no nevermind in my world. So then the next question is "how is your posture?" And the answer is... great until my back starts hurting and then I'm laid over like a corpse.

I guess the frustrating thing for me is the mentality that I'm somehow to blame for this pain... and if I would just "straighten up and fly right"... pun not intended but... impossible to avoid... that my pain would disappear. I take responsibility for my pain in that I know I've been overweight/obese most of my adult life and I know that I've worn my back down by asking it to do more than it was designed to do. I mean... pick up something that weighs 100 pounds and carry it around with you everywhere you go for 25 years and let me know how you feel. BUT... whatever we're doing in PT that leaves me with no feeling in my left foot for hours afterwards and leaves me in agony the next day is NOT fixing the problem, in my opinion... and trying to blame my office chair just isn't realistic. I've had a desk job all my life... I've had back pain for six weeks. It makes no sense.

I love Stuart Varney. I'm sorry... I know a lot of you hate Fox News but me... I love Fox and Friends. They make me happy. Especially when all of the first string is in together.

My cat is fat.

Austin saw Bitty roaming the neighborhood yesterday. He wouldn't come to Austin when he called him and he was too fast for Austin to catch. But he's still alive and he's apparently enjoying his new lifestyle. Durn Tomcat.

I hate the commercials for "the Villages".

Funny story... some of our clients have "cabins" here in the mountains but maintain primary residences elsewhere. I was discussing a deductible on one of those "cabins" with a client the other day... a $365,000 cabin... and when I suggested a one percent deductible (the best price point, btw)... they readily agreed, commenting that they carry a 20,000 deductible on their home in Florida. That was my first clue. They mentioned that they were buying new home in Jacksonville and asked if I could recommend a State Farm agent there... well, of course I could... I told them all about my awesome Whitney-gurl... got the address for the house they're purchasing and emailed Whitney to get the ball rolling. When I gave her the address, she told me it was a "really nice neighborhood"... that was my second clue. Whitney called, got the specifics and then emailed me back and told me to look for the house on the internet. Um... yeah... just a little 1.8 million dollar home.

The real irony here is that I may have a conversation with one person with that sort of outrageous wealth one minute... and in the next conversation I may be talking with someone who is having trouble keeping up a monthly account on a twenty year old vehicle. I always say that my job requires a lot of improv. I have to switch gears often... and honestly... I have to change my accent from time to time... sometimes you'll hear me speaking very proper, sometimes I sound absolutely hick. I think if I ever change jobs, I'm going to list my dialects on my resume. I also do a really good Jewish mother accent.

I had a conversation yesterday with a client who is originally from South Jersey... we talked about the history of Georgia and how the original settlers were a boat load of rejects from the debtors prisons. I laughed and told her that's why I tell people that my family came over on the SECOND boat... not the first. Ironically... my ancestors on the Gant side were in New Jersey. Many of them are buried there. I only pull that info out when necessary.

Anyways... not much of a traditional Thankful Thursday post but I am thankful. and it is Thursday. Have a good one.


LYN said...

I sincerely hope "bless your heart" does not mean why are you stupid because when I say that I can assure you that is not what I mean..I'm not from the south though but I have never heard anyone else from the south say it meant that either..

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