My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a prayer for an attitude adjustment...

I didn't sleep well last night. I saw every hour on the clock for the second night in a row. I just can't get comfortable. Nothing helps... i spent part of the night in my recliner because it took the pressure off my hips... which hurt... ugh.

My keyboard on my laptop needs to be replaced. my other shift key isn't working so I'm having trouble capitalizing.

i have muscle spasms that won't quit. I can't take another muscle relaxer and work. I have to work because i'm going to be off on friday for the next injection.

My little grocery runs didn't carry us very far. I need to do more food shopping stat.

I'm aggravated at this whole US government budget situation. it doesn't make sense to me... if I owe too much money, i can't ask my creditors to raise my credit limit... in fact, the more I owe, the less likely I am to get more credit. If I'm spending more than I'm making, I don't just go to my boss and demand that he pay me more... I have to adjust my budget to fit my income. If someone as fiscally inept as myself can figure out that you spend less when you're in over your head... why can't all these highly educated lawmakers?

I know... we conservatives want to kill women and children. What ever.

I'm crabby today. Apologies to those who have to cross my path today. I'm just exhausted. so... I'm going to quit squawking and start praying...

Lord give me strength for today. Let me be the woman you destined me to be. Let my light and momentary troubles be for my good and your glory. Remove this feeling of frustration, of limitation. let me have the courage to do what i think I can't. May the life i live accomplish what it needs to do to further your kingdom. Make me sensitive to the needs of others instead of focusing on my own pain. Rise up in me a mighty servant, a willing servant, a capable servant. bless the work of my hands. thank you for the divine appointments you send my way... for those who cross my path either professionally or online... give me the words you want them to hear. May I encourage and strengthen others through my witness and my testimony. I pray Lord for a caring medical professional to see my situation and to have mercy on me. Help them to understand how much I'm struggling and provide the right care for me. I ask that you touch the hearts of those in my life who are growing weary of my complaints and make them merciful and compassionate toward me. Lord, I ask that you return a blessing to those who ask you to bless me. Thank you for the power of prayer. thank you for listening, for your mercy, for the sacrifice of your son which tore away the veil and allows us access into the Holy of Holies so that we may come confident and boldly before you and intercede with the needs of others. Thank you for the multitude of people who are similarly situated whose lives have touched mine. thank you for allowing me the honor of carrying their burdens to you. thank you for the circumstances in my life that have given me the ability to empathize with others. thank you for the gift of salvation and the promise of eternity with you. If anyone reading this doesn't know you, i pray that today will be the day that they find hope in you. i love you, honor and praise you for all that you do. amen.


JennBand08 said...

Amen. I will add my prayer with yours and hope that He lessons your pain. I wish there was more they could do for you. What a rough thing to go through, you are on my mind so much. ((( Hugs)))