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My People
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

from east to west my nest is best...

Happily tucked into my nest for the day... wearing my pjs and lucky Kentucky sweatshirt.. GO CATS! (for my female and non-sporting male readers... the University of Kentucky basketball team is in the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament today)...

I will have to do a bit of food shopping as I cleaned out the old icebox this morning and it revealed a deficits in our food inventory. Austin has promised to be home by 2pm this afternoon to help with the shopping since totin' stuff gets my spine all in a tizzy.

I may go ahead and visit the bakery this morning to restock the lunch meat and bread that are the main staples of Auggie's diet. Will have to work hard to avoid the sugar demons while I'm there.

I'm off the wagon. I haven't recorded my points in two days and I'm swollen and feeling chubby. I'm unhappy about it... and frustrated... but I put a call into the pain doctor last week to discuss some concerns I have about my treatment plan... everything I'm on causes weight gain and being overweight is the number one cause of my back problem. It seems counter productive, if you ask me... they were supposed to "fit me in" sometime last week and that never happened. I'll try again next week.

My friend Amy :waves to Amy out west: suggested a medication that will do the same thing that the neurontin is doing for me while causing weight LOSS. Now that's the ticket.

I just feel like sometimes doctors treat fat patients differently... I guess they figure you're fat because you don't care about being fat but the truth is, I have tried my darnedest for the past nine months to get my weight down and this three month odyssey of back trauma has derailed me. Frustrating.

I mean... no matter how stubborn you are... and I'm stubborn, believe me... to work as hard as I work in counting points and recording points and making sure I stay on plan with Weight Watchers and to have not lost a single ounce in four months... it's... I mean, you reach a point where you think, "why not eat the bacon biscuit dipped in gravy? I'm not going to lose weight so I might as well"...

I'm praying about it. I need cosmic intervention. I refuse to not lose. This thing is bigger than what I can control on my own.

Changing the subject so as not to be a downer...

Less than four weeks until my birthday/Royal Wedding celebration. I still plan to take the day off - I have to now that I have the big consultation with the pain clinic to determine what our long term treatment plan is for my crazy spine. I'll be up early soaking up all the media attention for Wills and Kate that day. I may be turning 43 but I still love a good fairy tale. I'd love to work in a very British tea that day if I can work it in and find a tea partner.

I'm excited about watching basketball later this evening... I'm even planning a "disco nap" so that I can stay up late (i.e. past 9pm) ... (disco nap = a nap you have so that you can stay out late)

Anyways... so that's the haps for today... just a peaceful, restful, less painful day in the nest for me.
love and hugs!


The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I think WW's new plan allows far too many calories. The old one allowed too many, too, in my humble opinion.